Book Review | Mixed-Media Paint Box – Edited by Tonia Davenport

Mixed Media Paint Box coverMixed-Media Paint Box: Weekly Projects for a Year of Creative Exploration” is a collection of mixed media projects which were submitted by different artists to introduce the reader of a variety of techniques.  I came across this book while cruising the isles of my local bookstore and was so excited to locate such a great find. This book, published in 2010 by North Light Books, was published in the early rise of mixed media and features names such as Claudine Hellmuth and Kelly Rae Roberts that are now much more well known. Continue Reading →


Wax Sand Art by Kerzenwelt

[Disclaimer: Kerzenwelt provided a product sample that was used in this review but the product manufacturer had no control over or input into the content of this article. Opinions expressed are the author’s own.]

horizontal-lineI’m a frequent user of scented candles, using them in various areas of my home regularly. I typically use jars from a major US manufacturer of scented candles, but the cost has lead me to explore the possibility of making my own.

However, I was put off by the need to melt wax and then manipulate the hot substance. The idea made me nervous, concerned I’d get clutzy and burn myself, and so I hadn’t taken steps to trying candlemaking – until now.

What changed? While at Creativeworld in January I discovered a product called Wax Sand Art, from an Austrian company called Kerzenwelt.

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First Look | ImpressArt Handwritten Style Metal Stamps

Impress Art Metal Lettering StampsThis article contains affiliate links, which means the publisher may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

Handwriting fonts are hot, and not just in the scrapbooking world. At the CHA Show in January, ImpressArt debuted two new fonts to add to their collection of Metal Lettering Stamps. Their two new whimsical handwritten style stamp sets in fonts called “Juniper” and “Lollipop” are evocative of current typography trends. Continue Reading →


First Look: Lumi Photo Printing Kit

This article contains affiliate links, which means the publisher may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

horizontal-lineOne of the wonderful things about attending trade shows is that it gives us a chance to look close-up at revolutionary new products that are coming for crafters. Here’s a look at one of those products from the CHA Winter Show in January.  Lumi Photo Printing KitThe Lumi Photo Printing Kit was created by Jesse Genet and Stephan Ango, and it got its funding through a quarter million dollar Kickstarter campaign in 2012. They promised a revolutionary textile printing process, and came through for their investors – and for fabric crafters! Continue Reading →

Tote Bag Project | Pattern Modifications

One of the reasons to sew is to create an item that is exactly what it is you want or need. Even with the large selection of available patterns, you may find yourself not finding one that is quite perfect for what you want to make. No problem…just find one that is close and modify it!

On the pink and blue tote bag project, I sewed exactly to the pattern. But on the larger black and yellow one, I made a few modifications to tweak it to meet my needs exactly. I wanted to maximize the space to use it as a carry-on for an international trip, and add a few features.

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