Project | Homemade Hair Pomade

When it comes to personal grooming I’m not a big “product” guy. I’ll pretty much use the soap we have, the shampoo that is already in the shower, and whatever toothpaste is on the counter. But lately I’ve been noticing that my hair has been getting out of control. Well, more out of control than normal. I am both blessed and cursed with a very thick head of hair thanks to my Irish ancestry. As such, whenever we get a bit of humidity (did I mention we live in Florida – the humidty capital of the world?) my hair begins to curl and puff up to a point that even a no-frills guy like me begins to feel a bit unkempt. What to do?

Someone suggested I might want to try an old school pomade to keep my hair a bit more under control. “Great,” I said. And then, “What’s pomade?” Simply put, pomade is essentially some wax blended with some grease. Its purpose is to keep the hair semi-wet and thus more under control. Sounds like what the (hair) doctor ordered. Let’s go buy some! Continue Reading →


Review | Clover Basket Frames

Clover Basket Frame Sample From Craft Show

Clover Basket Frame Sample From Craft Show

If you love to DIY your home decor items, you may be interested in the Clover Basket Frame Kit that I recently had a chance to try out. It takes the time-consuming process of basket making and changes it into a quick and easy afternoon project. The plus is that you can choose whatever type of fibers (within certain size constraints) that you want to work with to make the basket. This allows you to enhance your home decor while creating a pretty useful basket. Continue Reading →


Sponsor | Grocery Tote with Oly*Fun Fabric!

I’ve been sewing all of my life, having learned at my mom’s sewing machine when I was very young. Although I grew up watching my mom sew clothes, my passion for sewing is less about fashion and more in the craft and home decor type of project.

After all of this time sewing, it’s rare that I get to try something truly new, so I was excited to get the chance to try out the new Oly*Fun fabric by Fairfield (the makers of PolyFil).

Oly Fun Continue Reading →


Project | Close to My Heart Picture My Life + Washi Tape

Pocket Scrapbooking is all the rage in the crafting community. Are you looking for a way to document your life without needing to spend hours upon hours of time decorating scrapbook pages? Pocket scrapbooking is what you need. I recommend it to everyone.

I have been an avid pocket scrapbooker for the last 3 years. I first dabbled in pocket scrapbooking because traditional scrapbooking was intimidating to me. A layout seems so big compared to my favorite craft of card making. Pocket scrapbooking offered a larger size project on a smaller scale….which sounds contradictory, of course. What I’m trying to convey is that each of the little pockets can be considered an individual canvas. Each pocket allows you to create a new little project and all of the smaller elements in conjunction create a larger masterpiece. You can create a large scale project, but by creating it one small piece at a time.

The introduction of the Close To My Heart brand to the pocket scrapbooking scene brought another level of ease to scrapbooking. With coordinated designs and one central location to purchase, plus the expertise of a consultant and quality that CTMH is known for, you are sure to discover a new love of the concept!

I got a chance to work with Close To My Heart’s  “Picture My Life” Laughing Lola pocket scrapbooking kit.CTMH-Laughing-Lola-Picture-My-Life Continue Reading →