Halloween DIY Mini Witches Hat Headband Tutorial

Mini Witch Hat Tutorial

Our third Easy Halloween Tutorial is a cheap Halloween DIY costume accessory tutorial for this fun mini witch hat made using dollar store items!

I think it is fun to dress up for Halloween, and I am always searching for inexpensive costumes for women along with accessories that meet my strict budget. I already own a black dress that can easily be converted to a witches dress. So, I decided to search my local dollar store for potential costume accessories that can be personalized to reflect my personality but will still be under $5. I came across some fun bits and pieces that I glued together to create this quick and easy tutorial for a fun party hat. This dollar store headband makeover will create this cute mini Halloween DIY witches’ hat for just $3.00! Continue Reading →


Easy Halloween Spider Candy Container Tutorial

Halloween Spider Treat Holder

Our second Easy Halloween Tutorial is a spider inspired Halloween Treat Container in the glittery theme of purple.

There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood so we have to plan accordingly. I figured out that we would need a back up candy container to hold all of the treats. So here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to convert one of those fun metal trash cans they sell at the dollar store into a glittery fun candy container.  Continue Reading →


DIY Gothic Halloween Candy Bowl Tutorial

Gothic Halloween Treat Holder

It’s time for our first Halloween post of 2015 on Craft Critique, with plenty of time for “Trick or Treat” fun! It is an easy to make spooky looking candy bowl Halloween DIY project.

We give out a lot of candy and treats at Halloween, and I wanted a container that would hold candy, pencils, and various Halloween treat sized toys. When I saw some fun Halloween Lawn Stakes at the dollar store,  I came up with this simple and inexpensive project to make over a metal trash container to hold all those Halloween treats we give out each year. Continue Reading →


Review | 20 Ways to Draw a Butterfly by Trina Dalziel [video]

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20 Ways to Draw a Butterfly and 44 Other Things With Wings: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers” by Trina Dalziel is a straightforward book that shows a variety of different ways that an artist can draw a winged creature using simple ideas and shapes. 

20 Ways to Draw Butterfly Trina Daizel
Trina Dalziel guides the reader to use their basic doodling skills to create unique versions of the same object, a butterfly.This book is not a step-by-step drawing book, but instead more of a fun inspiration book.As you will see in the video, the author has shown how each person can have totally different perspective of the same object.She also points out in her introduction that one artist should not compare their work to another’s.The message of the book is that each one of us is unique, as is our perspective. Continue Reading →


Kids | Fashion Loom Rubber Band Loom Review

The Fashion Loom Rubberband Accessories Loom

The Fashion Loom is a very easy-to-use kit for making the popular rubber band jewelry pieces, following in the wake of the craze created by the Rainbow Loom.

What makes the Fashion Loom different from other looms is that it comes apart, so that weavers can use it to create unique weaves. The parts snap together and allow the weaver to make single pattern and wide pattern rubber band bracelets.

The Fashion Loom kit includes everything you need to start weaving, and I was impressed with the quality of the rubber bands in this kit. They were pretty strong and did not snap easily which is a problem I’ve have had with trying some other kits with my daughter. Continue Reading →

Make A Travel Shadow Box with Graphic 45 Artisan Style!

I’ve been doing a lot of travel this year for work that has taken me to new places. The result has been (virtual) stacks of photos that I really want to do something with to remember all of the exciting places that I have been. Albums are great, but sometimes it is nice to have the memories out where you can enjoy them everyday. I decided to make a home for some of my favorite San Francisco memories in a Graphic 45 shadow box!

Shadow Box Graphic 45 Artisan StyleAs soon as I saw the recent Graphic 45 Artisan Style collection, I just knew it was perfect for my San Francisco photos. I had taken some Instagram photos I was especially proud of on the trip. The vintage filters and warm colors in the photos matched beautifully with the Artisan Style collection!  Continue Reading →