Decor | Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letter

I’ve been engaged in a massive makeover of my craft room in 2015, and that includes all of the room’s decor. That means I’ve had an excuse to make a lot of fun projects to decorate my walls and shelves!

One of the things I wanted to add to my room was some personalization, like monograms to the decor. A Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter was the perfect solution!

Heidi Swapp Marquee Letter home decor project in progress

The first step of the project was that I used Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl Paint to paint the inside edge of the letter that would show. I extended the paint into the front and sides of the letter, so none of the white would show if my covering in those areas wasn’t aligned properly. Continue Reading →


Project | Halloween Word Art Sign

[The paints used in this project have been provided to Craft Critique by Plaid for review.]

Halloween Word Art Tutorial

I love to put signs outside the house, and inside too. They are a fun accent item that can be personalized to suit my décor. I am also a big fan of those inspirational signs and wood blocks that I see at my local department stores. The ones I’ve seen for Halloween were pretty fancy and around $15 to $20 dollars each. I realized that I could easily make a personalized one for a lot less.

The steps for this Halloween word art sign project are the same basic concept to my chalkboard sign project, but using a different type of paint as a base makes the finished product completely different. This is a great example of how learning basic skills can then translate into a wide variety of projects by switching up the materials you are using. Continue Reading →


Project | Halloween Chalkboard Sign

[The chalkboard paint used in this article has been provided to Craft Critique by Plaid for review.]

Halloween Chalkboard Project

Chalkboard signs never go out of style! Here is an easy way to incorporate chalkboard art into your seasonal home décor with this quick and easy Halloween Chalkboard Sign Tutorial.


  • Rectangular wood sign (10”x3.47”.13”)
  • 16 gauge craft wire
  • Martha Stewart Chalkboard Craft Paint – Black
  • Wire cutter
  • Long nose pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Sand paper and file

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Halloween DIY Mini Witches Hat Headband Tutorial

Mini Witch Hat Tutorial

Our third Easy Halloween Tutorial is a cheap Halloween DIY costume accessory tutorial for this fun mini witch hat made using dollar store items!

I think it is fun to dress up for Halloween, and I am always searching for inexpensive costumes for women along with accessories that meet my strict budget. I already own a black dress that can easily be converted to a witches dress. So, I decided to search my local dollar store for potential costume accessories that can be personalized to reflect my personality but will still be under $5. I came across some fun bits and pieces that I glued together to create this quick and easy tutorial for a fun party hat. This dollar store headband makeover will create this cute mini Halloween DIY witches’ hat for just $3.00! Continue Reading →


Easy Halloween Spider Candy Container Tutorial

Halloween Spider Treat Holder

Our second Easy Halloween Tutorial is a spider inspired Halloween Treat Container in the glittery theme of purple.

There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood so we have to plan accordingly. I figured out that we would need a back up candy container to hold all of the treats. So here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to convert one of those fun metal trash cans they sell at the dollar store into a glittery fun candy container.  Continue Reading →