Doodle Factory: for the fun in all of us

Reported by Heidi Kingery

To me, humor is very important in my cards. Of course I love flowers and other design elements as well, but funny is #1 for me. When I found Doodle Factory stamps over a year ago, I knew I hit the jackpot. Just looking at the images made me smile! I ordered a handful of them at the time and it has been a love affair ever since.

Doodle Factory first started from the brain of someone I believe is pure genius, Irene S. She is amazingly talented at drawing and her imagination is better than any five year old child I have ever met!

I asked Irene to answer a few questions for me for this article and this is what she had to say:

When did you start doodling?
I was extremely introverted and shy as a kid. I immersed myself in the fantasy world of books and eventually found an outlet for expression through drawing. Back then, I drew a LOT of fantasy creatures – unicorns, fairies and goblins inspired by Brian Froud and the art on Dragon Lance novels. Then, I ‘grew up’ and stopped drawing for quite a bit of time. My ‘doodling’ started in my mid-20s when I got my first corporate job and was forced to sit in on these long meetings where I never had to speak and barely had to listen. This is when the creatures and animals started to make their first appearances and they still grace the margins of my meeting notes to this day.

How obsessive are you that all of the details are just the way you want them?
I can be way too obsessive when it comes to turning my doodles into stamps. I think the permanence and the fact that OTHER people will replicate the images over and over sets my OCD off. I’ve been known to draw a character 37 times trying to get it “just right”. Thankfully, only some of the doodles are stumbling blocks and many of the characters roll right off the page.

Do you do anything to get you into a mind set before drawing?
I don’t really have any rituals, except that I seem to love working in front of the tv. I don’t even pay attention to what’s on the screen, but I like to have a DVD playing as background. It also drives my boyfriend nuts because I’ve bought two desks in the past two years and yet I never work at a desk, preferring to hunker down over the coffee table instead!

What is your favorite doodle or set you have come up with so far?
‘Mimo’ – one of the original creatures with the most dejected expression – is one of my favorite characters to see people use, mostly because I love seeing how people color his outfit! I’d also have to say that I’ve seen a lot of excellent cards come out of the Tropics set. It’s funny because I have a lot of un-favorites, or characters that I wish I’d done differently, but then I see someone make an amazing card that makes me think it wasn’t so bad after all!

Stamps: Casual Holiday Greetings, Winter;
Paper: Basic Grey Dasher; Other: Copic markers, chunky glitter

Someone found out how great she was and from there she was partnered up with SunSpiritStudios to sell her work as rubber stamps. The Creatures and Animals were the two sheets for a while and then Grace Girls, Birds and Fish, and Doodle Dads. At that point Tracey Berkey from Starving Artistamps saw the stamps and started carrying them in her store as well. They had definitely developed a ‘following’. Tracey loved them so much that she wanted to see more, new doodles. That’s when Doodle Factory switched to becoming sold only from Starving Artistamps.

Since that move, Doodle Factory stamps have grown to be a very large collection with a new set every few months. All of them being the same size so you can interchange pieces from each set. There are also sentiments for every set out!

You can purchase these stamps by the sheet, some individually, and some even mounted. I had always chosen unmounted because that means more money to get another doodle! They are deeply etched and have always given me a great impression on paper and even on fabric. My only complaint is not enough room to store all of my sets!

There are currently 15 sets of Doodle Factory. They include 3 Halloween sets (2 just released last week)Halloween, Witch’s Brew, and Graveyard Shift, Winter, Valentines, Tropics, Urban, Country, Fairytale, Animals, Creatures, The Great Outdoors, Grace Girls, Birds n Fish, and Doodle Dads. You can find all of the sentiments to match here. Oh, and did I mention that Doodle Factory is so popular in Sweden that Tracey made Swedish sentiment sets just for them!?


  • Original, fun designs
  • A stamp can be taken from one set and used with another because they are all scaled the same
  • New sets every other month or so
  • Price is right
  • Sentiments to go with every DF set
  • Shipping is always quick


  • The anticipation of the next set

From a personal standpoint, I love these designs and I think they bring out my silly side so I have to give them a 10/10 for quality, design, and fast shipping.

You can find Doodle Factory at Starving Artistamps, along with lots of other beautiful stamps, accessories, and must haves like Copics. You can also view the company blog here (she runs blog candy with every new set) and the DT and customer gallery here which is filled with great samples, even some from Sweden!

If you have read this article and fallen in love with Doodle Factory just like I have, then you can use this 20% discount code that Tracey has so sweetly given to all of you Craft Critique readers! It is valid for 10 days and is good on all Doodle Factory and Starving Artistamps stamps. The code is:


Thanks so much for reading and tell us what you love about these kooky stamps!

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8 Responses to Doodle Factory: for the fun in all of us

  1. Jessica September 11, 2008 at 10:31 am #

    Thank you so much for this review! This is my first time seeing these stamps (where was i?) and man, i’m in LOVE! The images are so unique and just draw you in. i will definitely be putting these stamps at the top of my list now. Wow…

  2. Stefanie September 11, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    I fell in love with Doodle Factory when the Urban & Country sets came out. I didn’t actually jump on the bandwagon and order though until the Fairytale set was released. Now I own them all except the Winter set and the doo dads. (My Halloween images just came yesterday.) I totally agree with your 10/10 rating. They are just so cute & fun.

  3. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor September 11, 2008 at 11:38 am #

    These are just the coolest stamps ever! Perfectly Quirky! Perfectly Fun!

  4. Ashley September 11, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Oh those are super fun! I think I need some!!

  5. Dawn September 11, 2008 at 11:42 pm #

    I saw somebody use these sets about 2 months ago and have bought every single set since then. They are phenomenal!! 13/10 for me. I can’t get enough of them!

  6. Zarah September 12, 2008 at 2:12 am #

    Looove them – and THX for the code to both of you!! 😀

  7. Dawn Mercedes September 12, 2008 at 8:50 am #

    I”m going to have to say that they never get shipped fast enough…B/C I LOVE these doodles! haha. The rubber is awesome. The images are funtastic! Good price too…for an entire sheet.

  8. NanaBeth September 12, 2008 at 8:59 am #

    I just discovered these guys yesterday. They are fantastic-going to put a definite dent in the checkbook.