Halloween Craft Roundup- Day 1!

It’s not too late… if you craft like I craft (the glue’s still drying on the card when I shove it in the envelope, sound familiar?) then there’s still TONS of time to bust out some Halloweenie crafts.

Here are some links to get your creative juices flowing… (big thanks to our Facebook and Twitter followers for hooking us up!)

Halloween Cards & Scrapbooking
Cute Halloween Card
C&T Publishing

Party Ideas
Food & Party Decor Ideas
More food & party stuff
Cute Mummy invitation
Embroidered place cards
Candy Cauldrons

Over the Top Hat
Witch’s Hat
Super Hero (requires sewing)
Super Villian (NO sewing)
Big Bad Wolf costume for your dog
StarWars costumes (including an adorable R2D2 by our very own Sarah Moore, Editor-in-Chief)

Mummy treat container (I’m totally doing these)
Halloween Hand Sanitizer bottles! (I’m doing these for my co-workers!)
Here’s one from our own Amanda: BOO!
Marzipan & Almond Paste Pumpkins
Decorated Popcorn Balls
Here’s one from our own Jenny: Juice Box Sleeves
Make’n Mold
Sassy Treat Box
Perfect Pumpkin Treat Box

Kids’ Crafts
Cool pumpkin with a surprise inside
Cute Q-Tip Skeleton
Pencil Toppers

Robert Mahar’s Sock Skeleton!
Glass Luminaries (note: PPA is plain ol’ Elmer’s Glue)
Oh! Here’s a fun Halloween Tree
And a little Halloween House
Tons of fun ideas here
Ribbon Wreath
Another cool Halloween Tree
Gourd & Pumpkin ideas
Decoupaged Pumpkins
Print & Fold Decorations
Paper Bag Luminaries
Fun stuff from Xyron
Milk Jug Skeleton
Pumpkin Candlesticks

Tomorrow we’ll be featuring the Queen of Halloween: Martha Stewart, as well as what to do with all those left-over candy wrappers, Day of the Dead craft ideas, and lots of other fun links.

Be sure to leave YOUR Halloween crafty links in the comments… and go get your ghoul on!

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Dana Vitek is a craft-‐‑supply hoarder with an obscenely understanding husband. She works full-‐‑time as a geologist, and spends her free time sort of paying attention to her two kids, reading a lot, and crafting. She's a crocheter, but not a knitter because knitting seems way too complicated. She's a card maker, but usually only 10 minutes before a birthday party. She cusses at her sewing machine. She has at least 12 different types of glue, but can never find the scissors she wants when she wants them. Dana started writing and editing for Craft Critique in 2008. She is perhaps best known for her Mother of All Black Ink Tests, and her annual April Fool's posts. She blogs extremely irregularly at Stamping Science.

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5 Responses to Halloween Craft Roundup- Day 1!

  1. Luzmi_Lucy October 24, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    Thanks for all, it’s great!!!!

  2. Corinna October 24, 2009 at 4:52 pm #

    Love all the great ideas. Here’s a Halloween craft I made on the blog at


  3. Debby October 24, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    Thank for all the links. I love all the creativity.

    Thanks for posting my link also.

  4. Mexx October 26, 2009 at 4:02 am #

    hi girls and maybe boys wow love all the cool stuf about halloween here is what i already done for halloween see on my blog..

  5. In the blink of an eye October 30, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    Thanks for posting my Idea’s again! Love reading Craft Reviews