Review | Clover Kanzashi & Yoyo Makers

Reported by Marti Wills

Clover has a whole line of plastic templates for making some amazing things with fabric scraps.  In this article I will tell you about two of them – The Yoyo Makers and the Kanzashi Flowers Makers.

Yoyo Maker

I have been using the Clover Yoyo Makers for about a year now, and I just love them!  They make a perfect element in a layered embellishment stack for papercrafting – I have paired them with layers of die-cut felt, skittles, and flowers.  They are also fun to use in lots of sewing projects.  The Clover Yoyo Makers allow you to make lots of yoyos in several shapes and sizes in nothing flat and they are fail-proof.  This is a perfect activity in front of the TV in the evening to use up all of your fabric scraps.

The template is two pieces. 

you simply place your fabric between them,

Trim the fabric around the edges.

Notice the 3 lines on the top piece – those must be lined up with the notches on the bottom piece.

Now stitch through the holes, I double my thread so it is stronger.  Notice above – begin your stitching through the notched side.  Be sure to check the other side so you begin in the right spot – you want the stitch to go across the opening – not the plastic.  This is important, if you stitch across the plastic you will not be able to get the fabric out at the end.

Now pop your pieces apart,

You will end up with this:

Now simply pull your thread so the fabric gathers up.

 Then flatten it out and adjust it a bit so you have a perfect little yoyo.

 To tie off put your needle down through the center and then knot it on the bottom of the yoyo.

Here are a couple of projects I made using yoyos:
Here I used one layered with felt for my focal point.

 I created a bunch of yoyos in different sizes from green fabric and a few from red.  I arranged them in a triangle on a piece of fabric.  Next I added buttons on some of the yoyos as well as in a few of the empty spaces.  I finished it off with a felt tree trunk and framed it for a cute holiday decor piece.

 I have ideas for more of these in lots of other shapes!

Next I played with the new Kanzashi Template pieces.  The idea is similar but these are even easier to create.
These templates are one piece that folds together and snaps securely.

 Fold your fabric in half and place it inside the template being sure the fold is all the way against the fold of the template.

 Trim the fabric around the edge of the template piece.

 Time to stitch – the holes are numbered so it is fail-proof – insert the needle at the start point and follow the numbers.

 Once again you want to be sure your thread is not going OVER the plastic.

 Once you are finished stitching, remove the fabric from the template.

 One side has long stitches and the other has short ones.

 Fold the piece in half so the long stitches are on the inside.

 Now pull your thread and watch as the petal forms.  In some cases I needed to make some slight adjustments to the fabric to make sure the folds were right.  Do no tie off, just continue adding petals until your flower is done.  You can make the petals all the same or you can change fabric or change sizes.

 My first (and favorite) project was a couple of barrettes I made for my daughter from fabric scraps of outfits I had made for her.  The one on the left has a completed flower in the center.  For the sides I wanted to try felt.  i did not fold it, I only used one layer.  I also used a small petal, large petal, small petal combination.  The one on the right is two of the same flower but one is the large template and one is the small template.  I used hot glue to attach them to the barrette blanks.  SO cute and SO easy!

 Next I used fabric scraps from a Christmas table topper I made last year for my Mother-in-Law and made a flower from each of the 6 templates.  Now she has a matching wreath!

 I used mini yoyos for the flower centers on the larger flowers.

Finally, I wanted to test out the Kanzashi flowers in the washer & dryer.  I made a flower and sewed it onto a towel.

 and here it is after washing – as I thought – it did not fair well.

 I tried to do some fixing up with my fingers but it did not help much.  It might work better if I used alot more stitches to hold the flower in place or perhaps even some fabric glue.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Lots of shapes and sizes are available
  • Inexpensive


  • I honestly couldn’t come up with any…

Do you have any of these templates from Clover?  Do you use kanzashi flowers or yoyos in your crafts?  What are some of your ideas for these?


4 Responses to Review | Clover Kanzashi & Yoyo Makers

  1. Heather September 21, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    Thanks for the introducing the product. I don’t think I can sew it on my own otherwise!

  2. Donna September 21, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    I have several yo-yo and a few of the flower ones and love them. I don’t have that funky little folding one. I’m going to have to find it.

  3. c.darwin September 24, 2011 at 7:51 am #

    Love your yo yo Christmas tree! And the flowers are pretty – I hadn’t seen those before.

  4. Kayla and Samuel September 24, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Love these, what a time saver than doing them “otherwise.” I don’t have any of these templates, but I’ll be on the lookout for them next trip to the craft store. I saw a yo-yo quilt once that was on the back of a couch, that would be fun to do.