CHA Winter 2013: Glue Dots

I knew going in to the Glue Dots booth at CHA Winter 2013 that I was going to get a chance to take a look at one of my favorite paper crafting adhesives. The bonus was that the people that were working the booth were just as great as their  product! They were welcoming and knowlegeable about their product!


Glue Dots products come in boxed rolls or dispensers. They also come in a variety of sizes of dots, as well as glue lines, and for every application from permanent to removeable. They even have quantity value packs which are perfect for teachers!


One of my personal favorites is the 1 and 2 inch variety they are perfect for creating rolled flowers or dimensional flowers like the one shown below that you would normally do with a hot glue gun. When you make it with Glue Dots, there’s no risk of burns!



Provided that you store your Glue Dots at room temperature, they will last a lifetime and still be usable, but I doubt they’ll be sitting around any craft room that long!


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Deena Ziegler

Deena Ziegler has been a crafter for as long as she can remember. Her Mom, Grandma, and Aunts were always crafting up some project and they were happy to teach her everything they knew. Baking, sewing, needlework, you name it, they did it! As a young mom Deena became a professional crafter, and now she works at Sizzix as a Craft Designer, teaches card making classes, teaches online at My Creative Classroom, and owns and operates a small card kit business – and she bloga all about it. Deena enjoys finding ways to be creative in daily life by repurposing, giving handmade and creating with her daughters.


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