A Kids Project Using Plaid Mod Podge

Spring has turned into summer in Washington, and we are getting ready to spend all of our summer in the backyard! What could be better than a painted bird house to welcome the sunshine? My three and a half year old daughter and I used an assortment of Mod Podge products to decorate and weather-proof our bird house: Sparkle Mod Podge, Outdoor Mod Podge, Mod Podge Foam Brush Set, and Podgeable Shapes.

Mod Podge Review

First I had my daughter paint the wood bird house with acrylic paints and set it aside to dry for a while. Then I had her use a foam brush and the Sparkle Mod Podge on some scrapbook paper to adhere the Podgeable Shapes.Sparkle Mod PodgeThe Podgeable Shapes are small plastic pieces that you can decoupage paper or pictures onto. Some of the shapes have drilled holes, so you can make tags or charms. We wanted to use them to add some shine and dimension to the roof of the bird house. As I was cleaning the foam brush after I noticed that a lot of the glitter got stuck in the foam, but I’m not sure a bristle brush could do any better.Sparkle Mod PodgeAnd there was still plenty of sparkle on the paper/shapes.Srarkle Mod Podge with Podgeable ShapesUnfortunately when we came back to the project the next day, the shapes popped right off the paper. Perhaps the Sparkle Mod Podge was not strong enough with the extremely heavy textured paper, or perhaps my daughter wasn’t generous enough in applying it?
Podgeable ShapesBut an unexpected outcome is just an invitation for creativity, right? So I moved to Plan B: I had her adhere the paper shapes directly to the bird house with a generous coat of Outdoor Mod Podge. After that dried, we adhered the Podgeable Shapes on top of the paper with a second coat of the Outdoor Mod Podge.Outdoor Mod PodgeThis was the first time I had used the Outdoor version of Mod Podge, and it was much thicker than the other varieties. It was difficult to achieve multiple thin layers as the bottle instructed with the foam brush. So you can really see the shiny brush strokes after everything dries. Next time I’ll probably try a bristle brush with this product to see if I can get more control. Brush strokes in Mod PodgeThe Outdoor Mod Podge dried overnight but was still sticky and tacky to the touch. The bottle said we should wait three days before putting the completed piece outside, and that we will need to reapply every few months to keep the bird house weatherproof. The bird house was less sticky to the touch after three days, but definitely still tacky. This is a known issue of this product, especially in humid climates, and it is recommended to use a clear acrylic sealer over it if this is an issue for you. Mod Podge Bird House Project


  • Sparkle Mod Podge adds lots of glitter and shine
  • Outdoor Mod Podge allows you to seal your craft projects and acts as an adhesive for decoupage at the same time
  • Foam brush set offers a variety of sizes with colorful plastic handles (very appealing to my daughter)


  • Sparkle Mod Podge does not seem as effective for adhering as it is for sealing & adding glitter
  • Outdoor Mod Podge is thick and difficult to apply thin & even coats

These Mod Podge products are available at your local craft stores and can also be purchased online and at local retail stores for $3 to $8.

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One Response to A Kids Project Using Plaid Mod Podge

  1. Judy June 13, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    OUTDOOR Mod Podge doesn’t dry completely. My project has been drying for 2 weeks and is still sticky to the touch. Just thought the public should know that too. And mod Podge said after and inquiry that it is for use only with paper not as a sealer. So what is the difference and the lady was short with me and not friendly.
    I do love other mod Podge products just not the overly thick outdoor kind.