Celebrate Star Wars with Frozen Han Solo Soap!

Today is May the 4th – Star Wars Day – and we’re celebrating with a gift for Dad (or your favorite geek).  Frozen Han Solo soap is a fun way to get clean!

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Han Solo Soap

Our soap of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite is made from a Melt & Pour Shaving Soap base from popular soap making supply site Brambleberry. While the base is excellent by itself, a few additives like vitamin e oil and bentonite clay make it even more nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Frozen Han Solo soap mold

The shape for the frozen Han Solo soap comes from a silicone mold sold as a chocolate or ice cube maker. Like most silicone molds sold for food purposes, the mold creates soap beautifully as well. The large cavity creates a 2 ounce soap, and the small ones are about 1/4 ounce.

Brambleberry Patina Sheen Mica

The carbonite that Han Solo is frozen in is a blah grey-green – not exactly a color that you can just grab an off-the-shelf colorant to create. Or is it? This Patina Sheen Mica from Brambleberry is not only almost exactly the perfect color, but it has some shimmer and shine as well – perfect for replicating the carbonite as soap!

Frozen Han Solo silicone mold

To create this recipe, I melted the Shaving Soap base in the microwave in a Pyrex measuring cup. (I have several of these in various sizes and they are my go to containers for working with melt & pour soap base.) Then in a smaller container I mixed together the rest of the ingredients: glycerin, mica, clay, fragrance, and vitamin e oil. Once those ingredients were well mixed together, then I combined them into the melted soap base. After stirring the two together well to make sure that the color and fragrance were well distributed in the soap base, I poured the soap into the molds. Before pouring I made sure to spritz the molds with 91% rubbing alcohol, and then after pouring I spritzed the top again with alcohol to clear away bubbles.

Mica colored shaving soap

It doesn’t take a lot of soap to fill the Frozen Han Solo mold. The recipe below is for 3/4 pound of soap base, and it gave me enough to make the entire tray of frozen Han Solo soap, plus 3 more generic shaped bars of shaving soap. I probably could have gotten by with only about 5 ounces of soap base, but the quantities for the additives get very hard to calculate at that small of a quantity of base!

Frozen Han Solo soap - great for a gift for Dad for Father's Day or Christmas!

Packaged up with a mug and shaving brush, this would make a great Father’s Day gift! Or, for the female or kid geeks out there, this soap could be made with a more generic scent, and even with a different soap base, such as Brambleberry’s Hemp or Clear Glycerin, to be an all-purpose soap.


Who do you know that loves Star Wars that would like to geek out with some frozen Han Solo soap?

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