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CHA Summer 2011: Copic Markers

Copic Markers have quickly become the alcohol marker of choice or rubber stampers and scrapbookers alike. Here at CHA, it was nice to see all 346 colors up close.

Plus, it is nice to see designers like Colleen Schaan working with the markers and getting some of her pro tips.

Coloring enthusiasts are going to love the new Shadows and Shading by Marianne Walker. This beginners guide will explain light placement and includes guides as well.

Copic also works with their air brushing systems.

Marianne Walker was there to show us how easy it is to use with the markers.

These atyou Spica Glitter Pens are a great way to add a little bling to any project. They come in 24 colors and feature a no-clog nib.

The biggest news at the show is the introduction of Copic’s new website, Copic Color. Copic Color is a community for people who love Copic markers. This new website allows people to keep track of the markers they have and want, create custom color palettes to share with their friends, post artwork made with Copic Markers, find Copic Marker dealers carrying the colors they want, and best of all it is optimized for mobile devices.

And if that wasn’t enough, here is some of the great samples featured in the Copic booth.






Are you a Copic fanatic? What do you love about them? And what do you think about the new Copic Color? We would love to know!

CHA Copic Products

Copic continues to give us hundreds of markers to drool over!

Naturally, where there are markers, there is paper and lots of it. Copic delivers new “blending cards” for us to layer colors to our heart’s content.

With no “touch-a-vision”, it’s hard to convey how this acid-free, sturdy (92 lb. cover weight), smooth, matte finish bright white paper is making people happy in ways you wouldn’t think. No feathering when you blend your markers and it’s compatible with laser and inkjet printers, too.

The uber-talented Marriane Walker demonstrated her skills for us…

Along with the blending card, look for the double sided high tack tape. Originally used in the picture framing industry, crafters in Australia started using this for their projects. The tape is the easiest double sided tape to tear (saw it with my own eyes), heat resistant, perfect for instant hemming or attaching embellishments. It holds holds well on different surfaces.

Mask It is flexible masking film with medium tack. Easy to cut, protect the areas you want to mask, and go nuts with your coloring. It also works well on different surfaces.

Do you love Copic as much as we do?  Aren’t you excited to try these new papers?

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Cardstock Comparison

Reported by: Erin Bassett
With so many brands of premium cardstock out on the market now, I thought it would be nice to really look closely at some of the major brands and see if there was any big differences between them.
I decided to compare the ones I use most often: American Crafts, Bazzill, and Stampin’ Up. Here’s some of the similarities and differences you’ll find when purchasing them. You can download the chart below here:
Since I’m comparing them using the stash I have on hand, I don’t have all of the same textures for them. So, I was curious to see if that would play a part in my testing. I used the “orange peel” textured Bazzill cardstock, the “smooth” Stampin’ Up cardstock and the only texture that the American Crafts cardstock comes in (which is similar to a canvas texture).
Now as far as actual use goes, I didn’t really notice any major differences between them when I cut out some die cuts with my Cricut. I cut out the same shapes using the same settings and they all cut out about the same….not really a surprise since they are all the same weight of cardstock. (Although the Stampin’ Up cardstock seems a bit stiffer then the others.)
I also tested how Copic markers would work on them. As expected, I didn’t notice a difference.
One other test I preformed on the cardstocks is how well they folded. Nothing ticks me off more then paper that cracks when it’s folded. -It can make cards and other paper crafts look a bit tacky. Well, I’m happy to report that none of these cardstocks did that!!
Basically I think one’s choice between these cardstocks would boil down to the color and texture of cardstock needed for a craft project and how much it costs.
  • American Crafts cardstock tends be the most inexpensive
  • Bazzill cardstock has a huge variety of colors and textures
  • Stampin Up has smooth cardstock that is perfect for stamping on
  • All three cardstocks preformed about the same
  • All three cardstocks are available for purchase online.
  • With so many great papers you may run out of space!
Do YOU have a favorite cardstock? Tell us what it is and why it’s your favorite.
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Studio3 Color Cubbie Storage

Reported by Beth Silaika

In my quest for the ultimate in craft studio organization, I have tried many options for Copic Marker storage. I have tried the clear Copic storage containers, black velcro wallet cases, small metal buckets from the Target dollar spot, but nothing seems to be the right fit for the sheer mass of markers which I quickly accumulated. I ended up filling up 4 buckets with my Copic markers and the buckets took up too much space on my craft surface. I wanted to find a clean cut solution which would not break the bank!

While blog surfing one day, I stumbled across the Color Cubbie from Studio3 Solutions. This little storage is BIG on value and storage area! Each color cubbie is 4 5/16″ wide and 14″ high. The unit is only 5 1/2″ deep, which is perfect for most desks and crafting surfaces. It has a durable, white vinyl finish that coordinates well with every color craft room! At $16.95 per cubbie, the storage is affordable for my needs.

I ended up ordering a few cubbies, thinking I could use it for my collection of gel pens, copic markers and aquapainters. I was amazed at the quality of the product and the sheer volume that each shelf can hold. Each little shelf holds approximately 24 Copic sketch markers. You can fit at least 30 gel pens, Stampin’ Up! markers, Prismacolor pens or pencils on each shelf!

Here are shelves side by side with my Copic markers and a variety of gel pens. What I love about the storage is that it fit on my book shelf directly above my craft desk. I can see the pens and the numbers on the caps easily, which I could not do when they were in the metal Target dollar spot buckets. It is so easy to color now because I can grab the exact color I need and clean up is a snap! The shelves are at a slight angle, so the markers and pens don’t slip out. They stay nice and secure in their little shelf! Since they are on the book shelf right above my craft desk, I have them at eye level and they even look pretty with all the Copic marker colors divided up into like colors.
As previously mentioned, I ordered a few of these shelves. Even after dividing up my Copics and gel pens into a variety of color families, I still had two more Color Cubbies to fill. I looked around my craft room for my next problem storage area and realized that I had a small plastic CD container holding my Papertrey Ink Perfect Match ink pads. I was always having a difficult time locating the correct color ink in the bin and suddenly had a “lightbulb” moment. There was plenty of space for the inks and they fit quite perfectly in the shelves. I was able to fit four ink pads on each shelf.

In order to tell the various colors apart, I used a label maker and printed out the name of the ink color and used a swipe from a coordinating Copic marker to label the appropriate ink to the shelf.

The entire storage solution for four Color Cubbies, side by side, is approximately 17 1/4 inches wide, still only 5 1/2 inches deep and 14 inches high. The sheer volume of storage is impressive and it has cleared so much of the clutter on my desk. It has made me a more efficient stamper and allows me to clean up my craft space so much quicker!

I love my Color Cubbie. I am pleased because it takes up so much less space than all the previous storage containers I used before for my Copic markers, Sakura and Spica gel pens, Aqua painters, and Papertrey Ink Perfect Match ink pads. The cost was also relatively inexpensive compared to having a custom piece made. The shipping was very quick and the product is well made and very sturdy. Next, I will be tackling my paper and stamp storage in my craft space.


  • inexpensive solution to your storage needs
  • well made, sturdy design
  • clean style
  • white color, which fits most craft room color schemes
  • slanted shelves to prevent items from falling out
  • finish can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • holds 24 Copic sketch makers per shelf
  • holds more than 30 Stampin’ Up markers per shelf
  • holds more than 30 Skaura or Spica gel pens per shelf
  • holds more than 30 Prismacolor pencils per shelf
  • great storage solution for Papertrey Ink Perfect Match ink pads
  • allows you to see the colors/numbers on the end of your markers/pens
  • takes up very little space for the amount of storage!


  • online purchase, not available in retail locations (but worth the wait)
  • once you see your items organized, you realize that you need more Copic markers

Do you have the Studio3 Color Cubbie storage unit? What do you think of it?

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On the Seventh Day

On the seventh day of the holidays our staff wants to see…

7 Copic Markers, 6 Knifty Knitters, 5 Heat It tools by Ranger, 4 YUDU Screen Printers, 3 Gingher 8″ Dressmaker’s Shears, 2 ATG Guns, and some embossing powder from Zing.

We heart Copic Markers… they are the best alcohol based markers in town… in our humble opinion you should be asking Santa for a fist full.  It’s not too late!

Check out all our Copic Marker Posts.

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Vendor Spotlight: Copic Marker Tutorials

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of articles on Copic markers; we’ve certainly enjoyed putting them together for you. We’ve also enjoyed answering your questions, and hearing your excitement about this medium. Some of the questions you asked in the comments are worthy of articles themselves, and we’ve added them to our list of future topics.

Reading through the comments there was a constant theme (besides “Hey, gimme some markers!” 🙂 – “Where can I learn even more? I’m afraid to spend this much without tutorials.” You talk, we listen! So we sifted through the interwebs, and these are what we came up with, just for you. And, if you have a favorite that we missed, please feel free to share it in the comments. We’d love to add it to the list.

Picture Tutorials

Official Copic Site – Stamping with Copic PDF
Marianne Walker – the Copic Queen herself. Seriously. If you go to one site, this is the one.
Copic Art by Alfred
Sharon Harnist
Ellen Hutson
Cindy Lawrence
Debbie Olson
Laura Petruso
Claudia Rosa
Split Coast Stampers
Michelle Wooderson

Many of these artists have excellent video tutorials as well as a blog. Please visit their blog for more Copic goodness.

Suzanne J. Dean Videos Blog
Amy Reeder Hadley Videos
Rachel Jakes – Rachel’s video tutorials are embedded on her blog.
Courtney Lane Videos Blog
Cindy Lawrence – Cindy’s blog also contains her embedded video tutorials.
Lauren Meader Videos Blog
Jenn Muraoka Videos Blog
Nkirk100 Videos
Debbie Olson Videos
Amy Rysavy Videos Blog
Sherrie Siemens Videos Blog

Airbrushing Videos
These videos focus on the Copic airbrushing system.

Bmandity Video – Adapting Ciao for Airbrushing
Debbie Olson Video
Nkirk100 Video
Claudia Rosa Video
Sherrie Siemens Video

Don’t forget our very own Craft Critique reporters. And, if you enjoy their Copic articles, click on their name to read more reviews by them.

Vendor Spotlight: Copic Ciao by Francie Horton
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Vendor Spotlight: Copic Ciao by Beth Silaika
Copic vs. Water-based, Shading

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Vendor Spotlight: Copic Ciao by Melissa Norris
Shading, Coloring Embellishments

Journaling Pens: American Crafts vs. Copic vs. Zig by Reyanna Klein

Copic Airbrush System by Julia Stainton

The Mother of All Black Ink Tests by Dana Vitek
(Want to know which marker smears least on which ink?!? Look no further! Wow!)

Prismacolor 4-n-1 Premier Art Markers vs. Copics by Dana Vitek


This wraps up our Vendor Spotlight: Copic Markers coverage, but there’s still time to enter the

Leave a comment on any of our Vendor Spotlight: Copic Marker articles, and you’ll be entered to win a set of 12 Copic Atyou Spica glitter pens. I’ve used these pens myself, and they’re awesome!
We’ll pick a winner on Saturday, September 19th.

(Editor’s note: Special thanks to Francie Horton for putting this list together… great job!)

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Vendor Spotlight : Copic Markers

Reported by Melissa Norris
So yes, I am one of those people who hopped on the Copic train as soon as it left the station. I am a trend follower, and bought a set of markers to try out. Now, I will admit to not using them as much as I should, mostly due to my lack of crafting time. But every time I pull them out, I fall in love all over again.
Our reporters have done a fabulous job this week showing off the greatness of Copic markers. And I agree with them all, especially Dana’s con of not having the perfect Copic with super brush and fine bullet point nibs!
When I’m working with small images, especially that are one solid color like the little elephant below (I apologize for the picture, the scanner and I weren’t getting along), I like to stick with one color, and just keep layering the color on to create the shading. This is one of the really great things about Copic, despite what you may think, you really only need 1 marker to get started. If you’re debating about colors because you can only pick out a few at a time, I recommend starting with light colors that you use often, because you can always work in layers to achieve desired shading.
As you start building your Copic collection, it’s best to stick to the same color families, as Amanda mentioned in her post. By adding markers that are 1 or 2 steps up, it makes for easier blending and shading, and the ability to create even darker shades.
One of my favorite items in the Copic collection is the blender pen. You’ve seen how it can be used to create neat effects and erase mistakes. I also like using to lighten a color a bit. In the above image, the flesh tone I used was a bit dark, so after a quick swipe with the blender pen, it was lightened a bit and was just the shade I was looking for. I also used it on the swirls on her boots to have a bit of a lighter look, similar to stitching.

Last, I wanted to try using the Copics on some of my standard embellishments (and again, sorry about the bad scan). The porous items did great of course, especially the ribbon and flower. Just remember, that the more color you add in order to get full coverage, the darker the item will become, so start with a lighter shade.
The non-porous items, a brad, sheer flower, rhinestone, button, and acrylic flower, all pooled as Dana mentioned in her article. Even though this may have been the look she was going for, it was not for me. And they were sticky, and the ink rubbed off a bit, so be aware that items such as these do need sealing.

  • Huge color selection
  • Refillable and changeable nibs
  • Completely blendable
  • Alcohol ink doesn’t pill your paper
  • Can be expensive if you want to purchase a lot at once (coupons can be used at some retail stores)
  • Not widely available in some areas, limiting purchases to online
  • Super fine tip not available for all marker styles
In the end, I’m very happy that I jumped on the band wagon and will continue to be a Copic believer. Now I just need to get them out and use them more!

Leave a comment on any of our Vendor Spotlight: Copic Marker articles, and you’ll be entered to win a set of 12 Copic Atyou Spica glitter pens. I’ve used these pens myself, and they’re awesome!
We’ll pick a winner on Saturday, September 19th.

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