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Fall Half Pumpkin Craft for a Fun DIY Door Project

DIY Half Pumpkin Fall Outdoor Decoration Tutorial

My family loves fall! We look forward to decorating indoors and outdoors using the beautiful rich warm fall tones of pumpkins, falls leaves, scarecrows, and other harvest themed items. Since we live in southern California, we do not have the change of seasons that many other areas enjoy. We have to create our own fall season decorations and decorate to make it feel more like the traditional image of fall. Planning craft projects like this fall half pumpkin craft with the beautiful colors of leaves as they change from green to brown is always fun, but we have to purchase ours at the craft stores (there is a lack of trees in my area of the city) to decorate with.

Fall Flowers and Leaves

Each year we look forward to crafting in the fall as a family. We plan and work together to make easy pumpkin themed decorations for our home. Usually we shop at the dollar store to keep within our budget but when my local Michaels store put their half pumpkins on sale for 60% off, we realized we could have some fun crafting with those too. We picked up a few, and this is the project I created with mine.

Michaels Stores Half Pumpkins

Michaels Stores Half Pumpkins

**Disclaimer: Deco Foil sent me a sample of their foils and one of their adhesive pens to test out so I decided to use it in this project. My thanks to the folks at Deco Foil for their generosity in sending me these supplies to use. Some links below may be affiliate links that support the operation of this site by paying a commission when you make a purchase.

Materials Needed:

Deco Foil Adhesive Pens and Foils

Step 1:

Remove tags from the pumpkin and clean it off. Then, using the pencil, either freehand or use a stencil to write your greeting across the front of the pumpkin. (I like using a pencil because I can erase my work and do it over if I do not like it.)

Start by writing your message in pencil.

Start by writing your message in pencil.

Step 2:

Using the Déco Foil Adhesive Pen, trace over your lettering. Allow the adhesive to dry for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.

Step 3:

Apply the Déco Foil Transfer Sheet onto the adhesive. Using your fingers burnish the foil onto the adhesive. Press firmly to allow it to transfer. (Tip: You can see below what happened when I did not burnish it enough. To fix it, I just put another piece of the foil over it and burnished it again.)

Step 3 - using the foils

Step 4:

I like using glue dots with foils because they are an easy way to add accents to projects. To use them, just take the glue dots and adhere them to the pumpkin. You can create a pattern or place them wherever you like. If your glue dot doesn’t stick well, just remove it and try again with another one.

Step 5:

Apply the Déco Foil Transfer Sheet onto the adhesive. Press firmly and burnish it with your fingers to allow it to transfer fully. If you find any empty spots, just cover the dot with a different piece of the Déco Foil and burnish it gently onto the spot. Do not burnish the foil as hard as the first time because it may create a cracked effect on the dot (unless that is something you are trying to achieve).

Use glue dots with the foil to add accents to your projects.

Step 6:

Using a glue gun, adhere the leaves and flowers to the top of the pumpkin. Once you are happy with the arrangement, hang up the fall half pumpkin craft.

 How do you decorate for the fall? Do you go scary Halloween or more autumn seasonal?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

Decorate Up a Halloween Pumpkin for Fall!

Fall is coming fast! That means it’s time to start thinking about falling leaves, and all things pumpkin spice. Since we don’t get too many traditional signs of fall outside here in Florida, I decided to bring some inside by decorating myself a Halloween pumpkin with some fall leaves and a bit of embellishment “pumpkin spice”.

[Disclosure: Some links in this article are affiliate links that pay a commission to this site when a purchase is made, but it will not affect the price you pay. Some products were provided to me as part of my professional relationships with Cricut and Buttons Galore, but this project is not a sponsored post.]

Halloween Pumpkin


This project will work on a real or plastic halloween pumpkin. I chose a plastic pumpkin so that I can use it the entire Halloween and Thanksgiving season this year and reuse it in future years.

To start my fall pumpkin, I opened Cricut Design Space on my iPad. I could have done this on my computer of course but I just love the Cricut Design Space interface on the iPad so I use it most of the time.

I selected a cut file called “Happy Fall” by JGoode Designs (the fabulous Jen Goode). The design comes with a leaf in it, which I hid since I was going to add my own silk ones. I sized the design at about 4″ wide to fit my pumpkin, but the size that will work for you will depend on the size of your pumpkin.

Cricut Design Space iPad Screen CaptureI chose a gold shade that worked with my leaves from the Cricut Metallic Vinyl Sampler and cut my design from the vinyl. Using transfer tape, I pressed the design into place on the pumpkin. It’s hard to get it pushed entirely down into place on a surface like the pumpkin. I found the scraper from my Cricut Explore tool set helped a lot. The vinyl has some “give” in it, and the scraper helped smooth and push it down into all of the crevices so it is adhered perfectly.

Next, I started adhering the leaves with my hot glue gun. I started with the ones on each end, and then filled in the two in the middle. I layered as I went, tucking them underneath each other where necessary.

Halloween Pumpkin close-upThe final step was to add on the embellishments from the 28 Lilac Lane “toasted graham” bottle to add a bit of bling to my pumpkin! I started with the large buttons. I chose brown because it gives the impression of acorns or fall nuts. It also reminds me of spices – like pumpkin spice! Then on the button closest to the title, I added a bit extra pop with small beads, a pearl, and a sequin.

Halloween Pumpkin decorated with vinyl and leaves | by Nancy Nally for

This quick and easy project only took me a few minutes, and used practically no tools besides my Cricut machine. I look forward to enjoying this halloween pumpkin as part of our autumn home decor for years to come!

CHA Summer 2011 | Bella Blvd

Bella Blvd debuted four new collections this summer at CHA. They were all bright and very cute in their design. Their Christmas Wishes Collection features penguins and even a pink heart pattern making it great for holiday crafts, as well as other winter or Valentine’s projects.

The Too Cute To Spook Collection is their new Halloween line and boy was it ka-yute! The Spooky Night patterned paper featured bubbly clouds with lightening bolts that immediately grabbed my attention.

Their sample projects had lots of people oohing and ahhing.

There are also stamps for each of the new Collections from Unity Stamps. These Itty Bitty stamps are affordable and adorable.

The Making The Team line features soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball patterns, but their flip sides feature primary colors perfect for a variety of projects.

The Finally Fall Collection included apples, pumpkins, owls, and tree patterns in fall hues. The rich reds, yellows, and browns are going to be perfect in a couple months.

So what do you think? Which collection do you like most? What patterns and colors would you like to see this fall?

Vendor Spotight: EK Success Brands – K&Co Scrapbooking

Reported by Heather Voinski

EK Success products have always been a staple in my craft room. From their stickers and paper, to their great selection of punches….they have been there since the beginning with me. Their CutterBee Scissors are my #1 favorite tool and always at my side! I squealed with delight when I saw the array of products shipped to me to review. Autumn is my favorite time of year and the package I received included all of the fall themed items designed by designer Tim Coffey for K & Company. These products are great for all your craft needs of fall.

Here is some information on the items and then we can get to my Autumn projects where you will see these things in action…

K & Company Tim Coffey 12 x 12 Specialty Paper Pad is 24 double sided sheets of coordinating paper: it has 16 flat papers, 4 foiled papers, 2 embossed papers, and 2 frothed papers. These are heavyweight quality pieces of paper that all look great together. I used this pad for several of my projects and there is a lot of paper here. You definitely get a lot of paper for your money.

K & Company Tim Coffey 12 x 12 Silhouettes pack are 6 single sided die cut papers; it has 2 foiled and 4 flat. These silhouettes can be used whole, or you can do what I did and cut them to use as embellishments, which is super easy to do if that is what you are going for. They add elegance to any project you are creating.

K & Company Tim Coffey Designer Mat Pad is 18 double sided 4.75″ x 6.75″ sheets of designer photo mats. Mat photos instantly with this coordinating paper pad. I used these on several projects as well, and still have some to spare. Another great value. In this pad you get great smaller sizes of the paper that is represented in the 12″ x 12″ paper pad.

K & Company Tim Coffey Embossed Stickers set includes 24 stickers. They are foiled, and add elegance to any project. You can see from the picture that you get some great sayings, as well as some cute leaves. Don’t get the wrong impression now when I say they are foiled. I was pleasantly surprised when I peeled one of these off at the weight of them. They are thick and sturdy, and super sticky. They also look great against the papers in the paper pad.

K & Company Tim Coffey Adhesive Chipboard pack includes 16 pieces of sturdy chipboard embellishments. I immediately fell in love with the three little pumpkins in the set; pumpkins are my favorite thing this time of the year. These have some great hold to them, and also compliment the paper pack and other embellishments.

K & Company Tim Coffey Grand Adhesion’s pack includes 13 pieces of 3D “Grand” embellishments. I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these when I saw them and was almost afraid to use them because they are so pretty. They immediately screamed note cards to me. You’ll see what I did with them in just a bit. These embellishments are super sticky for great hold, and will add a touch of class to anything!

EK Success Slim Profile Large Maple Leaf Punch! I add the exclamation point because if punches were made like this when I first started scrapping I would have definitely gotten way more into them than I did. I can see where a large chunk of my craft budget will be going very soon.

This punch is a new one for EK Success and part of their Slim Profile line. What does that mean you ask, well they all have these great locks on the back of them. You can close and lock this punch, and it will store neatly and stack in your craft area. They are lightweight and have a great picture on the end of them for easy finding when stacked together. No more bulky punches to try and store.

They are super easy to use and I have to say and I can’t believe I am using this saying but it truly fits… it goes through your paper like butter! Seriously!! I am in love!!!

EK Success Jolee’s Boutique “Autumn” sticker. Jolee’s have been around for a long time. This line by EK Success offers a 3D embellishments to fit almost any need you may have. This line is my go-to when creating gifts for friends, or for scrapping that special occasion, because I know I will always find something that I love.

This sticker saying “Autumn” measures 4″ x 4″ inches and is one piece. It has cute little leaves surrounding it. You peel it off in one piece and add it to your project, no muss — no fuss. They are super sticky and hold great.

This sticker is also adds some sweet bling. You will see it more in my projects below.

EK Success Autumn Earth Tone Flourishes stickers includes 10 pieces. Vellum stickers are just another kind of great stickers by EK Success. These are easy to apply and hold really tight. This pack in particular comes in great Earth tones that match all the items by Tim Coffey nicely. I love how these are softer than the usual flourish stickers you see. They add a simple touch and aren’t overly right there in your face. The colors are just right.

Inkadinkado “Leaves Galore” clear stamp set include 5 clear stamps for Fall. This is the first time I am getting to use stamps made by Inkadinkado for EK Success. They are quality clear stamps, and they really held tightly to my acrylic block. I got great, clear images out of them.

Thanks for letting me explain these products to you. Now I would love to show you what I have made and what I used to make them!

One thing that I’ve been itching to make for fall is a centerpiece. I’ve been dreaming of something pretty and handmade for the center of the table when we gather this coming holiday. This is what I came up with:

These pumpkins were easy to make. I used a piece of double-sided paper from the 12″ x 12″ Specialty paper pack to make the large one, and a piece of 4.75″ x 6.75′ paper from the designer mat pad to make the small ones. The great thing about making them out of these papers were that the papers were already double sided, so you didn’t have to worry about what was in the inside.

The maple leaf with glitter surrounding the stem are punched from a piece of paper from the designer mat pad. The other leaf is cut from a piece of 12″ x 12″ frothed paper in the 12″ x 12″ paper pad.

The smaller pumpkins will come off the centerpiece at Thanksgiving and each family member at the table will have one with their name on it (creative HINT: you can make these by cutting 9- 1/2 inch strips from a piece of the designer mat pad and then still have a strip left over for a place card).
I had to make some cards to send out to family that we won’t see over the holiday.

This first one was a kraft colored card from my stash. I used the Maple Leaf Punch for the leaf and added the “Gather Together” from the embossed sticker pack. The flourishes are the Earth Toned Vellum Stickers.

In this second card I used a piece of paper from the Designer mat pad for the background, I just added deckled edges. Then I applied 3 leaf stickers from the Grand Adhesions pack. They really made the card pop. It didn’t need much after that, but I added an embossed sticker at the top from the embossed sticker pack that reads “Leaves of Red and Gold”.

(Creative HINT: Mat paper packs don’t have to always be used to mat your photos. They also make it easy to make cards. Something to keep in mind next time you are browsing the EK Success mat pads in your local stores. They definitely saved me time).

Mini books are a love of mine, so it is no surprise that I used these great products to create one to celebrate my love of fall. The mini 6″ x 6″ book that I started out with was blank so I used a piece of paper from the 12″ x 12″ paper pad to cover it. Gaffing tape covers the spine.

Here is that Autumn Jolees Sticker in action. See the bling!! (the typewriter alpha used in the title is also from EK Success’s Sticko line).

My inside front cover… here is the first instance that I used the Silouette Die Cuts. The die cut in this picture was part of the 12″ x 12″ piece and I cut off a piece of the corner to use.
The three cute little acorns are from the Grand Adhesions sticker pack. Aren’t they adorable?! The “Fall is in the Air” sticker is from the embossed sticker pack.

The inner pages of this mini are cut from a pieces from the 12 x 12 paper pack.
On all of the pages, I used the Inkadinkado Stamp set “Leaves Galore” to stamp where my numbers were going to go to count the “10 things I luv about Fall”.
In the bottom right hand corner is a super cute leaf embellishments that is part of the Grand Adhesions pack. The sentiment “Rustling Leaves” comes from the Embossed Sticker Pack.

Here is page 2 sporting a cute 3D leaf from the Grand Adhesions pack.

Page 3 with a ripe sweet apple in the right corner from the Grand Adhesions pack.

Left side of page 4 with the super duper cute pumpkins that I couldn’t wait to peel off and use from the Adhesive Chipboard pack.

Right side of page 4 has a embellishment of a pumpkin and a crow from the Grand Adhesion pack in the right corner. The leaf was punched using the maple leaf punch and embellished with ink and a glitter pen.

The last project that I made was a wall hanging for my entry way. I started with a piece of wood that you can find in any of your local craft stores. It is the real kind that has bark on the edges.

I added the silouette die cuts around the sides and top edges. Once again, they are cut from a 12″ x 12″ piece.

The pumpkins are from a piece of 12″ x 12″ embossed paper that you can find in the paper pack. They are embossed and really add dimension (p.s. I will be coveting the remainder of this paper….it rocks!!)

The leaves are cut from a piece of 12″ x 12″ paper from the paper pack and are frothed.

I painted the wood with chalkboard paint before starting and when I was done added a piece of ribbon from my stash and a “Welcome Fall” in chalk. Here it is hanging in my entry. I am really loving it.

Thanks for looking at the things I made while reviewing EK Success. I am very pleased with all of the products that I reviewed and would reccommend them to anyone wanting to create for Fall!!


  • Quality products: All of double sided papers are of a good weight and the stickers really stick great! The punches are easy to use and lightweight.
  • Variety of uses: EK Success makes more than Fall items. Be sure to check out the reviews of our other writers from this week and also check them out at your local craft stores.
  • Versatile: 12″ x 12″ paper isn’t just for scrapbooks… and mat Pads aren’t just for matting photos. They make awesome paper crafts and cards. Endless creating power!!


  • I ran out of ideas! Must have another brainstorming session and make more with these great products.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take a look at the other great products made by EK Success. I am sure that there is something there for any of your crafting needs.

We love to hear your comments on these products and what you think of them if you’ve used them! Stay tuned for more about EK Success from our great reporters!!

EK Success has generously donated some of the products featured in the weeks reviews to give away to our great readers! Please leave your comments on this article to win a 12 x 12” paper pad from Tim Coffey Harvest line from EK Success Brands. You have until Sunday, October 18 at Midnight to enter.

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