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CHA Mega Show 2014 | A Peek at the Fiskars Booth

The 2014 CHA Show has come and gone and once again, it has proved to be an exciting event.

Fiskars was showing their most recently released scissors in the booth.  They are the Fiskars Thick & Heavy Amplify Shears.  They come in three sizes and are created to cut through a variety of heavy materials. The scissors are currently available on, and you can read our reviews of the 10″ size, 8″ size and the 6″ size (complete with video) here on Craft Critique!

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Review | Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors

Like their bigger sibling the 10″ Amplify Mixed Media Scissors that Deena looked at yesterday, the idea behind the new Fiskars 8″ Amplify Mixed Media scissors is that they are premium shears designed for cutting extra-thick mixed-media materials.


Fiskars’ brand name is synonymous with quality and these scissors live up to that and more.  Sculpted thumb and forefinger loops fit the shape and the natural movement of the hand and allow you to cut through many types of media without your hand tiring.  The patented technology, which causes the blades to sense separation,  and then transfer the energy to a torsion bar, which adjusts the blade and allows it to shift to its optimal cutting angle is quite ingenious.  All of this essentially means that you can pick up any kind of mixed media item that you can envision and use these incredible scissors to cut it into the shape required for your project. Continue Reading →

Review | Fiskars Amplified Mixed Media Scissors [Video]

Fiskars is synonymous with quality. As a crafter I have many of their products in my craft space and I rely on these products on a daily basis. I never worry about them not being able to perform. From my paper trimmers to scissors, Fiskars has established themselves as a leader in the industry.

I currently own five pairs of Fiskars scissors including my Fiskateer scissors and my grandmother’s scissors that were passed down to me after her passing years ago. I use them daily while I’m crafting, or repairing a hem for my husband, or even opening all my lovely packages from my online shopping addiction habit.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review a pair of scissors from Fiskars I knew I wanted to do a bit more research on the topic. I rounded up all the scissors I own (ten pairs currently) and I did a little test. Some scissors are made for tight spaces. There are scissors for lefty’s like my husband. There are non-stick scissors for sticky substances and there are all-purpose scissors. Each of the scissors I own serve a different purpose and each of them are relied upon to do their job and do it right every time.

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CHA Winter 2013: Innovations Showcase Products (Part 2)

[Editor’s Note: This is part two of Maria’s overview of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase. In case you missed it, you can read part one from yesterday to get the whole story.)

One highlight of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase event was the opportunity to speak to Rachel Faucett. Rachel is the author & designer from the popular blog, Handmade Charlotte. For those who may be unfamiliar  with the Handmade Charlotte blog, Rachel blogs about a variety of subject matters that would appeal to families.  She is a mother of five kids, a blogger, and a designer for Anthropologie, as well as working on her farm.  I have loved reading her blog and have found her advice and suggestions very helpful.

Cool Wall Organizer designed and made by Handmade Charlotte

We discussed her new Handmade Charlotte line of stencils from Plaid that are great for all types of projects.  They can be used on fabric, wood, and more.  She currently has a short video on YouTube for Plaid that shows how to make an easy copper necklace.

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

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Fiskars 4" Folding Scissors

 Reported by Christina Hammond

Fiskars 4″ Folding Scissors

Fiskars has come to my crafting rescue with their new 4″ folding Scissors.  For as long as I can remember, I have had a tiny pair of folding scissors attached to my keys, to my backpack zipper pulls, and in the tote for each of my projects. I used to buy them at the neighborhood hardware store from a bucket at the cash registers, usually for about a quarter.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to find them for years and I have lost all of my old ones.  I had been resorting to tossing cheap nail clippers into my bags, but this is not ideal because the blades can still catch and ruin delicate needlework.

I was so excited to find these at Michael’s that I did a little happy dance right in the aisle and bought them without a coupon (GASP!).  They are a bit pricey for my taste at $12.99.
Size compared with a quarter.  Compact!

The scissors are 4″ from the tips to the end of the handles.  The blades are less than 2″ long, perfect for quick snips of thread. 

Small, Sturdy and Useful

Right out of the package, the scissors are stiff and difficult to open and fold.  I have had them for a couple of weeks now and I can report that while still fairly stiff, the folding mechanism is getting easier and easier.  I would like to be able to open them one handed, eventually, as I am usually doing my knitting/needlework projects in the car while my husband drives or at the playground while the kids play and there is nowhere to set a project down to fiddle with scissors. 

The Blades:  Blunt Tips

I would say that these scissors are best suited for the yarn or needlework crafter.  I have tried to cut different papers with varying success.  Finely detailed work is out, for sure, because the blades are thick and blunt tipped.  I found that standard notebook paper cuts well, but tissue and thicker papers result in cuts that are not as smooth as many would desire.

Tips are protected when folded.


  • The size.  Small and compact.
  • Blades are small enough that they’re safe for airline travel.
  • The bright handles make them easy to spot.
  • Convenience for crafters on the go.


  • Cost. MSRP is $12.99
  • Folding is stiff and difficult at times.
  • Sharp enough for quick yarn/thread snips, but don’t expect to cleanly cut your scrapbooking projects.   

Do you have a favorite “on the go” craft supply?  What do you think of these little folding scissors? Leave a comment and let us know!

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