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Customize Your Mini Heidi Swapp Lightbox!

As soon as I saw the new Heidi Swapp Mini Lightbox, I knew I had to have one for my studio! I love the larger original Heidi Swapp Lightbox – my daughter has one in her room – but didn’t have the space for it in my jam packed craft room. The mini Lightbox is the perfect solution!

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Mini Heidi Swapp Lightbox

If you aren’t familiar yet with the Heidi Swapp Mini Lightbox, here’s a photo for comparison of how it looks next to the larger original Heidi Swapp Lightbox:

Heidi Swapp Lightbox Comparison

The mini box is about 2/3 of the height of the original box, and has four tracks instead of three. The smaller size is great for desks at work, tabletop displays at parties, and a variety of other applications where space is at a premium!

Like the original Lightbox, there are alphabets, words, emojis and backgrounds available for the Heidi Swapp Mini Lightbox. But see that word “Create” on my Mini Lightbox? That is a custom piece that I created!

Thanks to the availability of the Blank Mini Word Strips for the Mini Lightbox, it is easy to create your own words or design elements.

Heidi Swapp Mini Lightbox Blanks

To make this project, you just need:

The available design area on the Mini Lightbox Blank Word Strips is 1″ by 6″. To make a design, just open a file (or type a word) in your machine’s design software, and resize it to less than 1″ by 6″. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cutting the vinyl, and use the transfer tape to adhere it to one of the blank word strips.

Die Cut Vinyl for Heidi Swapp Lightbox Words

By combining your die cut machine with blank word strips for Mini Lightbox, the possibilities are endless for designs! Make quotes, decorative elements like swirls, use different colors for words, or different fonts.

What do you want to make for your lightbox?

Project | Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Butterfly

A few months ago, as part of the ongoing renovation of my craft studio, I made a Heidi Swapp Marquee Love monogram letter project for the new decor. The marquee monogram letter was a big hit with my 12 year old daughter. Since I am about to launch an overhaul of the decor in her room as well, I decided to make a Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Butterfly for her too!

For my studio I had gone with a vintage, antiqued look. But for my daughter’s room I wanted something fresher, and more fun. I chose the Heidi Swapp Marquee Butterfly that has been part of the spring collection available at Michaels Stores.

Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Butterfly project. Fun and easy decor for a kids room or a creative space.

To create this project, I paired the Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Butterfly with a Heidi Swapp 8×8 paper pad, pink glitter tape, white glitter tape, and a set of pink lights. Continue Reading →

Decor | Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letter

I’ve been engaged in a massive makeover of my craft room in 2015, and that includes all of the room’s decor. That means I’ve had an excuse to make a lot of fun projects to decorate my walls and shelves!

One of the things I wanted to add to my room was some personalization, like monograms to the decor. A Heidi Swapp Marquee Love letter was the perfect solution!

Heidi Swapp Marquee Letter home decor project in progress

The first step of the project was that I used Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl Paint to paint the inside edge of the letter that would show. I extended the paint into the front and sides of the letter, so none of the white would show if my covering in those areas wasn’t aligned properly. Continue Reading →

CHA Winter 2013: Pink Paislee

It’s always a pleasure at CHA shows to stop by and see Pink Paislee and its owner Rebecca Cross!

I had heard plenty of buzz at the CHA Winter 2013 show about the new Heidi Swapp product and wasn’t disappointed by what I found. The new Memory Files Album and embellishments are classic Heidi style! Just look at the layers you can create with the clear pages and varied sizes of the pages in the samples:

Continue Reading →

CHA Winter 2012: Heidi Swap

Heidi Swapp is back in full effect!  We really liked her new line of bright colors and unusual accents.
The full line of embellishments…

Go bright or go home!

Color Magic papers.  Just add color!

Eclectic papers!


Go to the Heidi’s Blog to see more of this line, including selections from the new “Memory File” array of products.  Small files designed for saving and scrapping.  What do you think of Heidi’s new line?


Heidi Swapp Acrylic Paint

Reported by Mary Chong

The first time I used Heidi Swapp Acrylic Paint was when I took a chipboard album class at my LSS Scrapalcious. We used the Jet Black version. Now, I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to painting on chipboard – especially in a 2-hour class situation. First, it’s messy and I likely just came from work and I’m not dressed in my civvies. Secondly, paint takes time to dry and you want to make sure that you get a nice even coat before you move onto the next stage. Now don’t get me wrong, I love paint, I just like to paint on my own terms in optimum conditions where I can put multiple coats on until it’s perfect and then leave it out to dry over night.

But I digress..

So, there I was at the class, painting away and here’s what I discovered…

The paint was nice and creamy, we squirted it out onto a paper plate but really, you could squeeze it right out of the tube and onto your brush.

The Jet Black is super black – not a wishy washy could be black but isn’t quite black – know what I mean? With the thickness of the paint came great coverage – it was opaque with no streaks or show through.

I was really impressed with the drying speed. PLUS when it dried it had a nice finish with a slight sheen to it.

Ultimately, I had no reason to worry about the painting because in 2 hours flat we created a fab 8-page album that fits in a box.

Here’s a close up of the paint on the project we made (the shiny finish looks great with the crispness of the black and white American Crafts paper)

After the class I had to buy some paint for my own stash (I’m a good customer and I’m easily persuaded). So, I picked up these colours – Betty (pink), Jet (black), bark (brown) and moss.

Next project I made with the paint was this girlie girl mini book (paper is Basic Grey Two Scoops).

I’m not really a pink kinda gal but the “Betty” (pink) colour is really nice – it isn’t baby pink – its much deeper and punchier similar to a fuchsia pink.

Now I wanted to show you what the paint looks like in a large area. So, I decided to paint a chipboard heart for a card. And, this is where I discovered something. On the other 2 projects I used a foam brush to apply the paint and in this instance I used an artist’s hair brush. Can you see the brush strokes?? Disappointing but true – so, be warned. (Now a friend did say it kinda looked like leather – which I promptly said “Yes that’s the look I was going for” but to be truthful I really wasn’t)

Now, I haven’t told you how many colours the paint comes in and the reason is that I can’t find that information!

When visiting the Heidi Swapp website, the downloaded catalog for paint states that it comes in 9 colors. But looking through various online stores, I’ve counted 11 different colors mentioned. Plus, no ONE store seems to have the all the colors in stock.

  • Bark
  • Betty
  • Butterscotch
  • Crimson
  • Cotton candy
  • Icee
  • Jet
  • Moss
  • Pumpkin
  • Sea
  • White


  • Tube stands up straight on a table
  • Clear container so that you can see how much you have left in the tube
  • Nice sheen
  • Coordinates with the other Heidi Swapp items (if you like to be all matchie-poo like I do)
  • Creamy texture not watery
  • Great coverage
  • Black is really black
  • Cleans up with water
  • Dries fast


  • Limited colour selection
  • For adding some paint onto a layout, this paint is the perfect consistency but I found I needed to add a little bit of water when I was painting my chipboard – the paint was too thick.
  • Due to the slight sheen to the paint when dry – it may not “suit” all tastes and moods of projects
  • Watch out for brush strokes
  • Limited stock in stores

All in all, I really like this product. I wish that it came in more colours and that I could get my hand on all of them.

I give it an 8 out of 10. It retails for $2.99 US at and $3.99 CAD at My Scrap for a 2.5 oz tube.

Have you had similar experiences with this paint? Different experiences? We’d love to hear about them…leave us a comment and let us know.

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Heidi Swapp Bling

Reported by Katie Skiff

Bling is big these days. It’s especially hot in papercrafting. Being a fan of Heidi Swapp products, I am glad she has a wonderful line of bling. Heidi Swapp Bling comes in many different colors and designs.

Heidi’s sparkly embellishments include the basic single clear stones. These individual pieces come packaged in a cute lil black and white matchbox-like cover. They also include small foam dots so you can mount them and make them pop on your project. They retail for about $2.00 each.

Newer accents come in a variety of colors and price ranges. The corner accents sheet also features some little flower shapes. There are also lines, circles, squares, ovals and hearts. The shapes have many color options and average about $5.00 per package. I also spied some adorable cherry bling embellishments that have 16 blossoms in pink and red for $5.00. My favorite however, was the clear crowns that I used on my layout. This package has six different crowns with a clear and pinkish hint of color and they retail for $6.00.

There are also the bling words that are clear, and are sold in themes. Heidi has used the bling to spell out the words and they are mounted on a clear sheet of adhesive backed paper. For $5.00 you get three words per package.

  • Self-Adhesive so you don’t have to mess with glue.
  • All of the words/pieces are one Adhesive sheet, making it easier to work with.
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • Some are small and harder to work with. Could be easier with steady hand or tweezers.
  • Sometimes pieces have fallen off the adhesive backing.

Over all, I love the Bling and I love the creative designs that Heidi is using. They coordinate well with her other products as well.

You can buy Heidi Swapp Bling at most local retailers, and also online at 2 Peas, The Scrapbook Hideaway, and

Do you love Heidi Swapp’s Bling? Leave us a note and let us know why or why not!

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