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Imaginisce Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Imaginisce products…  

Winner of the Imaginisce iRock Tool…

Jingle said…
I currently use self stick, but they don’t always have great adhesive. I do like how easy it is, though. This would be way fun and I love that they stick to fabric!

Winner of the Imaginisce iTop Brad Maker…

Adelle said…
I have not used the I top yet and would love the opportunity to play with some pretty fabric to top the brads. My girls would love for me to make those barrets…I didn’t even think about that option! 🙂

Winner of the Imaginisce iBond Cordless Glue Gun…

billiejo said…
I haven’t yet tried the I-bond cordless hot glue gun, but I would sure love to! Many times when creating my altered projects, or mixed media, I get frustrated with the glues and want to use a glue gun, but never can because I seldom have power where I work. This will be a must have for me.

Please email your name and address to Please put Imaginisce Winner in the subject of your email.
Thanks and Congrats!

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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Imaginisce i-bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Reported by Erika Martin

Have you ever been at the mercy of your hot glue gun cord? I can’t count how many times I’ve swiped things off the table with the cord, couldn’t reach what I was doing, the cord wasn’t long enough to sit on top of the table because the outlet was JUST out of reach….or I’ve been teaching a class and have to set up stations around the room (away from our workspace) for people to use hot glue guns. There’s good news for us crafters!

Imaginisce has just released their i-bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun and they were so generous to send it along to me to try out alongside their new Garden Party collection.
Imaginisce lists the features of the i-bond on the packaging:
  • It’s cordless!
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Lighted nozzle for easy application
  • Ergonomic design
  • Uses standard mini glue sticks (4″ x 0.28″ / 10 cm x .7 cm)
The packaging also includes 3 mini glue sticks to get started. That might not seem like a big deal to most crafters that have things like that on hand in bulk, but to be honest, I was SO glad they included them in the packaging because when I got started on my projects, I realized that my daughter had used up ALL of my glue sticks!
I created four projects using the i-bond:
  • Hanging Monograms for my bedroom
  • Altered CD mini book
  • Barrette
  • Jumbo paper clip bookmark
The i-bond was very easy to set up. It runs on 4 AA batteries and they’re easily put inside the handle of the gun. When I first opened the handle, I found the directions and nitty-gritty instructions folded up inside. I made sure to put those aside in case I ever needed them.
The bottom of the handle easily pops off and there are battery diagrams inside the handle and also on the outside of the handle bottom that shows which was to put the batteries in. Just pop the cap back on and you’re ready to go.

The gun has an on/off switch and a metal stand that swivels out from the barrel of the gun to help it stand up while you’re not using it.

When the gun is in the on position, the light on the nozzle is always turned on.

I’m so used to having a cord on my glue guns and the whole way through my projects, I kept thinking I needed to push a cord away or that I had to hold the gun in a way so as not to have the cord in the way. it’s so freeing to be able to not have to worry about that. I’m sure I’ll get used to that soon enough. *wink*

My first project was a set of Hanging Monograms for my bedroom. I’ve been collecting D & E monograms for a little while to make a huge collage above the bed my hubby and I share. His name is David and my name is Erika and I thought it would be cute to have our initials hanging up all over the wall behind our head board.

I used some of the double-sided paper from the Garden Party collection to cover my press-board monogram letters.

I used some of the ribbon from the same collection to make a hanger for my letters and used the i-bond to attach them.

The i-bond is great for attaching embellishments to all sorts of projects. I used it to attach my silk flowers to my letters.

And having that little light on the nozzle is really handy when trying to get glue in tight and dark spots, like under the knots of the ribbons that I tied around my monogram letters.

My second project was an altered CD mini book. I used a bunch of old CDs to create the “pages” of my book. They are sturdy and hold up really well for an album that’s going to get a lot of handling. I tried using the glue gun to attach the Garden Party paper to my first CD, but it created some bulky lines underneath the paper and I didn’t really care for the way it turned out, so I ditched that CD.

I decided to use a double-sided tape for the rest of the CDs and found that worked much better.

I used the i-bond to secure the embellishments on the front of my album, including the cardstock stickers that I used. I felt it was better to have them firmly secured with the hot glue.

On the inside pages of the mini book, I used some of the die cuts from the Garden Party collection to decorate the pages, but I thought it would be fun to give them a little bit of height and dimension, so I applied some glue with the i-bond and when I adhered them to the pages of the book, I got JUST the look I was going for.

In the midst of working on my mini-book, I noticed that the glue from the i-bond didn’t seem to be as hot or fluid as it was before. I checked the on/off switch to make sure the gun was still on. It was….but then I looked at the light on the nozzle and noticed that it wasn’t on at all. I changed out the batteries and everything was fine again after that.
This was a bit concerning to me as I’d only had the gun on for about an hour with brand new batteries and they’d run down in that amount of time. They were Kirkland brand batteries, so maybe it has to do with the brand/quality of the batteries. I replaced the Kirkland batteries with Duracell batteries and it will be interesting to see how long those last in the gun.
My third project was a barrette. My daughter had made a barrette a few weeks ago but it didn’t hold up, so I re-purposed the barrette clip to make a new one. I used the i-bond to create little loops out of Garden party ribbon and then glued them across the barrette clip.

I decided that I didn’t like the placement of one of the ribbons and tried to pull it off and had to really work at it. The glue and gun do a REALLY good job of securing items.
I put together a couple of silk flowers with Garden Party brads and glued them to the front of the barrette to finish it off.

My daughter was psyched to try it on and plans to wear it to school tomorrow.

My last project was a quick Jumbo paper clip bookmark. I used a 4 inch jumbo paper clip and put together two sets of silk flowers with brads (from the Garden Party collection) and set one upside down with the brad poking through the top of the paper clip. I was very generous with the glue so that the flowers wouldn’t slide down the paper clip when it was assembled.

I settled the other flower on top and pressed them together to secure them. Voila!

It’s important to note that while this is a hot glue gun, this glue gun is not a *high-temp* hot glue gun. If you are creating projects that require a high-temp hot glue gun, the i-bond isn’t the gun for that project. But, for all other projects using a mid-temp glue gun, the i-bond is the PERFECT gun for you! (Personally, I like to have one of each on hand.)
The i-bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun carries a MSRP of $15.99.
  • Great price point for a heavy-duty glue gun
  • Battery operated
  • Handy-dandy lighted nozzle
  • Uses mini glue sticks which are easily accessible – even the hardware story carries them!
  • Has a metal stand to rest on in between use
  • Not a high-temp gun so if you’re looking to do projects requiring high-temp glue, the i-bond isn’t it
  • Not quite sure if this is a con yet, but the new batteries I put in ran out in an hour’s time – I’ll have to run the gun through a few sets of different brand batteries to find out if this is a matter of the gun using the batteries quickly or if it’s a matter of what brand batteries are used
The I-Bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun is available from

Want to win this great product? Our friends at Imaginisce are giving away an iBond Cordless Glue Gun to one lucky reader. To win, just leave a comment on this blog answering any or all of these questions, we love to hear your opinions!

How about you? Have you tried out the new i-bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun yet? What’s would be your favorite feature if you haven’t?

You have until Friday, February 18th at 6pm CST to comment.


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Vendor Spotlight: Imaginisce i-bond Cordless Glue Gun and Garden Party

We are so excited and happy to introduce you to our new reporter and Mod Podge Queen, Amy Anderson. Amy has lots of crafty experience and we just know that you are going to love her as much as we do.

I’m the blogger behind Mod Podge Rocks. I was born from creative genes, so I’m carrying on the tradition. I have been knitting for 18 years, sewing for longer and decoupaging for just a few. I do all of these things on a daily basis, or at least as much as I can. In addition to Mod Podge, I love the color blue, dogs, reading, cold weather, funny movies, road rallies, yogurt, garden gnomes, sock monkeys, running, tattoos, being outdoors, buttons, snuggling and apparently blogging. Who knew I would love it this much?

Reported by Amy Anderson

I am more than pleased to review Imaginisce’s i-bond cordless glue gun.  I’m old enough to remember when everything, including phones, had a cord.  Even when the first phone went cordless, it was like talking on a brick.  Life was so inconvenient back then!  It’s really handy that the i-bond is cordless, especially since most of us like to have a glue gun in our crafty arsenal.  I decided the best way to test this tool was on a project, and as you would expect, I did something with Mod Podge.  My scrapbook paper and embellishment line of choice was Imaginisce’s new Garden Party:

It’s such a pretty paper stack, don’t you think?  This line comes with coordinating die cuts, brads, stickers, ribbons and paper flowers in soft shades.  I’m going to walk you through the frame tutorial as I review the product.

Gather These Supplies

Wood frame
Mod Podge Gloss
Imaginisce Garden Party paper and embellishments
Imaginisce i-bond cordless glue gun
FolkArt paint – Graffiti Pink (or coordinating color)
Scissors or craft knife and mat
Pencil or pen

Start with a standard issue wood frame.

 Measure and cut your papers – I went for the patchwork look, so I cut four separate sheets of paper (coordinating).  Imaginisce’s paper comes in 12″ x 12″ sheets and is nice and thick.  If you have issues with Mod Podging wrinkles, you won’t with this paper.

Basecoat your frame with a few coats and allow to dry.

Spread a medium layer of Mod Podge onto the frame and then place your paper down.  The paper went on nicely.  Allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

Smooth the paper out with your fingers or brayer.  I have to say, this paper is very vibrant and I like it.  It also didn’t tear when I rolled over it with the brayer.  Yay!  Apply a top coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Time for the glue gun!  This is where I get really excited – this glue gun is SUPER cool.  The i-bond operates on batteries (included) and warms up quickly.  It also has a headlight.  I didn’t understand why at first.  I’d never used a glue gun with a nozzle light before.

I started hot gluing on flower embellishments to test my gun.  I totally understood the headlight after gluing the first flower down.  It truly makes it easier to see where the glue is going.  I LOVE this feature.

I glued ribbon down on the back for a hanger.  The glue came out of the gun smoothly and with little stringing.  I don’t know what causes glue gun stringing, but I didn’t have many problems with the i-bond.  I was able to bead a thin line of glue quite easily.

The gun is lightweight and has an ergonomic grip, so it was easy to maneuver.  It fit in my hand quite nicely and didn’t cramp my wrist.  I think I’m in love.

The finished frame – Mod Podged and hot glued to perfection.  You’ll notice the vibrant colors of the Garden Party line.  It’s truly a gorgeous paper collection.  This might be a great Mother’s Day gift!

I know as crafters that we all have a lot of choices in tools and papers – and sometimes it’s difficult to discern good from poor quality.  From my experience with Imaginisce’s i-bond cordless glue gun and papers, I’m definitely going to be a repeat buyer.


  • i-bond glue gun is lightweight and ergonomical
  • Nozzle light makes placement of glue easy
  • Pink color is delightful
  • Papers are bright and colorful and tear-resistant
  • Cute embellishments in a variety of types


  • None, except distribution.  I can’t find these in my local big box craft stores but you can buy the
  • I-Bond Cordless Hot Glue Gun from

What do you love or hate about the glue gun you are currently using?  What would you make with this glue gun?


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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Imaginisce I-Top Tool

Reported by Taylor Usry

I was lucky enough to receive a HUGE box of goodness from Imaginisce recently – and it was full of amazing products that coordinated with their amazing I-Top tool. If you’ve never heard about the I-Top tool, brace yourself. You are going to love it. You need it, I promise. It’s a must have for every crafter! The I-Top retails for around $20, and is widely available on the internet and in stores. It makes custom brads, magnets, hair doo-dads, snaps, buttons, rings, and pretty much anything you can think of.

There are endless accessories that you can purchase to complement the tool. When you purchase the I-Top itself, you get the tool and two “heads” (which make the brads, etc). Oh, and a demo DVD hat shows you how to use it. There are also excellent step-by-step written instructions (with photos) included.  The two it comes with are for the small (16mm) and medium (22mm) accessories. The large (28mm) and extra large (34mm) are available to purchase separately. The ergonomic pink handles are designed to be “easy-grip”.

Imaginisce makes it very easy to shop for all of the items. Each “group” of products comes in color coded packages – so all of the screw-top accessories are in purple packaging, the snap-top ones are in pink packaging, the buttons are in another color, the brads in yet another color, and so on. Each accessory that can be customized is in two pieces – a “topper” and a “base”. You can’t go wrong with color coding! It takes the guess work out of making projects.

To get started with the tool, you’ll need either the punches (available in various sizes, to coordinate with the sizes of the brads), which make short work out of getting prepared to make brads, or the templates, which do the same thing with an added step. You’d just have to cut them out yourself. You can see in the photo above the size difference from each punch. They are, from left to right,  the large (28mm), medium (22mm) and small (16mm). An added bonus? They make cute layered flowers for cards and scrapbook pages!

Once you’ve punched or cut out your shape, you are a few short steps from your finished product. You
choose the correct brad size for the shape you’ve cut or punched out, and then need to match up the appropriate heads. To change them out, the heads pulls outward (the entire piece – the pink part as well as the silver above it will pull away from the tool) and then rotates. If you need to remove one of them to add a larger or smaller head, they simply unscrew. Next you place your brad (or whatever doo-dad you are making) onto the metal head and center the topper part of it on the metal head (remember, the “topper” is the silver piece that will be the top of your brad). Then you add your cut/punched piece in the center of that metal topper. See the picture above for details.

You squeeze the handles together and the metal topper, along with the cutout piece, will be squeezed into the pink rubber head. Rotate the rubber head so you can see the topper, and then take your finger and flatten down the tabs, until you get something that looks like this:

Now that you’ve gotten the top of your brad completed, you turn the tool over and insert the base into the metal head. If it’s a brad, there is a small hole that will accommodate the “legs” (what’s the correct term for those little things? anyone know?) You align the heads and squeeze the tool together. Rotate out and peel back the rubber head and POOF! You’ve just made a custom brad!

The brad (or any other doo-dad) will have neatly pleated edges. If you’d prefer flatter edges, watch this video for a great tip.

My darling daughter was only too happy to help me choose from the wonderful Enchanted line of products to make hair clips and headbands, all of which are pictured below. The neat thing about these is that it doesn’t have to be just the topper- you can layer on fabric or paper flowers. And because the toppers snap or screw on to the clips, bobby pins, headbands, etc, it makes them all interchangeable!

We made alligator clips, layered with several paper Prima flowers. The clips come already covered in grosgrain (in a neutral silver-ish color). Two of them are pictured above. And below is one of the bobby pins we made, layered with another paper Prima.

Headbands come in packs of three: silver, pink, and black. We chose to use the large brad toppers paired with fabric flowers for these:

And then we got to the good stuff…jewelry! We made rings in various sizes, and what’s fun about the rings is that they are adjustable. Absolutely adorable paired with flowers!

I also used some 12″x12″ paper from the Enchanted line to make a quick and impel scrapbook page. See the wheels on the carriage? They are small brads I made using the I-Top tool and more paper from the Enchanted line.  I also added some bling from the same line – it’s so perfect for princesses!

I cannot figure out how I’ve functioned so long as a crafter without this tool, honestly. I love everything about it. It’s wonderful to be able to create personalized jewelry and hair things for myself and my daughter, and it’s even more wonderful to always be able to match a brad to whatever project I’m making! Thanks again to Imaginisce, for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful tool!


  • easy to use
  • wide range of accessories available
  • tons of videos from the company to get tips and tricks from


  • it might be a bit overwhelming to choose which accessories you want!
  • it’s very, very addictive – I haven’t NOT used it on a project since it got here

The Imaginisce I-Top ToolDaddies BradsI-Top Topper Templates ,i-top BadgesImaginisce I-Top PunchHeadbandsBobby Pins , and Rings  are available from

Want to win this great product? Our friends at Imaginisce are giving away an iTop Tool to one lucky reader. To win, just leave a comment on this blog answering any or all of these questions, we love to hear your opinions!

What do you think of the i-Top? Have you tried it yet? What other ways can you think of to top your brad? 

You have until Friday, February 18th at 6pm CST to comment.


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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Imaginisce i-rock Tool

Reported by Julie Tiu

recently announced their newest product, the i-rock, a handheld heat-setting tool that will affix studs, crystals, rhinestones, pearls and mirrors to paper, fabric and more. I was lucky enough to test drive this innovative tool, and found it to be quite useful.

The tool itself comes on its own (gems are separate), and you will need 3 AA batteries. Cordless! Very convenient.

Check it out on the kitchen scale: One-quarter pound. It’s fairly light… and easy to hold.

Okay, we’ve established some stats, but does it work? Yes it does, and pretty well. The instructions are easy to follow and also online, however, I did not like that it made no mention of a little red light that is on the tool. Does the light indicate that the tool is hot and ready to go? No, it doesn’t. The light only turns on twice: 1) when you flip the switch on, and 2) when you depress the button as you hold the tool to affix a gem. I would almost prefer that the light stay on, so you know the tool is hot.

Otherwise, it’s simple to use. Because it is a heat-setting tool, be careful that you don’t lay it too close to plastic or paper while you are working. And keep a small bowl of cold water nearby in case you do accidentally burn yourself, just like when working with a hot glue gun. This is definitely not a child-appropriate tool.

The i-rock has a good variety of accessories, the studs and stencil kits

Plain crystals and Multi-colored crystals in Hot Rocks Compacts

Glam Rocks Rhinestuds in five different styles (picture courtesy of

Along with the i-rock and accessories, I received a fantastic assortment of paper, embellishments and stamps. The style is so reminiscent of childhood birthday parties, but with a contemporary twist.

Animal Crackers collection by Imaginisce

Reverse side of the pages

Let’s get testing

Instructions say to heat the i-rock for at least 15 seconds. I found that was not enough time, more like 30-45 seconds. The stud (first on left) is the quickest setting at 2-3 seconds with a completely heated tool. As you continue right, the glam rocks and smaller crystal adhered quickly also at 4-5 seconds. The larger crystals took as long as 10-15 seconds to adhere.

Sizes range from 2.3 mm to 6 mm.

Love the added dimension and texture!


The stencil kit in place on a child’s cotton t-shirt

Working with the template is easy!

Rhinestuds fit perfectly in the template

Pulled off the template after marking remaining spots with a pencil. The crystal sizes left in the kit (in that color) were too large for the template.

Finished t-shirt for a special little girl

Backside of the t-shirt: adhesive can melt through, be careful and use a protective layer (brown paper bag, for instance) when applying the studs or crystals on your fabric projects

Store-bought cards embellished with rhinestuds and crystals (Cards by Paula Deen designs)

Cute card with studs (paper by Imaginisce: Animal Crackers)

Stamp by Imaginisce

Hard to imagine just how tiny those studs are!

The paper was cute enough, but the studs just add a little more dimension.

Taking a simple, business card sized foam frame and decorative paper and turn it into something cute… will the Glam Rocks adhere?

“Glam-ming” up my foam frame…

Voila, finished! (flower embellishment by Imaginsce)
More studs on foam (sticker and ribbon embellishments by Imaginisce: Animal Crackers)

Studded magnets “rock” the refrigerator

  • Easy to maneuver in small projects
  • No mess
  • Quick heating time
  • Lots of accessories
  • Exposed heating tip poses a safety hazard
  • Even though heating time is quick, it didn’t seem as fast as quoted in the instructions
  • Preferred tweezers to the jewel-setter stick that comes with Glam Rocks
I never would have thought this tool would be as versatile as it is, and would recommend it for your embellishing needs!

Want to win this great product? Our friends at Imaginisce are giving away an iRock Tool to one lucky reader. To win, just leave a comment on this blog answering any or all of these questions, we love to hear your opinions!

Will the i-rock tool rock your world? Do you use gems and rhinestones on your projects and how do you adhere them? What do you love or hate about your current method? Share your gem-tastic projects and stories!

You have until Friday, February 18th at 6pm CST to comment.


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Vendor Spotlight & GIVEAWAY: Imaginisce iRock Tool

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are happy to have a guest blogger today. The very talented and crafty, Jessica Diedrich. Jessica is a former Craft Critique reporter, and we couldn’t be happier that she agreed to review this product.

Reported by: Jessica Diedrich
Hey everyone!
Jessica here 🙂  Some of you might know me from my days as a staff reporter for Craft Critique a few years ago, or perhaps by my blog, The Whimsical Butterfly.  I am a work-at-home mom of four beautiful kidlets and am enjoying life between carpools and homework as a designer for a few rubber stamp companies.  I am blessed to be able to do what I do, make money, and explore my creative side which is always evolving.  I’ve been a designer and blogger for about 3 years now, but have been stamping and scrapbooking for closer to seven.   My passion is cardmaking and coloring but I am very much enjoying re-acquainting myself with scrapbooking lately, as well!   Thanks for having me back here for a fun product review-I hope you find it helpful!

I am a LOVER of bling.  Adding a little sparkle or rhinestone flourish to ANY project is fine by me!  In fact some of my favorite projects are because of the sparkle and shine that just a little touch of bling can add.

There are a ton of options for adding bling to a papercrafting project.  Self-adhesive sheets of bling come from single small stones to beautiful, ornate flourishes, although they can be pricey.  Bling without any kind of adhesive backing can be less costly, but can be a very tedious and messy experience when you have to use glue and tweezers.

Then there’s the i-rock by Imaginisce.   Small, compact, and affordably priced at about $12, the i-rock is a fun way to add bling to your cards or projects.   Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to add 3 AA batteries (not included) to the i-rock.   This is fairly easy to do by simply removing the cap/cover on the bottom of the tool which is clearly marked and easy to operate.

After loading the batteries, it’s ready to go, so now’s the time to decide what kind of bling you want to apply to your project.   There are a few different options for this.   There are Hot Rocks compacts, Glam Rocks bottles, extra applicator tools, and also some really fun stencils to create pretty patterns while taking the guesswork out of placement.

The price points for the consumable end of the i-rock system are also very affordable.  The Hot Rocks offer 800 multi-size gems for about $11 or $12, while the bottles of Glam Rocks are about $3 or $4.  Compared to the self-adhesive sheets that do not require heat setting, this is a very good price, as one small sheet of adhesive bling with an average of maybe 50 small stones can retail for about $4 all by itself.

I would definitely recommend using the applicator tool, and perhaps working with the stencils first before free-handing it.  The applicator simply needs to be moistened at the tip and easily picks up stray or small bling that would otherwise be way too hard to handle, even with tweezers.

I chose to work with the stencils for my first i-rock experience.  It’s important to tape down your stencil lightly so that it doesn’t slip while sorting and placing the stones.

Using the applicator stick made picking up even the smallest stones relatively easy, although this does take some time to do.

I decided to make a simple card using the stenciled pattern as the focal point of my card.  Once all the gems were put in place, I was ready to turn on and heat up the i-rock tool.

Turning it on is as simple as switching to the “on” position and pressing and holding the button down for about 15 seconds to allow the tool to heat up.   The light will go on when you press the button; if it doesn’t, you probably just need new batteries. The tool cools off fairly quickly, so there’s no need to heat it up until you are finished placing your gems and are ready to affix them to your papercrafting project.

Once the tool was heated, I began the process of adhering the gems to the paper.


Basically, the heat radiates through the gem until you feel the glue on the underside heat up.  You’ll feel a slight ‘give’ or ‘slide’ when this occurs and you know that the glue has been activated.  I will say that the small stones and metal studs are a piece of cake, but the larger sized gems took a fairly long time to heat all the way through.

Once all the gems were heated and glued in place using the i-rock tool, I was ready to pull up my stencil and VOILA!  Here is the finished product:

I was excited with the way this turned out, and with the quality of the product in terms of holding power. It was a little labor-intensive though; the whole thing took about 20 minutes to make.  This of course, was my first time and for not having ever picked up the tool before, I was pleased with the results 🙂

I was so excited to try again, I created another card using the brand new adorable Animal Crackers line by Imaginisce!

After stamping and coloring the Snag-Em Stamps “Monkey”, I created a card using the adorable Animal Crackers line of papers and embellishments (chipboard sticker and ribbon).   It was then time to pull out the i-rock tool and have a little more fun.

This time I chose to use the Glam Rocks.  These are metallic stud-like gems and heat up much faster than their plastic counterparts.  It’s only recommended to hold the i-rock tool over each gem for about 3 seconds, actually.  These were much easier to affix once I got the hang of things and worked great with the applicator sticks as well.

The stamp lent itself perfectly to placing the gems, don’t you think?  Once I had them all laid out, I quickly set them with the i-rock tool and again was pleased with the result!

Here is my finished card:

Now that you’ve seen the finished products, let’s take a moment to review the pros and cons:


  • compact, lightweight, and easy to use
  • great array of products to use within the line
  • affordable and cost-effective


  • somewhat time consuming
  • can be messy if spilled
  • larger-sized gems don’t heat up very quickly

All in all, I’m excited to continue using the i-rock and getting used to this new way to apply bling to my cards and projects.  I’m definitely wanting to get more of the stencils that they have to go along with the product as I love the swirls and flourishes and believe that I will get many happy uses out of this tool, which just so happens to be pink.  Thank you to Imaginisce for creating a unique and innovative papercrafting tool!

The i-rock Crystal Heat-Setting Tool is available from

Want to win this great product? Our friends at Imaginisce are giving away an iRock Tool to one lucky reader. To win, just leave a comment on this blog answering any or all of these questions, we love to hear your opinions!

What do you think of the i-rock?  Do you own it?  Have you tried it?  Any helpful tips or suggestions?

You have until Friday, February 18th at 6pm CST to comment.


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Vendor Spotlight & Giveaway – Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Reported by Erin Bassett

Ok, I’ll admit it. I like to eyeball things instead of measuring them, and I’ve probably only used the scoring blade on my trimmer a handful of times (there I said it! -I guess I’m not very precise…or maybe I’m just impatient). So when the opportunity arose to actually use the Martha Stewart Scoring Board I was intrigued and wondered if I would find it to be a seriously missing necessity to my craft tool stash!
photo credit EK Success
Included with the scoring board is a bone folder and an envelope guide (with score instructions imprinted on it). The neat thing is that there are actually storage places for both these items in the scoring board, so you don’t lose them!
Inside the compartment for the bone folder there is a handy-dandy sticker that tells you where to score to create cards and boxes. There are also stickers included in Spanish and French, so you can replace the English, if you so desire. One draw-back, however, was that the door for the bone folder compartment was almost impossible for me to open. I ended up having to pry it open! I opened and closed it repeatedly, and it did loosen up some…nonetheless it is never as easy to open as I would hope for.
I happened to find the storage spot for the envelope guide by accident when I was examining the underside of the score board. The envelope guide just slides right in the bottom of the board.
To balance out my apparent lack of precision when crafting, I have a propensity to read instructions thoroughly…so that’s what I did first. I read the packaging and the enclosed insert, and when it said to practice first, I did…on the insert. Success! I also learned something new in the instructions…when scoring, the score line should be the outside of the fold and the “bump” is the inside of the fold. The few times I’ve actually taken the time to score paper before folding it I’ve always done the reverse. Now I know!
Another tip: when using the bone folder to make your score lines is to always hold it at a 45 degree angle. When I held it at a 90 degree angle, using the “point” of it, I got off track.
For my first projects I thought I’d do something simple like an A2 envelope. I took a nice thick piece of Imaginisce double-sided paper and cut it to 8 ½” x 8 ½”. I placed the envelope guide onto the upper left corner of the score board and then lined up my paper so it was flat against the guide. I scored it at the 3” mark and then rotated the paper 90 degrees. I then scored it at 3 5/8” and turned it another 90 degrees. I repeated those two steps over again until I had four score lines that created a rectangle in the middle of my paper.

I then cut out the small triangles in between the score lines and folded all the flaps inward and adhered them in place.

The next thing I made was a box. I started by looking at the box size options on the compartment door, and opted for a 4” square box. I started with two 12” square piece of paper for the box. I easily scored my paper and cut it where the directions said to. I then folded and glued it together.

I decided that my box was a bit plain, so I dressed it up with a strip of 2” wide paper that I scored and accordion-folded every quarter inch. I joined the two ends together and glued it to a recycled scrap paper to give it some stability. I topped off that with a lace ribbon I gathered to form a flower and another accordion folded strip of paper; this one was only ½” wide. I topped off that layer with a small brad that I covered with felt.
I had so much fun making all those scores for the box topper that I just had to do one more; they were so fast to make! I took two 1 ½” wide stripes of paper and scored them every ½”. I then folded and joined them together to create circle. I adhered it to a strip of paper and ribbon that I had wrapped around a faux candle.To top everything off I added a chipboard embellishment piece to the center of my accordion circle.
Finally, I made an A2 gate-fold card. It’s one of the styles of card that has measurements and instructions inside the bone folder compartment. I cut my paper to 8 ½” x 5 ½”, and then scored it at the 2 1/8 ” mark and the 6 3/8” mark, per the instructions. I folded my paper on the score lines and then sprayed the front of my card with “Marshmallow” Glimmer Mist to give it a frosty look. I then created a band to encircle the “waist” of my card.
I found that when creating projects that have numerous folds in them like my gift box topper or the embellishment on my faux candle, having a scoring board is priceless! It’s the quickest most accurate way to make that many score marks. It’s also really nice to use the score board to create things that don’t have that many score lines (like envelopes and boxes) because you get a really accurate line, and it’s really convenient to have the sizes and score measurements right in front of you without having to calculate them yourself or Google them.
To see the Martha Stewart Score Board in action, check out our video of it from CHA.
  • Comes with a bone folder and an envelope guide with measurements to jump-start your project.
  • On-board storage space for both the bone folder and envelope guide.
  • Score marks at 1/8” intervals.
  • Accommodates paper up to 12 ½” square.
  • Light-weight for travel.
  • The door for the bone folder is hard to open.
  • Measures approximately 14” x 13” x ¾” so storage space maybe an issue for some.
The kind folks at EK Success Brands will be giving one lucky winner their very own Martha Stewart Scoring Board. To enter, just leave a comment on one of the Vendor Spotlight: Martha Stewart Scoring Board. Answer any one of these questions in the Comments Section right below this article on our website.

So what tools do you use to score paper? What sorts of projects would you make with this tool?

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