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CHA Winter 2013: Innovations Showcase Products (Part 2)

[Editor's Note: This is part two of Maria's overview of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase. In case you missed it, you can read part one from yesterday to get the whole story.)

One highlight of the CHA Winter 2013 Innovations Showcase event was the opportunity to speak to Rachel Faucett. Rachel is the author & designer from the popular blog, Handmade Charlotte. For those who may be unfamiliar  with the Handmade Charlotte blog, Rachel blogs about a variety of subject matters that would appeal to families.  She is a mother of five kids, a blogger, and a designer for Anthropologie, as well as working on her farm.  I have loved reading her blog and have found her advice and suggestions very helpful.

Cool Wall Organizer designed and made by Handmade Charlotte

We discussed her new Handmade Charlotte line of stencils from Plaid that are great for all types of projects.  They can be used on fabric, wood, and more.  She currently has a short video on YouTube for Plaid that shows how to make an easy copper necklace.

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

Handmade Charlotte stencils from Plaid

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CHA Sponsor: Krylon

Krylon is the nation’s leading spray paint manufacturer – ranking number one in quality, color, innovation, inspiration and consumer brand recognition.

The Krylon consumer products line includes a wide selection of aerosol paints and paint-related products, from general-purpose paints to craft products to specialty products to rust-preventative paints and primers.   Krylon has also served the art market since 1947 when it introduced the first aerosol clear protective acrylic coating.  Today, the Krylon name is synonymous with fine art preservation and high-performance clear coatings, artist sprays and adhesives.

Consumers enjoy our core product line, Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Paint, available in 93 colors.  It is ideal for furniture, accessories, crafts and decor, dries in 10 minutes or less, and can be applied to wood, metal, wicker, wrought iron, plaster and more!

Krylon is releasing several new products at CHA this year. Today’s crafters are always looking for the right colors to incorporate into their handiwork.  Now, Krylon is adding two new colors to its popular Indoor/Outdoor line: Satin Leather Brown and Seaweed.

Below you can see two of the new 2011 color trend palates from Krylon. (click to enlarge)

 Some new product news from Krylon: now the quality and convenience of Krylon Fusion for Plastic spray paint is now available in a brush-on formula, the only such paint offered to consumers. With just a stroke of a brush, Krylon Fusion for Plastic and your imagination, you can give plastic surfaces a facelift.  In fact, Krylon Fusion for Plastic is a favorite of crafters and DIYers everywhere looking to rejuvenate plastic surfaces of all kinds.

Krylon Looking Glass transforms clear glass into mirrored glass simply by spraying on reverse side of clear glass.  One step, easy to use.  And with a simple technique, crafters can create the look of antique mercury glass. Look how easy it is to change a thrifted item into a vintage inspired decor piece!

Krylon tells us unique finishes and colors continue to drive the product line this year. The economic downturn and consumers’ hesitancy to make large investments in home improvements turned their attention to quick and relatively inexpensive methods to update their surroundings. Spray paint is an ideal solution, and when it can be used to turn a worn or ordinary object into something that appears to be high-end or designer inspired, the end result has an added bonus!

So go digging in your basement or garage, and discover what you can refresh with just a can of spray paint!  Visit Projects in a Can for inspiration, tips and ideas. We’d love to see what you create!

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Krylon spray paint

Reported by: Kimberly Brimhall

A while back my family made a big move from Indiana down to Texas. Due to our home being on the market in Indiana, we left most of our furniture with our house and moved into an apartment until it sold. One of my biggest struggles was finding a way to make all of my furniture for the apartment match. We had decided to use the furniture that was in my studio because it was smaller…the downside however…it was a huge mix of different types of furniture and storage.

I decided that by painting the furniture and decor, I could make it match without having to buy new stuff. When deciding on a paint, I ask the paint person at Wal-Mart what they recommended. They did not have a recommendation, only knowledge that the Krylon brand was supposed to be the best. I went with that knowledge and decided to try the Krylon Multipurpose Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in a gloss finish. I chose three colors that matched things I already had: Blue Ocean Breeze, Watermelon, and Ivy Leaf. I was impressed with the fast (10 minutes or less) and the EZ Touch 360°™ Dial Spray Tip features immediately. I was able to do 3 projects with this spray paint.

First, I chose a frame that I picked up from the goodwill on my way to Texas. I chose not to sand the frame first and painted it with two coats insuring that the paint would not run. I thought the paint provided great coverage without a ton of coats.

Next, I was able to paint an old dining chair that was worn and dated. I chose a bright watermelon pink color and sanded the chair first to remove the lacquer from the entire chair. Because the chair had many crevices and a top and bottom, the 360 degree feature was extremely useful in getting to the hard to reach areas. Again, I found that the paint provided great coverage, as well as, a smooth finish.

The last project was a organization board. Being in a tiny space to live, made it essential for some sort of organizing space. I wanted something that would not be an eye-sore if I had company. I chose the Blue Ocean Breeze for my board. I bought a magnet board from IKEA for 15 dollars and did not sand it before I painted it. I painted it with two coats like the projects before. I thought it provided great coverage. However, after a few days, the places where the magnets were attached started to peel and the paint began to faulter. My suggestion would be to use some sort of primer when using this paint for metal.

I had a great experience with this paint. I have often thought of spray paint as a great fix to many decorating problems and this added to my thinking. I love the vividness and quality of the colors I chose. The gloss finish ensured that I did not need an addition lacquer for a finished look. I already have many more projects lined up using spray paint and at the price, I will not have any guilt about how many I can actually finish.

So what are some of your Krylon paint stories and tips? Let us know!!

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