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CHA Winter 2013 | A Peek At Some New Craft Products

The CHA Winter 2013 show begins on Saturday, January 12, 2013.  At a media preview event, I took some photos of some of the fun new products that will be on display.

Some of the great examples of the bracelet patterns.

Some of the great examples of the bracelet patterns.

My first favorite is a fun new embroidery book, called “Emma Broidery’s Memory Thread How-To Guide by   the folks at DMC.    The designs in this book are easy to make and were specifically designed to be used with their popular memory thread line. One of the fun patterns in this book is a cute gingerbread house ornament.

DMC's fun Gingerbread House Ornament

DMC’s fun Gingerbread House Ornament

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YuDu by ProvoCraft

We likey! Check it out peeps!

$300(US) retail… More product details HERE

We have an additional scoop… tonight… look for this product at 10PM (pacific) on HSN.

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New Imaginisce

Reported by Suzy Haghighi

Imaginisce has created I-Top for you to build your own brads and buttons using photos, fabric, papers and more. There are papers, templates and punches in all kinds of fun shapes for you to create with. The center of the flowers above were created with them. It is easy to use and quite fun.

I-Top template.

There is also a new carrying case to store your I-Top and accessories. This is the prototype – the color will change to black. Inside are several clear plastic pouches that attach to the bag with velcro – you will want this bag even if you don’t buy the I-Top – it is great for embellishments.

Here is more new Imaginisce eye candy:

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Celeb Chat with Tim Holtz

We had a chance to have a very impromptu chat with Tim Holtz as he made an amazing make-n-take at the Ranger Inc. booth. Tim was, as you might expect, gracious, friendly and passionate about his work. Here’s what we asked him and his responses.

CC: How many days a week do you spend creating?
Tim: Every day.
CC: For how many hours? Like a full time job?
Tim: Yes. And I love it. People ask me all of the time “What do you do to relax?” and I answer “This” or they ask “What do you do with your free time?” and I answer “This“. This is what I love and I do it all day, every day because I love what I do.
CC: You are among people who understand that.
Tim: (laughs)

CC: What percentage of items would you say are projects you create that you don’t end up liking?
Tim: Not many. Probably less than 10%. Is that bad for me to admit? (laughing) Mostly because I am very stubborn. Of course, I have waffles here and there, but if something isn’t working, I don’t give up, I keep working on it until it does.

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More Paris Anyone?

More photos from the camera of Craft Critique!

And we thought people would be interested in the interview we saw. It was conducted by News Video Web. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to hear Paris’ soft voice, so we thought we’d transcribe it for our readers.

Reporter: Tell us a about the creativity collection you did.

Paris: I love arts and crafts. I love scrapbooking. Since I’m a little girl, I’ve been very into art and doing all this. I dunno, I go to all the art stores, and this is very fun to be here at this convention and launching my own line. And everyone loves it. I love it. I’ve been doing it actually on the plane. It’s a lot of fun. So I think it’s something cool that teenagers wanna do as well and bringing something to the market that’s fashionable, it’s HOT, it’s cool, and everyone loves it.

Reporter: You have all the little details, and you can set it up yourself. That’s the idea of scrapbooks, right?!

Paris: It’s a lot of fun. It’s something where you can be creative, use pictures, and make special things that you can keep for life… and doing fun jewelry. It’s a lot of fun.

Reporter: Is that (bracelet) a piece of the collection?

Paris: Yes. You can make this.

Reporter: How long did it take?

Paris: Um… takes like 15 minutes… whatever.

Reporter: Is this your own old scrapbook you brought?

Paris: It’s just inspiration of things I did when we were designing the line. And I wanted to have things that are inspired by me, so we were putting the line together, working on it with Wooky (Entertainment) and myself.

Reporter: People told me (you couldn’t) be here… because (you’re) supposed to be in London on Monday. How do you do that?

Paris: I actually fly to London tonight. I’m a very busy business-woman, so I definitely have to travel.

Reporter: Always have the jet-lag?

Paris: I think I travel so much that I’m really not on a time-frame.

2nd Reporter: What’s your favorite part of scrapbooking?

Paris: I love scrapbooking. It’s a lot of fun to do art, glue pictures. Especially with my line. We targeted to teen-agers, and it’s fashionable, and it’s cute. And it’s just a lot of fun. I love doing art, since I was a 2 year old.

Suzy Haghighi of Craft Critique: Did you design the line yourself?

Paris: Yes, I did… with help.

And there you have it. I think we’ve established a few things here…

1. It’s cute.

2. It’s a lot of fun.

3. It’s cute.

4. It’s a lot of fun.

5. It’s cute.

6. It’s a lot of fun.

7. She’s a very busy business-woman.

That’s hot.

Edited to add a few other things we’ve learned from the interview (thanks, Noel Joy!):

8. Everyone loves it.

9. She loves it.

10. Everyone loves it.

*ahem* That’s hot.

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Prima Glitter Transparencies, Cut-Out papers and MORE.

Prima always makes amazing flowers….that’s a given. But they have so many amazing and wonderful products at this CHA. Some of our very favorites were…

Glitter Transparencies

Whimsical lines of papers

Felt Cut-outs

Papers with Cut-outs

Small background stamps

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CHA Day Two

By Suzy Haghighi
Day two began with a bang at CHA: the entire Convntion Center was evacuated due to a fire alarm. Everyone was allowed back in within minutes.

One interesting new product for vendors is the Flash Stamp Machine seen at the JustRite stampers. Developed by Craig Petersen of Millenium Marketing Company, the parent company of JustRite, the FSM and FSM Mini allows you to create your very own stamps in minutes. This technology has been available to commercial machines that cost $3500 , but Petersen hopes to see his model in small craft stores for about $400 retail.

To create the stamp, you print your image on vellum using an ink jet printer. Next you cover it with clear film, place the special “flash rubber” over the design, and put it in the box for about 50 seconds. The stamp is then created and put on an acrylic block and stamped. The only drawback at this time is that the stamp can only accept one color – but will do multiple impressions. It soaks up the ink almost like a sponge and keeps going. Petersen envisions a library of online images available for this machine with a download and small fee similar to iTunes. A demonstration of how the product is created, and his hopes for the future of this product can be seen here. Warning: the video is unedited and quite long (about 10 minutes).

Stamping Superstar Sharon Harnist teaching a fun make and take at the JustRite booth with new stamps and the new JustRite dye ink that is sized to fit their round wood stamps.

Look for new, larger sized Robin’s Nest Dew Drops soon. These Dew Drops are dyed throughout the drop rather than only superficially dyed as the smaller ones are. Here are the new Cherry Chocolate Drops. Other new colors include metallic colors, Solid Black, Solid White, and Dark Vanilla, which is a cream/tan/brown mix.

Diana Crick demonstrating the new Scor-Bug by Scor-Pal, which leaves pretty indented dots on your paper.

New Copic Brand Spica Atyou Glitter Pen colors – there will now be 23 plus Clear.

New dies at Ellison/Sizzix. Love the pretty cupcake cups and 3D pop up die cuts, which include the cutest house and three tier cake.
Stay tuned for more from CHA!
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