PURSuE Your Art Purse Week!

Reported By Sarah Moore

This week we are going to be featuring reviews of a unique product; the PURSuE Your Art Changeable Art Purse.

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you I not only love this product… but the makers as well. Erin and Mary are such creative and talented entrepreneurs. I met these fun gals at a stamping convention in 2005… their product was such a hit! Everyone was walking around the floor with them… and the PURSuE Your Art booth was hopping! Of course I bought a purse! Soon after the convention, Erin and I began a phone/email friendship… chatting about marketing and the papercrafts industry.

Mary and Erin… and their purses, walking the floors at Summer CHA 2007

Prior to discovering PYA I was using a (very expensive) competitors decorative/customizable purse and found it to be hard, heavy, bulky and impractical for real use… It was a lunchboxish sort of purse with a small handle. I felt like a schoolgirl when I held it… but it was getting me lots of new customers as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. People would ask about my purse and I could easily strike up a conversation about stamping… etc. Eventually I had stopped carrying the “other” purse after it broke for a second time. I had only used it for about 4 months. It had broken twice and was so scratched up and abused.

Finding the PYA purse was a real help to me in my business ventures, but it is also pracical for everyday use. Depending how I decorate it I can feel comfortable carrying it to the supermarket or even a more formal setting. It is a lightweight purse made of clear vinyl… it is soft and flexible. It has a nice long handle and it’s super easy to decorate. Because it is flexible you can use 3 dimensional embellishments like chipboard, buttons and brads in your designs. I have even seen samples where vintage jewelry was used in the purse designs with amazing results.

PURSuE Your Art is featured in the August September Issue of Digital Scrapbooking Magazine!

The PURSuE Your Art Purse is available in two designs and two base colors. Pictured above is the 8 pocket (5 on one side, 3 on the other) design for ATC cards. The other design (shown at left) is a card front version; each side featuring a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2″ pocket, one horizontal and one vertical. Designs are available in black or cream. Both designs are priced at $29.95 (US).

I have enjoyed decorating the PYA Purse with paper and stamps… but the purse has amazing possibilities. To decorate the purse you remove the ball chain handle, take out the inner vinyl pouch (this protects the inside of the purse and also holds the inserts in place) and remove the chipboard inserts; affix your medium to the chipboard and then place the chipboard and vinyl insert back into the purse and reattach the handles.

You can use almost any medium to embellish your purse. You can affix paper or fabric to the chipboard, or even paint on it directly. Any adhesive suitible for paper (or fabric) will work. Not a papercrafter? Try using vintage wallpaper, or wrapping paper to decorate your PYA purse! Or feature your children’s pictures in the pockets… anything goes and the possibilities are limitless!

It’s so simple and fast. the actual assembly and design process can be done in less than an hour. So if you are an independent demonstrator with a Scrapbooking or Stamping company you can easily have a class creating complete decorated purses. They even offer a 10 Pack purse special to make this easy and profitable for you! Not a demonstrator? No worries… anyone can get the 10 pack kit… what a fun thing to do for your next crop!

My first PURSuE Your Art Purse… the ATC version. On top is the front, and below is the reverse. Created with the set “stamping Fun for Everyone” by Stampin’ Up! It is difficult to see in the picture, but I hung ribbons off the handles… and a Stampin’ Up! Cell Phone charm!

The price point of $29.95 (US) makes this an affordable product. The chipboard inserts can last through several decorations, but they are made of paper chipboard, so if you use the purse everyday, are especially rough on your purse (or your two year old steps on your purse… like mine did) you may need to replace your inserts every few months. But they are reasonably priced at $6.95 (US). So this isn’t a hardship. I like to have several purse inserts on hand for quick changes anyways… so mine don’t get too worn. Because the purse itself is a flexible vinyl, the purse I bought almost 2 years ago does not show much wear. I have had to wash it a couple times… I just take it in the shower with me and then hang it to dry!

All week we will be featuring unique projects and product tips and feedback about the Pursue Your Art Purse from our reporting staff so stay tuned! I will be back later in the week with more myself… a “Punk Rock” version of the PURSuE Your Art Purse! If you are anxious for more samples right now… visit the PURSuE Your Art Gallery!

If you have this product and have anything to share please do! We will also do our best to answer any questions you have about this product… just leave your comments and questions here! And please be sure to leave a link if you have a decorated PYA Purse on your blog or Online Gallery! We want to see it!

Independent Scrapbooking or Stamping demonstrators: Pursue Your Art offers a wonderful Class Kit… details of which can be found HERE. It’s a 10 Pack kit that allows you to make a small profit off the sale of the purse to your customers so you can incorporate the purse into a special class!

All Craft Critique Customers: Here is a special deal for YOU! Get a free set of replacement panels and pocket cards with ever purse order. Just use coupon code “101” during check out. Offer expires September 9th.

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