My PURSuE Your Art Journey

Reported by: Melissa Norris

I am probably one of the pickiest people you will ever meet. I’ll find one shirt I like, and buy it in 4 colors because I can’t find anything else. I don’t like my food to touch. I will not eat a burger if mustard has touched it in any way. I am just plain picky. I will find a purse I like and carry it for 2 years because that’s how long it has taken me to find a new one that I like. So when I got the PURSuE Your Art purse, I just knew I was going to dislike it personally… But I also knew it was my job to honestly and openly try out and review the product. So that is how my journey began…

I first determined that I needed some inspiration. So I checked out the PYA website. I clicked on the gallery and was so inspired by all the beautiful purses out there, especially the promotional purses for the creator’s at home business (i.e. Stampin’ Up, Silpada, Creative Memories, etc.). I immediately knew this was a perfect idea, however not for me… I am not usually one to promote myself… I’m naturally a very shy person and get nervous when people approach and talk to me… but it was perfect for my best friend Tania. I knew I had to make this purse for her. She is a Pampered Chef consultant and Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop crew member and loves to promote and grow her business. Well since I had one of her Pampered Chef catalogs handy, that was the direction that I was going to take this purse.

I decided to use the new fall catalog with its great colors and found some similar cardstock to use as the base. The chipboard inserts that come with the purse are very easy to remove and they take the cardstock very well. For the front of the purse I used the main image from the front of the catalog and adhered it to the cardstock. I decided to leave it simple so that the name of the company was the main focus. I then added a standard card sized piece of black cardstock with an image of their stoneware, topped with the company logo framed with another piece of black cardstock.

On the back of this main card on the front side, I decided to add another marketing helper for Tania. I trimmed out the host rewards information from the catalog and added it to the back, so that when she opens the flap, she can easily show a potential customer what they can earn by hosting a show.

For the back of the purse, I tried to feature as much product as possible. I left the middle portion of the main piece blank so that the card in the pocket didn’t cover anything up. I made two filmstrip type stacks of images from the catalog to frame the main card section. The card pocket again fits a standard sized card. I also added some brads to this side for an added touch. And my Crop-A-Dile went through the chipboard base with ease. I also replaced the standard strap with a longer strip of twill tape because she likes a longer strapped purse.

Overall it was very fun designing this purse. I will say that I think if I was going to design another purse of this promotional type, I would order the ATC purse because you can really feature a lot more product without having to compromise. And I can also see designing these purses as a great thing to stretch your creative abilities. The shape is interesting and you are constantly having to think about how everything will look once you close the flap. I can see the purses getting better and better looking the more you change them up.

I definitely recommend checking out the 2 galleries on the PYA website as well as their blog, so many great samples and ideas. .. And be sure to submit your designs to them so that we can see what you have done!

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    Colleen Schaan August 29, 2007 at 11:05 am #

    WOW…your purse turned out awesome…I am sure your friend will love it! I like how you switched out the strap…great idea.