Ribbon Storage

Review by: Sharon Harnist

One of my favorite paper crafting accessories is ribbon. This year I finally decided to purchase these stacking ribbon holders Stampin’ Up! started carrying last year because I was running out of ribbon storage space (can you sympathize with me here?)!! I wanted to segregate my current ribbon from the retired (and add new!) and keep it within easy reach, right on my desk top since I’m always getting it out for just about every project.

These plastic containers seemed innocent enough when I started assembling them. They went together quickly and easily — they are shipped flat and just bend and snap together. But before you can snap the final piece in place (the front part that has the logo on it), you have to be an acrobat to get all the spooled ribbon to stay inside the semi-enclosed box while you insert the included figure-8 piece that locks two or more of these containers together, then snap the final piece in place, and then try to do all that again with the next unit you want to stack and attach to the first! And somewhere in the assembly process, I ended up with a thin paper-type cut on my thumb from the edges of the plastic — owie!

One nice thing about these containers is that the ribbon rolls fit in snugly (top to bottom, when the proper size of container is selected for your ribbon roll) but unfortunately when full, you must open the front of the container in order to change an empty roll or take one with you.

That being said, I like how well these containers stack and they seem plenty sturdy. I wouldn’t suggest stacking more than three of them though. I tried stacking all four of these together but it was a little too wobbly for my peace of mind. I also like that the ribbon is well-contained but easy to unroll — some of my other non-SU containers have such tight fitting lids that the ribbon won’t unroll easily. Other bonuses included in your purchase are the black rubber bumpy “feet” you can stick on the bottoms of these boxes to prevent slipping and furniture scratching and a plastic insert to fill any horizontal empty space so your spools won’t fall over.

I have two large units stacked on the left and two mediums on the right. The Stampin’ Up catalog suggested the medium box for its new double-stitched ribbon but I found it fit a bit too snug (top to bottom) to be able to still turn/unspool easily, so I put it in the large container. Maybe that’s also the reason the SU catalog photo shows the double-stitched ribbon in the large container, too !

So if you have (or want) all the Stampin’ Up ribbon and want it to fit nicely into containers, these are what I would suggest. I don’t see a need for the small units, as the catalog says they will only hold the new taffeta ribbon.

TIP: Designate one pair of paper snips as your ribbon-only scissors (by tying a piece of ribbon around the handle) and do not use them for anything else. They’ll stay sharp and cut your ribbon beautifully!

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3 Responses to Ribbon Storage

  1. Avatar
    Amy September 1, 2007 at 10:06 am #

    i love those ribbon storage things from SU but i don’t have anywhere to put them.

  2. Avatar
    lorrietori September 2, 2007 at 11:31 am #

    I have all three sizes of the SU! ribbon holders. I punched holes in the front flaps to thread the ribbon through. The smaller ones I use for the metallic thread. I like the containers ok. It is kind of a pain putting or taking spools of ribbon in and out. Overall, they are ok.

  3. Avatar
    Lynn K. September 3, 2007 at 2:48 am #

    Sharon, great, honest review. I’d be interested to know how you store all your other ribbon – i’m sure you have a lot more than these.

    I was a little disppointed with these for the reasons you state and the cost was a bit high for the value. i’m still trying all kinds of ways to store my precious collections – I would rate the SU ones a C.