Am I Sticking With Lizzie Anne?

Reported By: Colleen Schaan

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As I wrap up this exciting week of Lizzie Anne reviews, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sarah for getting me hooked on yet ANOTHER stamp company! It seems like every day there are new companies popping up all over the country. The competition is fierce and only the best of the best are going to make it for the long haul. Lizzie Anne? Yea, I think this one is going to be sticking around.

Do you know the story behind Lizzie Anne? I do…“Two Graphic Designers. Two long-time stampers and scrapbookers. Two long-time friends.” (quoted from the Lizzie Anne Designs site) It was interesting to see how this friendship turned into a business relationship…one that seems destined for greatness. After all, there are a lot of years of designing, crafting, and stamping experience between the two of them. Let’s go take a peek at what they are doing…

Lizzie Anne Designs’ goal is to create “extremely cool stamps for cardmakers and scrapbookers alike…designs to inspire creativity.” While I can’t say much about the use of their stamps for scrapbooking, I will say that I was inspired to create some interesting cards and decorative items with their stamps. I am a “layer it on” and then “add some more” kind of gal, but these adorable images just screamed out for sweet and simple. I was amazed at how easily this first card came together. The sentiment is called Good Cheer and is one of the Simply Single stamps I got. It worked perfectly with the solid, retro tree from the Glad Tidings Little Bits set.

Whether the images were solid or line drawings, the deeply etched and closely trimmed rubber stamped clear and crisp. The images range from retro and funky to cute and whimsical to vintage and elegant…something to appeal to everyone. Me…I like cute and whimsical. This lovable line-up just melted my heart. I created a tiny window for them to peek through and look…it is snowing HUGE flakes outside…just the thing to create another sweet snowman. (The stamps are Snowflake and Snowmen – both from the Simply Singles collection.)

I will admit, when I first visited the LAD site, I was a bit confused by all the bits. (No pun intended!) But here’s a bit to clarify it all… (grin)

Little Bits Collection – These are full sets that come in their own CD storage case. Each set contains multiple images that coordinate around a theme.

Alphabits Collection – These are alphabet sets (mainly geared towards scrapbooking) that come in sturdy zip-lock storage bags.

Simply Bits – These are sets of two stamps…usually an image and a sentiment.

Simply Singles – (Hey, where’s the bits?) These are single stamps. Have you ever found a stamp set with just one or two images you wanted…but you ended up buying the whole set anyway. With Simply Singles you can purchase some of the most popular images individually! Excellent idea!

Other things you should know???
The cost of the stamps is pretty competitive and the cost of shipping is reasonable. With quick shipping times (typically one week within the States and two weeks to Canada) and great customer service, you can be saying, “Howdy” to your new stamps in no time at all! (This card uses the Cowboy and Howdy Simply Single stamps.)

My experience with Lizzie Anne Design???
I was amazed at the speed of delivery and packaging of the product. I immediately fell in love with the images and was inspired to start getting them inky. The problem? – I couldn’t get the darn CD case to open! I pried and pulled and flipped and flailed…all with no apparent success. I FINALLY got the bugger to open and quickly forgot my frustration when I saw this uber cool plastic insert all of the stamps were attached to. I figured my not being able to open the case was “user error” and quickly got to work. Unfortunately, every time I tried to open that darn case, it got the better of me. It wasn’t until I did some poking around on the LAD site that I found out that the “cool” plastic sheet was actually NOT meant to be kept in the CD case as it was only there for “retail packaging” and actually made the case a bit too thick. And THIS…I believe…is why I couldn’t get the case open. (Just a note to all you readers who are snickering out there…I BET I am not the only one to do this…and by the way…the case opens like buttah now that I got rid of the plastic insert!)

My honest opinion and would I buy them again?
While I LOVE the images and the quality of the rubber, I am NOT a fan of static cling foam backing on stamps (aka – vinyl film). I have always had issues with cling stamps not clinging so well. I know the key is to keep the acrylic blocks and the cling uber clean, but even then, I have had stamps fall from the block onto my paper making rogue ink splots that needed some creative layering to hide. This is not a complaint against LAD, but a product dislike of cling foam. But since LAD uses cling foam, I have to ask myself…will I buy more stamps from this company knowing the potential problems that might arise? And I have decided the answer is YES…my solution? I have peeled both the cling and the foam off of the back of the stamps leaving just bare naked rubber. A quick brush with some temporary adhesive glue and I am at peace. (And just so you know…getting rid of the foam and using just the rubber on the acrylic block does NOT affect the quality of the image at all. I made this Peace Frame using three of the stamps from the Glad Tidings Little Bits set…all without the foam – crisp and clear!)

In conclusion, I think Lizzie Anne Designs will be sticking with the best of them…cling foam or no!

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One Response to Am I Sticking With Lizzie Anne?

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    Amanda McIlhatton December 16, 2007 at 7:18 am #

    I totally agree about the static cling and find it irritating that they drop off the acrylic block. I think LAD should use EZ mount or sell unmounted rubber as no-one wants to have to remove the static cling before using. Shame that great designs are let down by using poor performance cling.