CuttleKids by Provocraft

Reported By Lauren Meader

Is the new CuttleKids REALLY kid friendly and is it REALLY just for kids?

I wanted to find the answers to these questions, so I got my daughter Alexa the Cuttlekids machine and several dies for her 8th birthday. The dies I purchased were- the Fairy and Tadpole alphabet, Flowers, and Flying Bugs 4 set of dies. As you can see by the photo, it comes with everything you need to get started-including 2 die cuts.

I did NOT see a recommended age for this machine, but figured 8 would be appropriate. And in all honesty-I HAD TO HAVE IT, for me too! LOL! All three of my children have used this machine- Alexa 8, Noah 4 1/2 and Amber just turned 3. So here is my opinion based on watching my children use it-as well as several un-crafty adults.

First the Pro’s

  • This machine is really cute. It’s lightweight and the base is really sturdy. My 3 year old can pick it up NO PROBLEM! Easy to store.
  • It has little suction cups on the bottom to help it STICK to the surface! TRUST ME you will need them! And they really do stick well. Don’t let them try it on the carpet like I did! I will rock side to side as they try to feed the dies through.
  • It measures 6 inches across, and 4 1/2 inches high.
  • It doesn’t have the fold out panels like the Cuttlebug does-which for kids is great! Nothing to break OFF! Has the feed opening and that’s it! Pretty straight forward.
  • It’s affordable-in my opinion, for a die cut machine-even if it’s listed for kids. It lists for $32 retail. The Cuttlebug machine lists for $69.99. Both a great value. It cuts very well. An adult could use this for her own machine. I know I am trying to not sneak it down to my craft room, cause they will NEVER see it again! LOL! Plus you can most likely get it with a coupon! The dies are also affordable. Compared to the cost of regular machine dies-primarily the alphabet sets, the dies are reasonably priced-see comparison below (Cuttlekids price is to the LEFT / Cuttlebug price is to the RIGHT)
  • 4 pack dies $10.50/ 2×2 4 pack in Cuttlebug $15.99
  • Alphabets/numbers from $18 to $50 (large set ONE letter per square)/ Cuttlebug alaphabets $79.99
  • 2 Step Dies-really cute assortments for only $5.50 / they are $6.50 for Cuttlebug 2 step
  • The dies are the same size, as far as the finished image, as the regular dies you would purchase. So they are a great deal.
  • I assumed the dies for the kids machine would be chincy and the finished die cut would be tiny. NOPE-great size! No tiny shapes here.
  • Another PRO-you can use the Cuttlekids dies in the Cuttlebug! WAHOOOO!!!! (Note: you may need this little Sizzix Sidekick adapter biscut to give the right thickness for a crisp clean die cut in the Cuttlebug depending on what you use for cardstock/patterned paper.)
  • Another PRO- after a few times demonstrating the SANDWICH needed to use the machine, even my 3 year old was able to do it-independently!

Then the con’s

This is the description for Cuttlekids- copy/pasted from their website
*Meet the Cuttlekids™ Shape Maker, a fun way for parents to help get kids excited about crafting! This colorful mini die cutter easily cuts adorable Cuttlekids dies in seconds, providing fun paper and craft foam shapes and letters to make toys, gifts, and decorations. School lockers, bedroom doors, and birthday invitations – just to name a few – will never be the same! Check out this exciting new line, you’ll see there’s so much you can do with Cuttlekids*

  • The MAJOR thing I found to be difficult was the fact that my children had a hard time getting the handle to turn, as the die cut/cardstock passed through the center. They often got frustrated and needed me to jump in and help.
  • Unlike the advertisment states, this colorful mini die cutter doesn’t cut easily. Well, it does cut NICELY, but not EASILY. Even I had a hard time cranking it through the machine at times. I had some other adults at Alexa’s party try it, and while it was a hit, that was the big complaint. And we are talking a SINGLE layer of cardstock. We found patterned paper and old scrap wrapping paper to work much easier, so that would be my fix for the con of cranking through cardstock!
  • You cannot use your Cuttlebug dies/embossing folders in the CuttleKids machine! The Cuttlekids opening is sized ONLY for the Cuttlekids dies.
  • Cuttlekids dies are made with a thin but sturdy cardboard top. The foam layer also appears thinner than the Cuttlebug dies. The Cuttlebug ones are made with a metal top and thicker layer of foam and simply would not fit.
  • There are NO embossing folders for the kids to use! That is a bummer. Especially with all the Disney stuff coming out soon. I know I don’t want my kids thouching MY Cuttlebug.

SOOOO-Overall I would totally recommend this product. I actually LOVE the dies and think the alphabets are a phenomenal value, as they are quite similar to the larger/more expensive ones offered for the Cuttlebug. And since I can use the Cuttlekids in my Cuttlebug that ROCKS!!!

I also think if you are just getting into papercrafting and are working on building your supplies-this would be a great starting place. My children had a great sense of accomplishment after cranking though some images. A great activity.

I found it to be a great tool to help kids make their own paper crafted creations! It’s also safe, and there is nothing potentially harmful. I even crammed my own fingers in there and CRANKED the handle! No problems-no squeezing or squishing motions.

So now I would love to hear YOUR opinion or any questions you may have that I hope to be able to answer!

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10 Responses to CuttleKids by Provocraft

  1. Avatar
    Camilla November 5, 2007 at 10:46 am #

    I’ve heard that they only can do 500 cuts.. Isn’t that a negative thing? Or is that plenty?

  2. Avatar
    Sarah Moore November 5, 2007 at 4:27 pm #

    Camilla… very interesting! I had no idea about that! Seems like a negative to me! I will have to look for that info on the PC website.


  3. Avatar
    Lauren (mytime) November 5, 2007 at 7:17 pm #

    YIKES! That is NOT cool. I didn’t hear that but will be interested to find out.
    If you REALLY think about using ONE die 500 times (which I assume you mean the die) that is ALOT, but still.

  4. Avatar
    Camilla November 6, 2007 at 1:32 am #

    I can’t find anything on their pages, but here in Norway the shops informe about it, in the description of the machine. They say that the dies is made out of plastic, and can do about 500cuts.!

  5. Avatar
    rachael { & john} March 9, 2008 at 5:59 pm #

    I really appreciate your review. I looked everywhere (except the stores) to see if I could use the cuttlebug dies with the cuttlekids machine, so thanks for your post! Only 1 question, you said the opening was only big enough for the cuttlekids dies. I saw that the cuttlebug has 2″ x 2″ dies too, and on the website they say it fits 2.25″ x 2.25″, so were you talking about the thickness of the die or the width?

  6. Avatar
    rachael { & john} March 9, 2008 at 6:01 pm #

    500 cuts kinds stinks, I guess if that’s the case it makes sense that it has plastic blades if they gear it towards kids..

  7. Avatar
    LeslieinTN April 9, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    Hey! I was just googling “cuttlekids opinions” and came across your post. Thanks for all the info. I bought one yesterday at Michael’s for 50% off for my daughter’s 8th b-day in May. Your info really answered some questions I didn’t ask before I bought it. LOL

  8. Avatar
    ms match November 13, 2008 at 9:33 pm #

    bought one this a.m. and returned it this pm pronto…what a piece of junk! It constantly jams and I can see the small plastic handle breaking off and then nothing left to do but toss it out! Box says for 7 yrs and up,,,,no way could my 7 yr old turn the handle and feed the 2 acrylic pads thru at the same time by herself. My husband tried cranking while I tried feeding the pads thru…bummer!!

  9. Avatar
    ms match November 13, 2008 at 9:35 pm #

    with that being said are there any die cut machines for children that really work well and are worth walking out of the store with??

  10. Avatar
    abncparties December 19, 2008 at 11:48 am #

    I purchased the Cuttlekids for my buiness. It is a compact unit and I got a GREAT price on it at WalMart. It is easy to use and I can’t wait to get more dies. Thanks for all your info.