Cuttlebug & Me

Reported by Melissa Norris

Where do I begin when speaking of my love for my Cuttlebug. Hmmm….He joined my family shortly after my birthday last year (It’s almost our 1 year anniversary). My husband laughed, of course, at my little green friend, and couldn’t understand for the life of him why I needed it so badly. I tried to inform him that it could do anything! My husband promptly asked if it could connect to the internet (his qualifier for when I say something can do anything) and I told him no. In my husbands eyes, the battle was won, I didn’t need the Cuttlebug.
Well, too bad for him, because I did. And as soon as he saw CB at work, he too was sold. He won’t admit it, but he thinks it’s pretty cool, too. I mean it can cut, emboss, and it’s cute to boot!
I shall tell you of my experiences wtih CB, what I like and what I don’t. And provide you with resources to help you on your CB journey.
Pro Cuttlebug (yay!):
  • It’s cute and green. Who wants an ugly machine displayed in their craft area?
  • Lightweight and compact. I recently took it back to Texas with me to use during the holidays. I loved that it was easy to transport in my room upstairs to the table downstairs. I also took it to craft days at friends’ houses and it made the trip with ease. Much lighter than all the other stuff I was lugging around.
  • Versatile. I haven’t owned any other die cutting machines but I have used them. I like that Cuttlebug accepts everyone’s dies, so I can get the designs I want and not have to own another machine.
  • Hard worker. Almost a year later and I still haven’t had to go back and trim anything that I have cut with CB. The amount of pressure it puts on doesn’t depend on how strong you are, so cuts come out clean and crisp every time.
  • Safe. I have a 2-year-old and I don’t have to worry about her pinching her fingers or anything like that. With the exception of dropping it on your toes, there’s nothing that can hurt a small child on this machine. And she stays entertained turning the handle over and over again, even when there’s nothing in it.
  • Price. The Cuttlebug retails for approximately $69.99. However pair it with a coupon from Michaels, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobby and this machine is very affordable. Just make sure it isn’t on sale already when using your coupon or you won’t get the cheapest price.

Cuttlebug Cons (boo!):

  • The handle. Once you put the handle on during initial assembly it’s very difficult to remove (I haven’t even done it). So it makes it difficult to store CB in a box or tote with other square objects. It can definitely be done, but you have a tricky handle to manuever.
  • The suction. The CB has a suction bottom when both trays are folded out. I often find this doesn’t work 100%. This could be because of many factors, like my table being uneven, dirty, etc. But I often find it slipping after a few turns. But CB isn’t so light that it will just slip away, just place a hand on top and everything should work smoothly.
  • The plates. When the Cuttlebug first came out there were tons of complaints about the plates cracking or getting warped. One of the first things to note with CB is that you have to rotate the plates to ensure even use. Now I don’t use my CB a ton, but I still haven’t changed the plates and haven’t had any issues due to constant rotation. And cuts in the plates are to be expected, don’t panic.
Storage for the Cuttlebug is easy. Including the handle, it is 13″ long, 6 1/2″ tall and 5 1/2″ wide. Not a lot of counterspace or shelf space needed. And with the trays down it’s just over 11″, so be sure and have space for that on your table. ProvoCraft has introduced a storage binder for Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders, to make that storage easy. Or you can do what works for you, mine are stored in a small plastic drawer unit.
As mentioned above, you can use any brands dies with your Cuttlebug. Just be sure and check out all the “sandwich” info, to be sure you are placing the right plates to get a clean cut. Just do a Google search for Cuttlebug Sandwich for lots of links to find the right one for you.
I have also included a list of Cuttlebug resources. If you have a question about the Cuttlebug, you are bound to find an answer at one of these sites. And if you have a question about the Cuttlebug that you can’t find an answer to, leave us a comment and someone here at Craft Critique will be able to answer it for you.
Cuttlebug resources:
Also a posting on the ProvoCraft blog (be sure to read the comments)
And another blog posting with tons of links
Cuttlebug video at CreativeXpress (and look at their other videos for more Cuttlebug)
Overall, I am still totally in love with my Cuttlebug. I wouldn’t change anything about our relationship for the world. Any good relationship is bound to have pros and cons, but it is learning how to work past them that makes the relationship survive. And ours is going to last for many years to come!
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3 Responses to Cuttlebug & Me

  1. Avatar
    Deborah January 14, 2008 at 1:33 pm #

    I LOVE my CB to! My DD’s gave me the bug last Mother’s Day! My hubby always asks why is it called a Cuttlebug? He he! I have given him many differernt repsonses, he just isn’t quite sure about that! Yes, the appreciation for the CB’s performance is all that really matters, and the folders are so affordable! Deb

  2. Avatar
    Anonymous January 15, 2008 at 10:29 pm #

    I used my seal a meal and made sleeves for my different embossing folders and dies. I use a loose leaf notebook to store them in. Was fun making the sleeves.


  3. Avatar
    Sarebear January 16, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    Stampendous’s clear stamp set purple accordion-folding w/clear w/velcro topped pockets inside is the PERFECT size for storing the embossing folders. I used to use a coupon on it, but haven’t seen it around lately. You can fit 5-7 embossing folders in each of the, 6? pockets (It’s been awhile since I had it out, lol!), but for ease of getting them out, 5 or 6, tops. and the whole thing velcro straps shut, even when full and thick, with nothing sliding out because each pocket has a velcro’d top. I put my “word” ones in one pocket (thank you, happy birthday, etc.) and sort others into pockets by various themes. It was $12 a while ago, although that store inflates prices a touch due to publishing so many 40% off coupons. I have pictures of it in action a waaaays back on my blog, let’s see if I can dig up that page and link it here . . . . Yup, here you go.

    It was almost a year ago. There’s some good pics showing it in various positions, although I had alot fewer embossing folders then, perhaps I’ll update it soon with updated thicker pics, both open and closed!)