Cutting Up With Coluzzle

Reported by Lexi Daly

According to the Provo Craft website, “Coluzzle is the original template cutting system. The patented templates, cutting mat, swivel knife, and scoring tool let any crafter cut precise shapes and designs quickly and accurately. Boxes, tags, alphabets, geometric shapes, frames, borders and themed kits are just a few of the design options…” A perfect description for a great tool.

Although I only have the circle and oval templates, they have a special place near my desk. I’ve recently added a variety of circle and oval punches and dies to my tool and toy collection, but there are still some jobs that are best created with the Coluzzle. Like the company description states, it’s quick and accurate and that’s why I keep it within reach! Like any product, there are things to like and not to like, and those vary by user. So here’s this user’s take.

What I like:

  • The templates are easy to store and provide a variety of sizes.
  • The swivel knife and cutting mat make the cutting go smoothly.
  • With the two sizes of circle and oval templates, you have lots of layering or coordinated cutting options–useful on the life preserver card below.
  • It’s easy to cut only half of a shape, like for the edge of the bandit card.

Noted Issues:

  • After cutting through the template, you still have to snip sections to complete the shape.
  • If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get off track and trace the wrong size mid-project. I’ve read that you could mark each size with a different colored sharpie to make this work better, but I haven’t had the problem enough to do that.
  • If you don’t hold it firmly, it can slip, causing an inaccurate cut–practice makes perfect!

Despite the minor drawbacks, all of which can be overcome, the Coluzzle really can’t be beat! I’ve had mine for a long time and consider it tried and true. Here are a few projects, new and old, that were made easier or better because of it…

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