The Punch Bunch by Lauren Meader

Reported by Lauren Meader

Today I am sharing with you my view on some paper punches I have purchased by The Punch Bunch. I was inspired to purchase these various punches, upon reading a book called The Paper Bouquet by Susan Tierney Cockburn (a review soon to follow). Her book featured these punches by Punch Bunch and in order to re-create the paper flowers she featured, it was a good idea to buy them. I was so fascinated that I started a modest collection of the most popular ones I felt I could get the most use from.

I began my purchase with: Giant Daisy, Small Birch Leaf, Mini Flower, Large Ginkgo Leaf, Snowflake 3, and the Small Pear.

These punches are a push button style. They do sell a product called the Power Punch to aide you in making it easier to punch their designs from card stock/paper. I did not have this tool to use with my creations, and found it no more easy or difficult than using a Marvy punch, with the same push button feature. I honestly prefer to use a lever style, but that was not an option for this particular company. Although, I do think I will purchase some sort of punch aide for my use in the future. If you are going to create several flowers you may need some help, after a few flowers, punching numerous petals for some, my hands HURT!
The prices of these punches range anywhere from $2.99 for a mini solid punch, to $18.99 for the mega giant punch. Some of their punches have multiple images, known as theme punches and can retail for about $14.99.

CLICK HERE to see a size comparison for their complete punch line.

The company’s website had this to say:

The PUNCH BUNCH currently offers more than 50 exclusive punch designs, including the popular Fern and Ash leaves, the Splats and Bursts, several styles of vases and baskets, and numerous designs that are specifically created to support Floral Punch Craft. The company also introduced their innovative Punch Bunch Theme Punches in 2001, which combine multiple designs on a single punch. The Theme Punches economically enable buyers to utilize just one punch while supporting more than one image.

I have to say I was surprised at how many different flowers you can create from the same punch. I felt I got more for my money this way. I love having multiple uses for one item. I also enjoy combining them with punches I already own.

Here are two samples with the Large Daisy punch used to create 2 different looking flowers.

This sample also used the Birch Leaf, and small flower punch. I chose to use my Stampin’ Up! Boho Blossoms punch as well.

Just by cutting down the center of each petal, I was able to achieve a different look, using the very same punch.

Another great find was that they also sell STAMPS that can be used in coordination with their punches. This just fascinated me. It was great to combine my love for stamping and paper crafting into one great idea.

You can view some of their stamp sets that are to be used with the punches by Punch Bunch HERE. If you click on the stamp set, it allows you to view what punches you would need to purchase to create the specific flower’s to be used with that image! A great source for the stamps for your punches is Make an Impression. Their line of stamps are called Punch-Ins! I utilized the Basket item # SR985-T

Here is a framed piece I created for my mother. I used one of her favorite photos of my family. In the bottom I used the stamp basket image, which I stamped, then embossed with gold embossing powder. I colored it in with my Copic markers

I used the large Ginkgo Leaf image to create a basket filled with pansies. Isn’t that so pretty? Look at the dimension. You can create these really quickly.

Having had a stamped image to add to really made this frame so much more elegant looking.
I could put any type of flowers in here that I want to. There is a space for you to add your flowers so that you have a visual guide as to what should add, and where.

Here is a close up view for the front of the basket with the paper flower pansies. I opted for stickles in the pansy centers. I thought it was a pretty touch.

I have really enjoyed the many images this company of punches has to offer. As I stated above, I love the many uses you are able to get from each one. Pair it up with one of their books on punches, or the punch in stamps and you definitely increase the usability and value of your purchase.

You can purchase these punches at the following places: All That Scraps which carries the book I use, the punches, and the tools, The Frantic Stamper and, as the site recommends Scrappily Ever After.

I hope you enjoyed my review today. I would love for you to link any creations you may have made using your own punches by Punch Bunch, and list your experience or opinion on them here as well.
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4 Responses to The Punch Bunch by Lauren Meader

  1. Avatar
    Julia Aston May 5, 2008 at 8:57 am #

    Love this concept Lauren! Another thing I have to get into!! I’ve ordered one of the books that isn’t due out until July – can’t wait to get it and see what kind of punches I need for it! thanks for all this information regarding this new (to me!) craft – I can’t wait to add these flowers to my cards!

  2. Avatar
    Justme July 30, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    Be still my heart! Someone else that loves the Power Punch, punches and making flowers from the punches. The cards and items look SO MUCH BETTER in person and everyone is stunned at how pretty they are. It’s so much fun to do too! I HIGHLY recommend the POWER PUNCH, the other punch aids are not worth much. The power punch is FANTASTIC I have RA and now I can use my punches again. I have the books and stamps by Susan and it’s a FAVORITE thing I don’t think I’ll ever loose interest in. Any new additions are welcome by me but probably not by my DH! LOL
    Try the spray punch aid I can’t remember the name, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

  3. Avatar
    Justme July 30, 2009 at 11:07 am #

    PS When you don’t have anything in mind or a few spare moments, punch a ton of the shapes in different colors and put them in baggies or something, then when the mood hits, you have your punched shapes already to use.
    can you tell I love this? I got the um stamps from Scrappily Ever After and just about all of my supplies.

  4. Avatar
    Bev October 1, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

    I love these punches and the flowers you can make with them. There is always something new and different from cards to wreaths, to bouquets.