Photo Storage Boxes

Reported by Kim Fox

Photo storages boxes are easy to come by and they’re often on sale at the big box stores. They look like shoe boxes except that most are acid free and perfect for archival use. They come in a variety of colors and in some cases, patterns.

For those that are not even remotely obsessive compulsive, this could be an ideal part of your organizing system – getting organized without the hassle. With the photo storage boxes, you can dumb down the organizing or ramp it up – just depends on your style.

My method says a lot of abut my style … and I’m sure that you are not like me – I just dump my stash in them; however, there is some method to my madness, I manage to dump things by company name or by other themes like say, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

I would also guess that you label your photo storage boxes nicely and stack them up neatly. I do that stacking part, but only so high because I need to get to the goodies hiding beneath the box top. These boxes are perfect for quickly labeling ‘paints’, ‘ribbon’, ‘chipboard’, etc.

You really differ from me if you go as far as to decorate your boxes. It’s a wonderful project idea, just not one that I’ve gotten around to yet.

So if you are not storing your crafting supplies in them, the uses for the photo boxes are still exponential:

  • You could use them as gift boxes – again I’d recommend decorating the box in the theme of the gift giving moment. For example, if you are presenting a gift for a teenage girl, you could adorn the box in the patterned paper, ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc. and include goodies like gift cards, journals and every girl’s best friend, jewelry. Other themes could be as a bridal or wedding gift box, or you could add the appropriate accouterments for your themed craft swap.
  • I make lots of cards, so I have boxes filled with the cards that I make. I did take the time to decorate the file dividers and that creates a nice system when I sell my cards at craft fairs and flea markets. So if someone is seeking a Thank You card, then they could go to that section and begin to browse through that selection of cards.
  • And here’s an unheard of idea, you could use the photo storage boxes to store…photos. I know, it’s an aha moment. Now, before you go and just dump your photos in a box, I should warn you that it’s not the same theory as dumping your stash in a box. You see, if you are using your stash frequently enough, you are in and out of that box often enough and you generally will know what is where. With the photos, you should make some attempt at actually organizing them. The file dividers are there for quick use and you can scribble something on them to acknowledge what is where – you will love yourself when you go looking for a particular photo for a beach themed layout and there are the photos in a box labeled ‘family vacations’ for the past three years.

You can get these photo storage boxes at Joann, Michaels as well as Hobby Lobby (don’t forget to stock up on them when they are on sale).


  • Easy to use and label
  • Stackable
  • Inexpensive; usually less than $4


  • After a good amount of wear and tear, your favorite less-than-$5 storage item may actually die

Rating: 10 out of 10, you can always find a use for this item

So what are you doing with your photo storage boxes? Let us know!

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