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Provo Craft has a plethora of products available to the crafty consumer and not all of their items are geared towards paper crafters. The Knifty Knitter is an example of a product geared towards individuals interested in knitting. Provo Craft carries a full line of Knifty Knitter Looms in a variety of sizes, shapes, as well as accessories to go with them.

When I decided to review the Knifty Knitter I had heard of them, seen them in the stores, and even knew friends and family who had used them, but I had never personally touched one let alone made anything with one. My background consists of knitting traditionally with needles and in general, I believe that’s the image that most individuals think of when the word “knitting” is mentioned. I was intrigued by the Knifty Knitter and had heard that it made knitting very quick. I had even had an opportunity to see a couple of hats made from the loom. My mother-in-law had sent my twin boys a set of matching hats last winter that she had made. You can see that it has survived almost a year. I would have shown it with a model, but mine was being temperamental.

I also have to state that I did not purchase a kit, but rather borrowed the kit like the one in the above picture. The kit includes 4 different sized round looms, a hook, and a simple direction booklet all housed in a clear plastic bag. The round looms are generally used to make hats but can also be used to make flat items such as scarves. The blue loom is used to make baby hats, the red loom is for toddler/child sizes, the green loom is for adults, and the yellow would be for individuals with lots of hair or larger heads. The difference in the loom sizes are not only their circumference but the distance between the pegs. This space alters the “gauge” (the number of stitches in a specified amount of space) of the knit.

The direction booklet comes with a handful of projects that you can start right away. Because this was my first experience with the loom, I literally made the very first project and the easiest. I am a directions person and am not a great experimenter when it comes to knitting. I did not find the directions very helpful, but luckily, Provo Craft has provided an excellent beginning video tutorial that I found extremely helpful. You can find that tutorial by clicking HERE.

I purchased a skein of Lion Brand Thick and Quick Yarn and went to work. Once I got started things went very quickly. I can’t say exactly how long it took me because I do things in very short spurts in between all the normal child caring chores, but it was very quick – probably just a couple of hours.

Here is a picture of what I started with. The loom, directions, and the hook are part of the kit. You will still need the yarn, a needle, and a stitch counter (or scratch paper and a pen). Then its just a matter of winding the yarn around the pegs and using the hook. It is really that simple.
This next picture really showcases what I feel makes the knitting so easy. First are the pegs with the slightly larger top. The top part of the peg keeps your stitches in place so they don’t fall off. Secondly, if you notice, there are grooves in the sides of the pegs. This channel allows a fool proof way of hooking the bottom stitch in order to loop it over the top stitch.

For my pattern, it required 34 rows or times around the loom. At this point, your hat is essentially a tube.

The next step is to cut the thread leaving a long enough tail to thread through the last loops. Then cinch tight and weave the end into your knitting. Another option is to leave top square and add tassels as in the child’s hat pictured above.
And here is the final product. The hat is a bit large for me, but works if I just keep rolling up the bottom. It fits my husband just fine though – it honestly depends on the look you prefer. I couldn’t find my “model” so I had to use myself unfortunately, but you get the idea of how the hat fits on me.

There are a lot of choices with the Knifty Knitter system. The looms are available to purchase in a couple of kit packages as well as individually. There is also a relatively large community of Knifty Knitter enthusiasts that offer free patterns and video tutorials. It is just a matter of using a search engine to find all that is available. Plus the main Provo Craft website also offers free patterns and help guides. If you are a hands on individual, there are also many pattern books available to purchase too.

The Knifty Knitter is indeed a great tool for anyone. It is one of those crafts that you could literally buy and make something in the same day. As I stated earlier, my mother-in-law enjoys hers very much. She has a crocheting background and is great with experimenting so she can do wonders with the Knifty Knitter. At the other extreme, I have a neighbor friend who is only 10 years old and she receives the same enjoyment from it. If you don’t knit, but would like the satisfaction of creating something with your hands and aren’t ready or willing to invest in a bunch of needles then I suggest you try Provo Craft’s Knifty Knitter.

With that said though, I personally enjoy my needles. I might borrow the looms from my friend again, but I don’t plan on purchasing the looms for myself. But either way, I have to admit there is something so comforting and pleasant in the handling of the yarn. I love how it feels in my hands and that pleasure is still there no matter what kind of tool you are using to knit with. Plus, the sheer enjoyment and pride in creating something with your own hands is immeasurable.


  • The Knifty Knitter is really for anyone interested in knitting; child to adult
  • The process is very fast and the results are clean and even stitches
  • There are lots of accessories and tools available
  • Lots of online resources for books, patterns, and videos to help you with the Knifty Knitter


  • As with many kits, I wish that other essential items be included in the kits. In this case a needle and a stitch counter would be nice
  • I find that the looms can be large and bulky
  • Items made with the looms tend to be either loose or bulky items.

The Knifty Knitter is readily accessible in many of your local craft stores but can also be found at many online stores. Here are 3 online resources: Joann Fabric and Craft Store, Amazon, Create for Less

  • Retail Value for the Knifty Knitter is $19.95
  • The Knifty Knitter is very easy to use – child to adult
  • When the kit is purchased the value is excellent
  • I would rate the Knifty Knitter a 9 out of 10 for ease of use, construction, and accomplishing what its supposed to.

We at Craft Critique would love to read your responses about the Knifty Knitter. Are you an experienced knitter that loves to make a quick project here and there or are you a new knitter or a future knitter that might just purchase the Knifty Knitter for your collection?

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9 Responses to Provo Craft – Knifty Knitter

  1. Avatar
    Denise ~ Paper Ponderings September 19, 2008 at 8:42 am #

    We have the nifty knitter and LOVE it. All of us, from my 44 yo dh to my youngest (then 10) have all made hats! My 14 yo dd uses it the most. I think we have enough hats to last now! Unfortunately, we’re not really sure what else to make with them.

  2. Avatar
    Concetta Phillipps September 19, 2008 at 2:14 pm #

    I have a few issues with your article.

    1. The kit does come with a needle. Yours was probably missing as it was borrowed.

    2. Not ALL items are loose or bulky. You just have to garner some skills on it. There are many, many resources available to learn how to do different stitches, use different yarns, and do different techniques in order to make different looks possible.

    You also missed some of the greatest points about the loom knitting style – it vastly increases your skills as a knitter, because you need to learn different ways of construction.

    Its also great for people who have arthritis or carpal tunnel, who may have difficulties holding onto needles.

    There are a variety of different looms and kits that you can buy to achieve different looks.

    I make purses with mine, scarves, sweaters, blankets, all kinds of things.

    There is a large community of loom knitters out there on Yahoo Groups (kniftyknitterlooms for one), Ravelry (Loom Knitters), and an online magazine (Loom Knitters Circle).

    I knit with my looms probably just as often as I do with my needles. They’re fun, easy to use and another great creative tool.

  3. Avatar
    Mandy September 20, 2008 at 10:40 pm #

    Cute hat, Katie! 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Hermanda September 30, 2008 at 4:34 am #

    Excellent job!! This kind of useful stuff I found at Joann Fabrics

  5. Avatar
    Dani in NC September 30, 2008 at 10:27 pm #

    I have the round Knifty Knitters loom set as well as one of their oblong looms. My husband bought them because he saw his coworkers using them. He has completed a couple hats and a couple scarves, but mostly they sit in the garage.

    I’ve tried the looms but I haven’t completed a project yet because I still haven’t found anything that I like. A previous commenter said that there are a lot of resources on the internet, but what I’ve found in my searches is that all the links seem to point back to the same few patterns. I think the looms will get more use in our house once we find something beyond hats and scarves that we like.

  6. Avatar
    Anonymous December 3, 2008 at 2:17 am #

    there is a lot of different patterns out there . I have made a hat w/a basketweave top to ponchos to socks,to slippers,mittens,blankets, sweaters of many sizes,ect. The sky is the limit as long you use your creativity and have fun. There are groups on the internet you can join to help you come up with ideas so you do not get bored! Look under ammish loom knitting ,wood looms ect. I would also look into buying books on loom knittng which have other patterns besides hats and scarves. In fact my teenage daughter has made alot of projects never once using a pattern! She sees something she likes and she plays around on the loom and has fun making her own unique project.

  7. Avatar
    Anonymous April 7, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    A co-worker of mine made my newborn d a hat. She is a very crafty person. I inquired about how she made them and she told me with knifty knitter. I went out and purchase one for myself since I am not a knitter. I have enjoyed the use so far and will attempt other projects. I made my son a hat. This is great for someone who has never knitted before.

  8. Avatar
    Twitch October 5, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    I have been loom knitting on the KK Loom for just shy of 3 years now. I have found that with my previous injuries to my hands and wrists that I can not knit with needles more than a few minutes. The techniques that I have discovered from books at Barnes and Nobel, to yahoo groups and youtube have allowed me to make many more new and exciting projects than just hats and scarves….. however, the quickness of the hat project has led me to donate many of my creations to homeless shelters and cancer hospitals through my charity group COzy up Central Oregon.

    Also, working with ideas, and trying new techniques has helped me to crate some of my own patterns and creations. I have found uses for my looms all year round…not just during the colder winter months.

  9. Avatar
    Anonymous July 25, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    I have the long loom and trying to make a baby quilt. It has three colors. I need to see a video to be able to understand the instructions. Is there a video and how do I get to it.