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Reported by Carolyn King

I didn’t even realize what I was buying when I purchased my Kodak EasyShare Camera/Software. I just wanted a simple digital camera—one that would not take me days to learn how to use and one that included software so that I could manipulate my (poor) photographs and make them look a bit better!

After doing minimal research, I purchased my first Kodak EasyShare camera and I am now on my third one (FYI–I am on my third one because of my own mistakes—-I left one outside in the rain and I dropped one at CHA!) Currently, I have the Kodak EasyShareC633. I like the camera because it is lightweight and easy to use but for this review–I am going to focus on the software.

The Kodak EasyShare software is designed so that you can upload your photos and create an easy tagging system that enables you to organize your pictures by date or event. This makes finding your photos very easy. What I am most impressed about is the super-simple editing features it has. You do not have to be very technologically advanced to understand the software and get great results. Love that!

I use this camera/software for all of my cardmaking uploads. After uploading my pictures I can click on the Edit button and the software will enable me to perform the following functions:

Crop (Using the arrow you adjust the picture box to create the borders of the photo); Rotate; Red Eye reduction; Enhance (instantly enhances the photo for you); Scene balance (You adjust the exposure, shadow and highlights to get the look you want); Color Balance; Scene Effects (Black & White, Sepia, Forest, Scenic, Portrait, Sunset); Fun Effects (Spotlight, Coloring Book, Cartoon, Fisheye).

Here are a few of the fun effects. I used my daughter’s picture from Halloween last year. Note: this picture was taken outside so there is plenty of light. On pictures I take inside (ie. cards), I often have to lighten up the pictures manually to get the results I want. You can do that with this software.

Here is the same photo, but I cropped it:

Here is the same photo, but I used the Scene Balance function and adjusted the exposure, shadows and highlights. I use the Scene Balance functions often on my photos of cards/projects.

Here is one of the fun effects–Cartoon! I had to include this because it is just fun. You can print these out so your children can color themselves. (Or, you can start a family feud by giving each child their sibling’s photo to color!)

Here is the same photo with the Black and White enhancement:


  • I like the Kodak EasyShare Camera and Software because it is affordable and very easy to use and install.
  • I can upload and edit photos very quickly.
  • The Software is user friendly and does include a lot of fun editing features.
  • The Software is basic so there are a lot of functions it cannot do.
  • You cannot apply a watermark on your photos using this software so I actually have to use another program to do that if I want to put my name on my photos.
You can find the Kodak EasyShare Camera/Software at stores like Walmart, Best Buy and most stores that have a camera section. The camera and software retails for about $100 but you can spend a lot more if you want more zoom or features on your camera. I always go with the basic model because I tend to break things and I don’t have to feel as bad if I am spending less money.

In conclusion, if you do not want to spend a lot of money for your camera and software, this is a great camera for you. Additionally, the software is so user friendly that you don’t have to have much computer knowledge to use it.

If you have the Kodak EasyShare Camera and Software, I would love to hear your opinion.

And now, I have to say goodbye. This is my last article with Craft Critique as my term is up this month. Thanks so much for warmly welcoming me. It was such a fun experience. Hopefully I am invited to write some guest articles in the future.
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    Colleen September 30, 2008 at 7:39 am #

    I have the Kodak easy share camera and software. Actually have had 4 cameras, one broke, one as a gift for oldest daughter and then I upgraded and gave smaller easier camera to youngest daughter. Love the Kodak digital cameras, but I hated the software. Always had problems with it on my computer, never wanted to open, not user friendly, so difficult for my daughter’s to use. I much prefer the software that came with my new computer. Windows photo gallery or Picasa a free program.