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Reported by: Martha Bonneau

Okay, so after several months of owning the Slice by Making Memories I am finally getting around to sharing my thoughts on this die cutting system. Disclaimer: I am not a die-hard die-cutter. The only other die-cutting system I own is a Quickutz Squeeze that has been sitting in my scraproom collecting dust for several years. Several things appealed to me about the Slice that made me take the plunge and purchase it: first of all I love the Making Memories fonts and designs. Secondly, the size drew me to it. It is small enough to keep out on my scrapping table at all times without being in the way. Lastly, I loved the idea that it is portable and could be charged up and used cordless which would let me bring it to crops. At less than 2 lbs. it is easy enough to tuck it into my rolling tote.

In the box you get the following:

  • Slice cordless design cutter
  • Basic Shapes 1 design card and design guide
  • 6″ x 6″ glass cutting mat
  • 5 blades
  • Blade replacement tool
  • Blade adjustment wrench
  • Power cord
  • Repositionable tacky adhesive
  • User manual
  • Foam applicator brush

Right out of the box, I was using my Slice within minutes…I didn’t even have to refer to the instructions to get started using it. I put in the Noteworthy design card that I had purchased separately, chose a tag design and then chose the size I wanted to cut it in. You can choose to cut each of the fonts and designs 1” to 4” in ½” increments. Unfortunately, I have found that at the smallest sizes of some of the fonts do not cut cleanly.

Before you start cutting you do have to prep the glass mat with an adhesive. The Slice comes with a small tube of the adhesive and a foam brush. You apply a small amount of adhesive to the mat and brush it all over. You do have to wait until the adhesive dries (which is only a few minutes) before you can start cutting. If you put your paper down on the mat with wet adhesive, be prepared to be peeling paper off of your mat as it will be glued in place. Something I haven’t tried yet but have heard works is using a spray adhesive on the mat instead of the Making Memories adhesive. At first I was hesitant about the adhesive thinking I would have to re-apply it each time, but once you apply it, it last for quite a few cuts before you have to wash the glass plate and re-apply it.

As soon as I started cutting my first tag I was startled by the loud, grinding sound coming from my Slice. The tag came out perfect but I still felt compelled to check the blade to see if that was the culprit. At this point I referred to the manual, made a couple of adjustments and went on to cut another tag. Same loud sound. I drove to my local Archiver’s since I knew they had a Slice on display to see if theirs did the same thing…yep, same loud sound.

For my next round of cutting with the Slice, I decided that I would charge it up and try it cordless. I plugged it in and let it charge overnight and got it out the next afternoon to use. I started cutting out multiple scalloped tags and was upset to find that after about 20 cuts, the Slice gave out on me and I had to plug it back in ton continue my project. I plugged it back in that evening for another overnight charging session and the next time I used it I did not run into the same problem and it has held a longer charge ever since. It seems to be a one time glitch with the initial charge.

Speaking of scalloped tags, I made some tags for Christmas that show you the difference in cuts between a scallop punch and the Slice. For these tags the bottom layer is cut with the Slice and the top is punched, the punch has cleaner, deeper scallops and the Slice scallops are more wavy.

I used my Slice throughout the holiday season and at a point noticed that my cuts were not as clean and decided that I needed to change the blade for the first time. The Slice comes with replacement blades and a tool to change them. I opened up my manual, followed the directions and very easily was able to change the blade. I went to make the first cut after changing the blade and nothing happened. I took out the blade, re-inserted it and nothing. I went into the Making Memories site, found a video that showed me how to adjust the blade, and I was good to go.

As far as what you can cut with the Slice, you really can’t cut anything thicker than cardstock. I have cut heavier weights of patterned paper, Bazzill cardstock, manilla folders, and Contact paper. It took me a little while to get over my fear of wasting paper while using my Slice. There was a bit of a learning curve for me as far as where to place my Slice on the paper so I would get the most from my 12×12 sheet. I really like that you can position the Slice anywhere on a sheet of paper to make a cut. That is how I was able to cut the tree on this card.


  • Easy to use right out of the box
  • Portable, lightweight and cordless
  • Great selection of Making Memories fonts and shapes
  • Able to cut shapes and fonts in different sizes
  • The ability to make a cut anywhere you want on a piece of paper


  • Loud
  • Cannot cut paper thicker than cardstock
  • Liquid adhesive that must be applied to glass mat
  • Do not get the cleanest cuts in some of the smaller sizes

In addition to the Slice and the different shape and alphabet design cards available, Making Memories also offers the following accessories: a 12 x 12 glass mat, a binder to store your cards in, a case for the Slice as well as a docking station and other accessories are available. The Slice retails for $149.99.

Have you tried out a Slice? Or have you been wanting to learn all about it? Leave us your comments and questions.

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23 Responses to Making Memories Slice

  1. Avatar
    Fabrizio April 14, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    Lovely review, I wasn’t sure if I would go for it if I were to see it being sold on some shopping channels but now I know it will be a good purchase. I always thought that it’s small size would lent itself to create aperture on pre-scored cardstock as my cutting skill with a kraft knife is pretty dire. Thanks again for this thorough review.

  2. Avatar
    Christine April 14, 2009 at 12:40 pm #

    I’ve been very curious about the Slice ever since it came out. This was a wonderful review with a good list of pros and cons, but I think it helped me decide that this die-cutter wasn’t the one for me. I’m not too keen on having to apply adhesive to the glass cutting mat and loud sounds do throw me off. The smaller size is a big incentive since I’m sharing my space with the guest bedroom, but I might wait a little longer to buy a die-cutting machine.

  3. Avatar
    twinklescrapbooks April 14, 2009 at 1:29 pm #

    Oh my stars! Those tags are too cute! I have seen the Slice used in demos on YouTube but never tried on myself. Looks like a fun product. TFS!
    tina 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Tobi Crawford April 14, 2009 at 3:54 pm #

    one common misconception: you can’t “charge” it then use it later. It’s an hour from when you unplug it, not an hour of cutting. Think of it as a candle: You light it, then eventually it will die, it’s not like a battery..

  5. Avatar
    BishopsMommie April 14, 2009 at 4:36 pm #

    I have charged mine..then unplugged and used it days later..mine stays charged for a while. I really love mine, and haven’t had to replace the adhesive on the plate yet either.. I give it a 2 thumbs up myself.

  6. Avatar
    Regan April 14, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    I really like my slice, I have a squeeze and a cuttlebug too,I was toying over the other die ctting machines but I guess the price of the unit and the cards really appealed to me, I use this item alot!! I agree sometimes the smaller shapes are not the cleanest but overall its awesome.

    I agree it is noisy but as far as the adesive goes, you dont have to re-appy it evertime, I’ve gone over 3 weeks without reapplying it so a bit lasts a loooong time

    Great review!

  7. Avatar
    Finja April 14, 2009 at 5:26 pm #

    i have a slice too and i love it, okay it is loud but it’s small und handy no storage problems… instead of the adhesive from making memories i take an adhesive spray for wall stencils from my craftstore here in town, it works really well and it cheeper and dries faster.
    i can’t wait untl all the new design cards are availeble, i’m looking forward to the card words and expressions….

  8. Avatar
    Erika M. April 14, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    I got the Slice for Christmas but haven’t had the chance to try it out with all the craziness in my life. Your review is very helpful – I was kind of scared to actually try it out.

  9. Avatar
    Becky (mobmac) April 26, 2009 at 9:28 pm #

    I love, love, love my slice! Instead of using the messy adhesive that the Slice comes with, I use Dotto brand adhesive to secure my paper. Just a little bit does the trick and it is very easy to clean off the glass – simply rub it off. I used my Slice repeatedly at a crop yesterday for over 7 hours and only used the overnight charge from home. I love how small and portable it is and find that it cuts nicely.

  10. Avatar
    Anonymous July 19, 2009 at 10:46 pm #

    I continue to have problems with the SLICE’s ability cut consistently every time. You waste a lot of paper and it is very frustration. I love the idea, but unfortunately it’s not perfected yet.

  11. Avatar
    Anonymous July 19, 2009 at 10:47 pm #

    I continue to have problems with the SLICE’s ability cut consistently every time. You waste a lot of paper and it is very frustration. I love the idea, but unfortunately it’s not perfected yet.

  12. Avatar
    Tanja S July 28, 2009 at 8:02 am #

    I am SO disappointed with my slice-I strongly suggest that readers do not buy one – and if you do wait until you are sure making Memories has got ALL the problems ironed out. I received my first one just before Christmas and after a few months of occasional to moderate use it was constantly slicing the images diagonally (blade not retracting when it should). It wasted a lot of paper. I returned it to my craft store’s supplier here in Australia and was sent a new machine. Now two months later the same thing is happening (have tried all the homing, blade adjusting – always use it with the cord plugged in etc.) Every image is sliced diagonally. I have wasted so much time, paper, emotional energy etc. I am wondering if there is some issue that internal parts are wearing/becoming misaligned etc, after a few months. Most of the positive reviews written on craft sites are by people who have only had the machine for a short time.
    A friend of mine who was much happier with the machine than I was is also having major problems after 7 months. I am tired of the whole ordeal.

    • Avatar
      solfrid holan April 1, 2014 at 5:35 pm #

      I also have promlems With my machine of this type. i bought it in Norway and it workwd for about 3 months. It was not in use so many times eigther thru this time. It doesnt no longer work and the shop where i bougt it is no longer existing and i cant find about a New dealer or who is importing it to Norway.2000 wasted!

  13. Avatar
    Anonymous September 14, 2009 at 10:59 am #

    Good review, bad product. I am ready to toss mine in the bin. Tried the embossing tips which will not work in the machine and when I put the normal tips back in now they will also not work. I find the glue messy and this expensive machine is not worth the hassle. I’m off to the craft store to return it.

  14. Avatar
    Anonymous January 15, 2010 at 5:34 am #

    I only had the slice for one day and it is parcelled up ready to go back. What a load of rubbish this machine is, and certainly not worth the money, it will only cutPAPER and the bits left on the glass mat afterwards is a right fath getting them all off. But the biggest issue I have with it is the waste of paper, you cannot position anywhere like it says you can because when I position it in between the cuts to use the paper up it just tears and cuts up the paper if though it is stuck down, also, how can you cut photographs like it says when you cannot see where you are positionoing it/ RUBBISH…RUBBISH…RUBBISH

  15. Avatar
    Anonymous January 22, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    When I first heard of the Slice I thought it was a brilliant idea. It would save me trying to cut my fingertips off when cutting out large letters and numbers.
    I popped off to the local craft shop and watched it being demonstrated on paper & card. It seemed to do just what I wanted, so I opened the wallet, let the moths out & bought one.
    Eight months later & I’ve just returned replacement machine No. 1 and picked up replacement No. 2. I charged it overnight and put in the pink card, three mis-cuts and the card stoped working. I have spent all day faffing about with the machine to get the few cuts I need.
    I have finally concluded that it does cut paper very well, most of the time. But it’s very picky about which card it uses. If this one continues to be a problem I’m going for a refund. I can buy a lot with £200!
    The manufacturers and the shop both say it will cut cardstock but don’t give a weight or thickness. This probably means that most of us are over-burdening it with card that is too thick, but without guidance what else can we do.
    Brilliant idea, not fully worked out as yet, but like all things crafting it will undoubtably be making a lot of money for the designers and manufacturers!

  16. Avatar
    Lynn March 21, 2010 at 9:35 pm #

    I have had my slice for about 6 months. I am having problems with my design card clicking in and out. Has anyone else had this problem.

  17. Avatar
    Sean's Photography April 22, 2010 at 4:52 pm #


    I received Slice number 1 for my birthday in December 09. I loved it. Unfortunately one of the die cards stopped working. I contacted the supplier who informed me that there was a known ‘problem’ with the Slice and that I had to return it to her, with the die card.

    Slice number 2 arrived yesterday. I am so disappointed as the machine doesn’t cut through the paper, is cutting distorted shapes and cutting at an angle (I went through all the trouble shooting guides, calibrated, homed, blade pressure etc. etc). On contacting the supplier, again, I was informed that there were known problems with the Slice and it might be better to get my money back and look at buying ‘another’ cutting machine!!! What will I do with all 12 die cards that I now have in my possession (from different suppliers)!! I wish I had stayed with machine number 1!

  18. Avatar
    Anonymous January 15, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    just purchased the new elite slice…I have the cricut and sizzix machine…I love the portability of this machine…and the biggest reason for purchasing this is that my sister’s son-in-law was able to copy the cartridges…so instead of investing $$$ into another die cutting machine…I only paid for the slice and the SD cards to copy the design cards!!

  19. Avatar
    Anonymous February 5, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    I have has my slice for over a year and have been using it lightly. I just recently got design cards that have words on it and I can’t get the machine to cut the words without snagging the paper and ruining the word half way through. I am very disappointed because I liked the idea of having the calendar card and being able to cut out the months of the year. I wish I knew what to do to make this work. I have also had some problems of the machine cutting things crooked and I have tried a lot of things to fix it but can’t figure out why it is doing this.

  20. Avatar
    Anonymous April 14, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Both reviews were right on the spot. I have the original Slice and would love to own the Elite as I understand it is much faster, quieter and will cut more weights of paper.

  21. Avatar
    mom2mikbo April 14, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    I loved the review. It’s a nice refresher. I’ve had my Slice for 2 1/2 years now. I got it from a lady or had no patience and sold it to me for $50 after she did one very small project. Lucky me I know! I love my Slice because it is very portable! It’s an older model, so I have to hold it down during operation. I use the reposition spray very very lightly on the glass mat, and I have had no problems with it sticking to paper, vinyl or even fabric.
    My only beef is that the cartridges are so expensive. And not being able to use local merchant coupons on Slice products is a real bummer. I guess that’s why my big cutter is one that is hooked up to my computer. But I can’t have both, so I choose my slice for small portable projects.
    I would so love an Upgrade. And you can bet with me being a new grandma soon that a new Slice would not go to waste on me. Especially after checking out some of the projects here plus a few of my own that I’ve started on. Please let me give the new Slice a good test drive, and maybe I will change some minds on here.

  22. Avatar
    Anonymous October 9, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    I have had my slice for close to a year now and have only had small issues with it. I experienced the diagonal cuts that messed up the paper and design but turned the machine off and then back on and it has been fine ever since. Any time I have noticed it tearing the paper or not making clean cuts has been because it was time to change the blade or I needed to apply more adhesive. I have never messed with the liquid adhesive, I use the spray and I find it to work wonderfully, it lasts for several uses without needing to reapply and the can itself lasts me for several months. I do find that it isn’t as easy to figure out the placement of the machine on the paper to cut photos so I don’t use it for that but I can make good use of making a lot of die cuts on a sheet of paper without wasting too much. I can’t get it to cut through glitter paper but have not had a problem on cardstock unless the blade is getting too dull. I also recommend making sure to get the MS+ cards especially if you use the embossing tips so that you get the “mirror” feature. If you are someone who crafts very frequently and consider yourself really creative you may find yourself happier with other machines, but I just craft on the weekends here and there and have been pretty happy with my Slice.