Sparkly Fluff by Our Craft Lounge

Reported by Beth Silaika

This past year, the paper crafting world became a little softer, fuzzier and a little more sparkly when Our Craft Lounge launched a new product called Sparkly Fluff. This product is similar to flock, but it has the added benefit of being glittery.

Sparkly Fluff is one of those products which will give your projects that wow factor! The product does stay true to it’s name: not only is it sparkly, but it is fluffy too.

I had the chance to play with sparkly fluff initially at CHA in January in California. I went to the Our Craft Lounge booth and was able to create a card which was was finished off with cotton candy sparkly fluff. It was nearly as delicious as the color it was named after. It not only gave my card that shimmer with the hint of sparkle, but it gave that raised, soft feel to the card.

The make and take got put in my luggage and the card was unpacked and placed in my stash of CHA stuff in the closet of my craft room. I didn’t give it a second thought until late Spring when my friend came over with a few bottles of sparkly fluff. I dug through my craft stash and pulled out a two way glue pen and started sparkly fluffing some projects.

Sparkly Fluff is packaged in a .18 oz (5 g) jar and is really stuffed full of sparkly shimmer!. When you open the bottle, you can actually see the glistening sparkle pieces of glitter.

One of the things about flock to sparkle fluff, it can be messy. I dedicate a clean sheet of printer paper, folded in half to the color I am working with for that particular project. I catch all the excess fluff and put it back in the jar when I am done. I have also learned (the hard way) to put the top back on as soon as I am done “fluffing” up a project to avoid things spilling or falling into the fluff container.

Sparkly fluff is packed very full into the container, so I use a Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Retractable Craft Stick (reviewed by Craft Critique here) to stir up the fluff and move it around in the jar. The stick allows the packed fluff to easily be place on your project.

There are two ways to add sparkly fluff to your project: glue or heat and stick powder. For me, I go the easy route. The easiest (and best method for detailed areas) is using a two way glue pen. Simply draw your glue onto the project. You can also use other types of glue such as red line tape or crystal effects.

After the glue (or heat & stick powder) is applied to the area, you want to quickly add the sparkly fluff before the glue dries. Remember to have your piece of folded scrap paper under your project and simply pour the sparkly fluff in excessive amounts onto the project. The more the merrier I say!

The fluff sticks to the glue pretty well, but sometimes I give it that extra push with a Tonic craft stick and push the fluff around to make sure all areas are covered evenly! You tap the excess fluff off onto your scrap paper and then place it back in your container. If you want to add another color of fluff to your project, make sure your tap your first color off REALLY well. You do not want that first color getting mixed up into your second color on the project.

Wouldn’t Halloween projects or holiday cards look adorable with some sparkly fluff? There is a wide variety of colors available and there is endless possibilities for adding fluff to projects.

Sparkly Fluff comes in the following colors:

Punk Purple
Platinum (a silver)
Sugar (a white)
Very Cherry Red (a deep red)
Rockstar Red (a bright red)
Cotton Candy (soft pink)
Rockin’ Pink (a bright pink)
24K Gold
Lemon Drop Yellow
Irish Green
Eyeliner Black
Coffee Bean Brown (a dark brown)
Brown Sugar (a light brown)

Baby Boy Blue (a light blue)
Breezy Blue (a bright blue)
Blue-Berry (a deep blue)
Appletini Green (a bright green)
Real Juicy Orange

At around $3 a bottle, it is easy to collect several colors and keep within a budget.

This product is mainly for cards and other three dimensional crafting projects. You can add fluff to ornaments for the holidays, photo frames, and other crafting projects. I would not recommend it for scrapbook pages since most traditional scrapbook pages are in page protectors and you would not be able to touch the product (which is really which gives the product its WOW factor). I would also not recommend this product for items such as bookmarks which are going to get a lot of wear. The fluff could eventually wear off.


  • it adds dimension to your project
  • it has big chunks of glitter
  • easy to use, simply add glue
  • comes in a variety of colors
  • did I mention that it sparkles?
  • inexpensive


  • it can be messy
  • not good for scrapbook pages since you cannot “touch” the finished project if it is in a page protected album
  • will wear off if item is used often (ie. bookmarks)
  • adding more than one fluff color to a project can be tricky

Although I will not use fluff on a majority of my projects, I will use it often enough to make the purchase worth while. It is a wonderful way to add a little dimension to your cards and other craft projects without breaking the bank! I give Sparkly Fluff two shimmery thumbs up!

Have you used Our Craft Lounge’s Sparkly Fluff? Or do you use something else to make your cards fuzzy? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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2 Responses to Sparkly Fluff by Our Craft Lounge

  1. Avatar
    Judy in Indiana August 25, 2009 at 12:55 pm #

    Adds both sparkle and fluff? Ya gotta love that! It sounds like just the thing to help you add a little texture on your cards, which is always a good thing.

  2. Avatar
    Kim Ross August 26, 2009 at 9:04 pm #

    I love OCL’s Sparkly Fluff! The black makes the most magnificent and spooky spiders for Halloween! 🙂