Martha Stewart Crafts Essential Colors Glitter Set

If the last time you used glitter was in elementary school (remember the large jars of coarse, multi-colored stuff in the art room?), you need to discover the new world of super-fine art glitter. Martha Stewart Crafts seems to be attempting to monopolize the fancy craft glitter market, but I am not complaining. I recently purchased the rainbow of sparkle that is the Martha Stewart Crafts Essential Colors Glitter Set (MSRP $29.99). The set contains twenty-four vials (.37 oz each) of different colors of super-fine glitter. Each glitter color is named after a gem stone or mineral (like onyx, garnet, and peridot) and they cover the full color spectrum, plus white, silver, grey, and black. The full package looks so glorious, I almost did not want to disturb it to make crafts… but I did.
With the holiday season fast approaching, I decided to make a few glittery holiday greeting cards. In addition to the glitter set, I used a variety of card stock papers, a few patterned papers, scissors, a ruler, a bone folder, my Martha Stewart Crafts Wide-tip Glue Pen, and my fine-tip Sakura Quickie Glue Pen to create the cards.
The techniques I used on the greeting cards were very simple. For this holly card, I free-handed the lettering and drew holly leaves. I coated them with three shades of green glitter after I cut them out. The lettering is covered in the “verdelite” color, and the leaves are covered in the “golden beryl” and “peridot” colors. The holly berries are hole-punched red paper, coated in the “garnet” red glitter. I wrote the word “Christmas” using my glue pen and also coated it with the “garnet” glitter.
For this candy cane striped card, I simply drew lines using the two different glue pens and then coated them with the “garnet” glitter. I made the center greeting using card stock and the “verdelite,” “peridot,” and “garnet” glitters. I wrote the greeting by hand with the glue pen.
On the website, there are multitudes of beautiful glitter projects. There is even a free glitter painting tool that will transform any of your own photos into a paint-by-number-type image that you can “paint” with glitter. Many of the projects on the website and in the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine consist of coating some random object entirely with glitter, for example this glitter bird centerpiece. The beautiful sparkly objects inspired me to try my hand at covering a few basic brown paper ornaments with glitter. Like many things, it was much more difficult than Martha makes it seem!
This is the one small star ornament that I was able to get coated successfully… I am still working on a few other larger ornaments. I used my wide-tip glue pen and the “lapis lazuli” and “feldspar” blue glitters on the star. It was difficult for me to get the glue to completely coat the entire surface of the star while still preserving the straight edges between the sections. Despite my difficulty, I am really pleased with the results, so I am going to continue working on my other glitter ornaments. Martha suggests using a brush to apply the glue, so I should probably try that in the future.
Overall, I am a glitter lover and therefore I love this set. But even if you are not, I don’t think there is much to dislike about the Martha Stewart Craft Essential Colors Glitter Set. It contains the widest range of colors that I have found in a glitter collection and the fine texture creates incredibly sparkly, yet consistent glittered surfaces.
  • Amazing wide range of beautiful colors.
  • The fine texture of the glitter creates a brilliant result.
  • The sample set lets you try all of the colors before committing to large jars of glitter.
  • Because the glitter is so fine it can stick to surfaces even without glue, but flicking the surface usually gets rid of the excess.
  • The super fine texture is also easy to inhale and may not be best for children.
  • There are five different shades in the brown and gold color family in the set, which seems like more than I need in that color group… but if you need gold, then that is probably a pro!
Have you tried Martha Stewart Crafts glitter or have you attempted any of Martha’s glitter projects? What other brands of glitter do you suggest trying?

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7 Responses to Martha Stewart Crafts Essential Colors Glitter Set

  1. Avatar
    Jill November 10, 2009 at 11:13 am #

    I have this set. I love it! I think the glitter works so nicely.

  2. Avatar
    RosieP November 10, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    I have this set, too, and also love it. The colors are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Avatar
    Linda November 10, 2009 at 12:06 pm #

    I have some of MS glitter and I really love it!!

  4. Avatar
    Anonymous November 10, 2009 at 12:26 pm #

    Hi Rachel… great report. But I felt compelled to try to convince you to turn one of your cons into a pro… You said the that it is so fine that it is easily inhaled… Con to some, but think how festive your sneezes and coughs could be!!! No one would care that you were sick!!! LOL!!! Looking at the glass half full as I sit here sick!

  5. Avatar
    Janine November 10, 2009 at 12:55 pm #

    I haven’t tried the glitter yet but do have it on my ‘list of stuff to get’. And you’re right—Martha always seems to make her projects look so easy. It just can’t be true…lol I saw some of the glitter projects on Martha’s website a few days ago, including a glitter photo she did with Jay Leno—beautiful! Thanks for the great review!!

  6. Avatar
    Rebecca Ednie November 10, 2009 at 8:09 pm #

    I haven’t used MS glitter but I highly recommend Art Institute Glitter. It is decently priced and the have zillions of colours. In fact, the range is so large, I recommend you call their knowledgable staff the first time like I did. They have several sizes of glitter as well as opaque and transluscent glitter. Oh and glass glitter too. They have hundreds of colour blends so look carefully to see that each main colour has other colours mixed in to pick combos you really like. Their customer service is great too. My package was lost due to absolutely no fault of theirs, so I reordered. They included 3 extra bottles of glitter for me to try! Awesome!!

  7. Avatar
    Lia November 11, 2009 at 9:23 pm #

    I saw this post, and now I really want to get it. I get paid tomorrow, and I’m going to order it from Crafts, Etc because they have a 50% off coupon on the site.