Artist Trading Cards Book by Leonie Pujol (Twenty To Make Series – Search Press)

Reported by Fabrizio Martellucci

If you haven’t heard of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) yet, where have you been ? They’re a fun medium and are increasingly becoming more popular among cardmakers and other paper crafters alike.

‘An ATC is a small piece of card 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2…’

An ATC is a small piece of card 2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 and it’s decorated on one side and the other side contains information about the author of the artwork, date it was made and some various details you wish the include.
Apparently, they were born out of necessity by a Swiss artist who thought that the usual business cards being exchanged were boring so started to create one offs or series of ATC to exchange with fellow artists. The paper crafters took it on and now they are being exchanged at craft fairs between crafters.

‘…ATCs are never sold but swapped/exchanged…’

Please, note that ATCs are never sold but swapped/exchanged for another ATC. They can soon become collectable too. The fact they are similar in size with baseball cards means there are several storage solutions to keep them safe and dust-free. Just a word of warning as they are addictive so if you have a collector streak in you, you’ll definitely enjoy making them and exchanging them online and offline.

‘Artist Trading cards by Leonie Pujol

There are several publications out there, but for the intermediate and advanced ATC creators this book from Leonie Pujol will really inspire you.

The book is entitled ‘Artist Trading Cards‘ and belongs to a series ( 20/Twenty to Make ) of small books published by Search Press (a very proactive British publishing house).

image used with kind permission of Search Press
‘Leonie crammed her book with 20 sections of different techniques’

The premise of that series is to have small reference books on specific subjects to inspire you. And the authors, in this case Leonie Pujol, are challenged to make 20 creations on particular subject.

Leonie took ATC making to heart and crammed the book with 20 sections of different techniques:
  • Easily Inspired
  • Decoupage Creations
  • Creative Background I and II
  • Stamping I and II
  • Stickers I and II
  • Stencils I and II
  • Decorative Papers I and II
  • A Touch of metal I and II
  • Embellishments I and II
  • Memorabilia I and II
  • Taking it further I and II

Image used by kind permission of Search Press
‘…you get to see 60 ATCs, and the book is fully illustrated throughout.’
Each of them with one ATC and instructions and two other variations on the same theme so in effect you get to see 60 ATCS and the book is fully illustrated throughout.
There are no step by step illustrations to accompany the instructions though. That’s why I recommend this book for veterans ATC makers at an intermediate to advanced level. Although beginners could get inspired, they might get disheartened if they try to attempt some techniques they haven’t tried before… you’ve been warned!

Leonie’s samples are stunning, and she really gives you so much scope for trying new techniques and stretching your crafter’s ‘legs’. I challenge you not to feel a ‘get up and craft’ after reading her book.

My favourites ATCs in the book are the Panda ones and the ones in the Memorabilia section. There are a few oriental-inspired ATC that I simply adore and they got me crafting that’s for sure.

Here are some ATCs I made taking inspiration from Leonie’s Artist Trading Cards book:


  • Small book can be easily referred to quickly as the section are well laid out and concise
  • Very good examples and fully illustrated throughout
  • Instructions given to all 20 main ATC linked to the section


  • I would have liked just the one step by step for at least one project which would have kept the total beginner happy
  • Only for Intermediate and Advanced paper crafters
  • The two other variations shown don’t have instructions with them

‘I wanted Leonie to sign her book I bought but forgot it at home…’

I thoroughly enjoyed the book; I bought it over a year ago and I’m glad I re-read it for this review. I also need to tell you an anecdote, I was extremely fortunate to meet the author Leonie at a workshop she did for a cancer charity fundraiser recently.

Leonie and I at a recent fundraiser workshop

I wanted Leonie to sign her book I bought but forgot it at home, lucky me, she was selling her book at the do and I bought it again from her ! So I told her ‘that’s total dedication for you’ we both laughed about it! So I have a spare one to ‘abuse’ and the other signed one to cherish. She’s an amazing lady and I’m glad she’s got a presenting job in a well known shopping channel in the UK. I feel really fortunate to have met her as she’s an outstanding crafter.

I just want to give Vanessa Ware from Search Press a heartfelt thanks for supplying the extra pictures and allowing me to scan two pages from Leonie’s book Artist Trading Cards.


Search Press –
Leonie’s personal blog –

If you have purchased this book and it has inspired you, please let us know, we’d love to hear your comments and see your creations !

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Fabrizio Martellucci has been crafting for over six years and enjoys card making, Artist Trading Cards (ATC) and the odd scrapbook layout. He started paper crafting as a distraction to some health issues and never looked back since when he bought a Hot Off the Press kit getting the addictive paper crafting bug. Fabrizio (but please call him Fab for short) has been producing samples for a few companies to show on Shopping Television in the UK, one of his greeting cards was published on PageMaps 2 by Becky Fleck, and he produced various paper creations for Design Teams as well as being involved with live online paper crafting tutorial streams for The Odd Show Live and his own show Papermood Live. Not happy with only making cards Fab started an article based website called where he stretches his writing muscle about card making tips and other useful posts for cardmakers. You can see a full list of Fab's blogs and other contact infos on his Kimtag page.

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4 Responses to Artist Trading Cards Book by Leonie Pujol (Twenty To Make Series – Search Press)

  1. Avatar
    susanscraps November 25, 2009 at 1:38 pm #

    Well as an AVID ATC ARTIST, I was intrigued by this book, and wanted to look into it. The site does not have monetary conversion tables, and shipping is 25 pounds to the US. that put me off. FINALLY I noticed a slot on the left side of the website that said for US customers click here. I was excited, but then I found, that it is not so user friendly, and prices are not listed. you have to print out order forms etc. I’d like to get this book, but it seems like a hassle to get.

    Additionally, the website listed for her blog is no good, it says the blog does not exist, but that name is available should I want to make a blog under it. LOL

    OH WELL….

    Thanks for the review anyway 🙂 though it was a superb tease! LOL

  2. Avatar
    Fabrizio November 25, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    Or Susan you could get the book from ! 🙂

  3. Avatar
    dublinlady November 26, 2009 at 12:49 pm #

    I have this book and i love it as it gives me so much inspiration and i have learnt alot about atc’s since i have read it. Well done Leonie keep up the great work.

    Trisha xx

  4. Avatar
    Shirley Davis November 26, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    I’ve had this book for a while but have not (yet) been fortunate enough to meet Leonie.

    Crafting on this small scale is most addictive; gives opportunities to swap contact details in an artistic format; produces collectors’ items; AND the techniques learned and practised enable the crafter to move onto larger projects once confidence is built.

    All-in-all, ATCs