CHA Viva Decor- Precious Metal Paints

Today I wandered over to the Viva Decor booth, an was completely overwhelmed. I have reviewed Pardo Polymer Clay, and reported on them at Summer CHA 2009, so expected to see nothing new. Boy was I wrong!

Viva-Decor has so many fabulous products- paints, inks, pearl and glitter pens, pastes, stamps, scissors…well, I could go on for days. Today, however, I’ll share a bit about their line of metallic paints, Precious Metal Color.
I had the chance to try this shimmery, shiny paint out in person at their booth today, an it did not disappoint. It was creamy, lustrous, an had an amazing drying time. Precious Metal colors comes in 28 vivid colors, and are comparable to Liquitex Lumiere Paints. What sets them apart is their saturated color and quick drying time. I sat at the booth an made a bangle using Lime Green Precious Metal Color with a sponge applicator. Within 10 minutes, it was dry an ready to embellish. This is such a fabulous paint, I can’t wait to play with all of the colors!

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2 Responses to CHA Viva Decor- Precious Metal Paints

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    Elaine A January 25, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    Now this sounds very interesting and fun to expirement with.

    Elaine Allen

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    Anonymous February 4, 2010 at 6:52 pm #

    Where do you buy their products in the US? I absolutely love your reviews!