CHA Jewelry Products: Ice Resin

I love the look of resin, and I’m really excited about it’s use in mixed-media jewelry. There is a fantastic artist named Susan Lenart Kazmer who utilizes all manner of found objects and trinkets, some of which are encased in resin. She has designed a line of bezels for art jewelry afficionados at Objects and Elements.

Ice Resin is Susan’s resin of choice, and here’s how it’s described on her site:

“This new product is non-toxic and jeweler’s grade. It stays crystal-clear and never yellows or breaks down. You can use it for freestanding projects such as a doll or marionette head or with a mold to make dimensional pieces. If used in a bezel it will dome and magnify whatever is inside.”

So cool! What I love is that now Ice Resin is going to be packaged in the 2-chamber syringe above, which will eliminate the need for careful mixing. It’s also a great size for a resin beginner- just enough to try but at a reasonable cost- and it also de-stresses the process by eliminating the need for mixing. Just squeeze, stir, and pour. Cool products from cool people!

Susan and Sherri Haab share a laugh at CHA- we love these guys!

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3 Responses to CHA Jewelry Products: Ice Resin

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    Elaine A January 26, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    I will be looking for this in the stores. I’ve been dying to try Resin jewelry but was nervous about messing up the measurements. This sounds like its right up my alley!

    Elaine Allen

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    Jennifer January 26, 2010 at 5:27 pm #

    i love that you don’t have to measure and pour! reminds me of the whitening gel i get from the dentist. so easy! thanks for the review! i’ll be looking for this in the stores too.

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    kim taylor - - - the sassy crafter February 15, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    I have been using ICE Resin for awhile now and have to say that I like the current measuring system. I’ve used epoxy in syringes before with mixed results–usually one chamber dispenses more than the other. My hope is that Susan will work out any potential kinks, since she’s put out such great products in the past.