Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit

Reported by Erika Martin

I’m a sucker for flowers and paper crafts, so the Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit was very intriguing to me. Tissue paper has always been a favorite of mine since I was in preschool and cut little pieces, glued them all over wax paper and made a child’s version of a sun catcher.

I’ll start by saying that I love the final result. The flowers are beautiful, and the color combination is stunning. However, it took a lot longer to put together than I would have expected, and I had to tweak things along the way. The kit is definitely worth the money and creates a beautiful centerpiece that will never wilt or die – the best kind of flowers!
The kit comes with all of the tissue paper already pre-cut, which makes things SO much easier. All the flower pieces are stacked and scored together, so you don’t have to count out colors or pieces. The kit came with everything to make 24 flowers; they fill out a flower vase very nicely.

There are three different types of flowers in this kit. An accordion petal flower, a folded petal flower, and a bubble petal flower. There are also leaves, stems, floral tape, stamens and small styrene balls for 6 of the flower centers. An instruction sheet is included with color photos and directions. The directions were very simplistic and didn’t seem so intimating with just two sides of an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet, but in keeping the pictures and directions at a minimum, it made it a little hard for some of the finer parts of putting together the folded petal and bubble petal flowers.

I started with what I found to be the easiest of the flowers to create – the accordion petal flower. The pieces were all scored so that folding the accordions were a breeze.

A few quick steps and I had 3 large and 6 small amazingly soft and beautiful looking flowers.

I did the folded petal flowers next and this was where I realized the instructions weren’t quite as adequate as I would have liked. The first step of folding the wire around the middle of the petals was easy enough. The second step of wrapping the tissue paper around the styrene balls was also easy, though I was a little confused at first of which tissue paper should be used for it since it was cut the same size as the bubble petal flowers and the directions didn’t say which color to use. Wrapping the ball, wire and floral tape was a little awkward but I eventually got the hang of it. I think it would have worked better with a second set of hands to help. The directions said to fan the petals out around the center, but this was rather difficult and because the petals were wired in place, it didn’t look anything like what was shown on the packaging.

The petals kept wanting to go back to their original position. This was where I tweaked things. I twisted the petals around to make them stick out more and give them stability, rather than just hanging down like they were when I followed the directions. The ball in the center didn’t really quite end up in the center when I was done, but with working the petals around a bit, I got it as close as I could.

The bubble petal flowers were the hardest to do of the 3 types of flowers, but I adore the look of these flowers the most out of the 3. This was another group of flowers where I could have used an extra set of hands. I found that wrapping the stamens together with floral tape first helped when assembling the flowers. This is something that’s not in the directions but made it much easier.

I was a little confused with the number of sheets of tissue to use for these flowers as the directions called for 9 sheets for each at first, but later on only called for 5 each.

When wrapping the stems around the base of the flowers, I found that it was necessary to have a pair of wire pliers on hand. The green stem wires are very sturdy, but they’re also hard to bend around at the end with just your fingers. If there’s any wire ends sticking out, it’s hard to wrap the floral tape around them. A quick clamping action with some wire pliers is all it took to get rid of the sharp ends.

The leaves were already cut and prepped on a wire so they were easy to either wrap around a flower stem or just slide into a vase as is.

The kits retail for $10, which I think is a really good deal for the amount of flowers that you can make out of it.


  • Great price for over-all value.
  • Kit comes with all the pieces cut, scored and separated.
  • Beautiful color combination and different kits to choose from.


  • Instructions weren’t as detailed and inclusive as I would have preferred.
  • If you’re looking for a fast project, this is not it. It looks rather quick to put together, but be prepared to put about 6+ hours into it, as there’s 24 stems to wrap floral tape around and arranged the tissue paper takes time.

Have you tried any of the Martha Stewart tissue paper bouquet kits? What have you used them for? Wedding bouquets? Centerpieces? Something else? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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3 Responses to Martha Stewart Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Kit

  1. Avatar
    Sarmento April 16, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    It is nice to know the petals are precut now. In the old kits you had a template to draw out the petals on full tissue sheets—then you had to cut them out. Talk about long!! Martha does have really nice tissue though and the flowers come out nicely. I might consider getting another flower kit from her even though I have more than half my old package left because of the precut petals.

  2. Avatar
    Sequana April 16, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    *S*…..I must say that Martha’s projects always take much longer than planned; and another set of hands is always needed.

    I might try one of these kits because of the pre-cuts – that always takes forever.

    Thx for your hints.

  3. Avatar
    keepingawake April 16, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    I blogged about my experience with the MS flower kits here:

    I did this same kit and it also took me several hours. I did another one of black-eyed susans and that took me maybe 3 hours? And those you also had to cut out. I bought both kits last September at Big Lots of $2 each! I think they are pretty. The bouquet kit that you also did, people have thought they were real flowers. 🙂