Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue

Reported by Julie Tiu

Friends are going to start calling me “Glue Girl.” Here’s a take on another sticky helper, Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane glue, a water-based polyurethane adhesive by Duncan Enterprises.

Like the crafty mom I am, I made my daughter’s costume last Halloween. Liquid Fusion works like a charm with felt (black to yellow, the red was adhesive-backed). It doesn’t bond instantly, but it did dry in a few hours.

Here’s a more involved use: my evolving wine cork bulletin board. I started the project with a hot glue gun. Easy enough, but I ran out of glue sticks and wanted to keep working (not to mention I was tired of burning my fingertips every so often). There’s a slight odor to Liquid Fusion, but it’s bearable. At one point I needed to add a little glue to one cork in place and had no problem fitting the nozzle in the corner.

Another time, I needed some glue to take care of some household issues, like repairing a wooden doll and a favorite handcrafted mug. I didn’t have Super Glue or Crazy Glue on hand, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I waited the 2-4 hours as written on the bottle and checked the doll. The glue was still tacky and I could move the pieces. The wooden doll was permanently fixed after letting it dry overnight, but it didn’t work so well on the mug. While the mug appeared to be back together again, it didn’t feel like there was a strong bond, even after drying overnight. I poured my coffee in it, the mug warmed up, and guess what? The handle got warm and it came apart. Good thing I didn’t pick it up too fast otherwise the whole piece would’ve been in the garbage.

Lastly, trying to use this with metal was an epic failure for me. The packaging does say you can use with metal, but I adhered metal-to-metal (very non-porous) with this glue. I did not follow up with metal to a porous material… yet.

Retails for $3.99 – $6.50 and is available at Michael’s, and


  • Works well with porous materials (wood, fabric)
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Slow drying so there’s time to reposition


  • Minor urethane odor
  • Metal did not adhere
  • Slow drying so I wouldn’t use it if you need instant bonding

Have you used Liquid Fusion for your projects, or has another glue stuck better with you? Leave us a comment – we love to hear from you!


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3 Responses to Liquid Fusion Clear Urethane Glue

  1. Avatar
    Rachel May 26, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    Augh I LOVE Raven! Excellent costume choice. 😀

    Also I am always looking for better glue – thanks for the review!

  2. Avatar
    construction_julie May 27, 2010 at 7:45 am #

    Thanks, we really like the Teen Titans around here. I think I still like Beacon glue products most… I often wonder what others use.

  3. Avatar
    Rachel May 27, 2010 at 11:44 am #

    I think part of my problem is I use the wrong glue on the wrong thing. I have a lazy tendency to try to use Superglue Loctite Gel on everything, and there are definitely things it doesn’t work on.