Omnigrid Foldaway Cutting & Pressing Station

Reported by Cassandra Darwin

When I first started quilting my mom gave me a few of the “essentials” that she thought every quilter should have. Looking back on it, I think they were bribes to get me to on the quilting train more quickly. It worked. But back to the story – one day she showed up at my house with the Omnigrid Foldaway to use on a quilt that we had started making.

image taken from the Dritz website

The Foldaway is an all-in-one tool for cutting and pressing, marketed especially to quilters. Even though I’m not a professional quilter by any means, I’ve noticed a lot of great qualities about this combo product. I am especially fond of the non-stick pressing surface. It’s more than large enough for every project I’ve worked on in the last year, and I love that I can use it to iron on my dining room table or granite countertops without any worry about heat damage. After one ironing session I lifted up the pressing side and the granite counter was still cool to the touch.

The other half of the Foldaway is a self-healing and gridded cutting mat, much like a standard Omnigrid cutting mat that you would find in your craft store. I’ve used a couple different rotary cutters with it and have not had any problems.

When folded in half with the velcro closure done on top, the Foldaway I have measures 13″ high, 19″ wide, and 3/4″ thick and retails for about $40. I have also seen other versions in 8″x11″ and 7″x7″ sizes for even more compact traveling.


  • Cutting and pressing in one compact item, with convenient carrying handles
  • Really great pressing/ironing surface
  • Durable black canvas cover
  • Variety of sizes and widely available


  • I would really like to see a pocket on the outside for my quilting rulers (the Foldaway will not completely close with rulers inside)
  • Both the cutting and pressing surfaces are attached permanently, so you can’t replace one part if anything happens to it…I don’t see that happening though

The Omnigrid Cutting and Pressing Station is available at

Have you used this handy quilting tool, or do you have other solutions for cutting & pressing on-the-go? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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2 Responses to Omnigrid Foldaway Cutting & Pressing Station

  1. Avatar
    Pam May 28, 2010 at 7:05 am #

    Never had seen this, looks very cool, not just for sewing but for sctapbooking.

  2. Avatar
    IamSusie May 28, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    This looks like a great product to carry to classes. My favorite cutting mat is the big 18×24 inch one. I have to cut on the floor since my table is always loaded with fabrics and the sewing machine.