CHA Sponsor: Taylored Expressions

We got the opportunity to check out the sweet new products at the Taylored Expressions booth during the CHA Craft Supershow. But just barely; the booth was PACKED with fans and shoppers!

Fabulous new stamps, and coordinating dies! YAY!  And Taylor was on hand giving everyone a mini lesson.

Here’s a great video of Taylor showing everyone how to use her new Taylored Dies:

and shots of her adorable samples:

We caught up with Taylor earlier in the week (before the craziness of CHA) and asked her what inspired her to start her business… here’s what she said:

“In the world of papercrafting it’s easy to get lost in the abundance of ideas, techniques, and materials. When I started stamping I remember being overwhelmed by all the choices and not knowing what patterned paper matched my cardstock or what embellishment would look good as a finishing touch on the card I was creating. As my journey evolved, I learned to coordinate products creatively often combining manufacturers and I still enjoy doing that today! Taylored Expressions is an extension of my creativity and I’m excited to give others access to custom coordination and super cute stamps!”

Taylor has graciously offered Craft Critique readers a Sweet Treat for Craft Critique readers: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 now through August 1st! Use promo code CC2010.

Thanks Taylor!

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