Book Review: Crocheting On The Edge

Reported by Peggy Marsh

Today I’ll be giving you an overview of a book written by Nicky Esptein, a well-known designer of knit and crocheted pieces of fiber art. In addition to written instruction, there are visuals that help you understand how a particular piece is made.

In her recent book, Crocheting On The Edge (published 2008), Nicky Epstein offers crocheters many embellishments that would make beautiful finishes for handknit and crocheted projects. There are over 200 patterns for bobbles, rib, ruffles, flora, fringes, points and scallop finishes that would make handmade projects unique, special and one-of-a-kind. Using different yarns and textures, these are perfect for special necklines, hems and edges for scarves, sweaters, socks. Well, the applications are endless.

Here’s what the book looks like….

In addition to detailed instructions for each trim, each pattern includes a photograph and stitch chart. Here’s a peek….

Photo from “Crocheting on the Edge”, used with permission of the author, Nicky Epstein
As you can see, directly under the words “Apron Lace” is an arrow pointing left…  this arrow depicts the direction the crocheted piece as shown is worked. Pretty cool, don’t you think?  In addition to the normal written instructions, this diagram is an added benefit for the visual learner.


  • Easy to follow detailed written directions
  • Visual charts that indicate the direction the pattern will follow
  • Each pattern includes a picture sample of the crocheted trim
  • There’s everything from delicate lacy edges and fringes with beads, openwork designs and pretty motifs… perfect for all types of garments and throws from simple to stylish.
  • There’s trims for every level of skill


  • Some patterns may seem a bit advanced for a brand-new crocheter, but with a bit of practice they can be mastered. 
  • The book is rather large (8″x 11″) and weighs 2 lbs. 2 ounces; not ideal for the crafter who likes to carry projects wherever they go

This is the kind of book that you might turn to again and again for ideas, whether you’re just making a simple scarf or a much more elaborate piece like an afghan. Any edge design you select will easily turn your project into something special!

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    rilojane August 22, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Beautiful designs… I just never know where to put things like that. I’m a horrible embellisher.