Event Coverage – Renegade Chicago 2010 (Part 2)

Reported by Simone Collins
Photos by Chris Foresman

At the Renegade Craft Fair, there are over 300 booths to see and shop.  With this many crafters on site, there is a wide variety of crafts and crafting styles, something for everyone.

Here’s a walk through the show and a look at just some of the amazing finds, like these silk-screened pieces from Timber!

Screen-printed tees like these from Gnome Enterprises are always popular at the events.

There were some really great functional crafts to make life better, safer, simpler like these bike tube covers in cool fabrics and designs.

And these cool tote bags for all your stuff including bike lock and keys from Fabric Horse.

These great cowls from Brown Sparrow’s Nest will keep you warm and stylish in the cold Chicago winter.

Or these great knitted items from our very own reporter, Jen Geigley would be perfect in the midwest, probably sooner than we prefer.

There are some great local businesses at Renegade as well, like Spudnik Press, which is a community space for printmakers that offers classes, studio time and exhibitions.  These are just some of the things made in their work space.

And then these are just things that I loved so much and made my day just a little bit brighter, like the plushies at Steff Bomb and Zooguu.

And geeky crafts til my heart’s content…

And these amazing pieces from Rag Trader Vintage that just knocked my socks off…

And these cool pieces from Misanthropic Panda which the artist tells me were made with her favorite medium, Liquitex

And then just these items that, had I had a ton of cash in my wallet, it would have clearly gone home with the creators of these items…

This Renegade Craft Fair was by far the largest I have attended in the past few years, and it was a great mix of crafts, food and music, with just the most perfect Chicago weather to make it a must-see.  Can’t wait to see what next year has in store to top the success of this year’s event.

More photos of this event can be seen on Flickr and more highlights were in yesterday’s post, Renegade Chicago 2010 Part 1

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