CHA Yarn: Bernat

Bernat has some really exciting releases this season, and their booth, as always, showcased them beautifully. With six gorgeous brand new lines, and great new colors in four existing lines, there was a lot to see!

Brand new lines (so new that they’re not on their website yet!)

Really Big

Fab Faux

On the Fringe


Sequins already threaded on the yarn!

Satin Sparkle

New colors in their popular existing lines Mosaic, Denim Style, Baby Coordinates and Softee Baby:

And here they are in action…

On the Fringe is CRAZY soft & cuddly
This is Fab Faux, and it’s definitely Fabulous!
Hat in Fab Faux

Another new exciting development for Bernat is their partnership with Waverly Fabrics! They’ve worked with Waverly to develop yarns for home decor with match Waverly’s most popular lines! What a fabulous idea! Finally, our afghans can really match our drapes!

We’re just crazy about their new releases, and can’t wait to get our fingers all tangled up!

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