CHA Kids: Rose Art Color Blanks

Reported by Anam Stubbington

Rose Art are part of MegaBrands, the makers of MegaBloks, so this latest addition of Blank Models to their range of Kids Crafts is very fitting.
They believe a “child’s imagination is its greatest toy” and these Color Blanks are a perfect example of this.

Each set comes with one or more plastic blank slate figurines, six permanent mini markers, 1 oz. ball of clay and a sticker sheet. The Family Set was the largest with four figures in various sizes.

Also released was a whole range of accessories for the models – from cowboy hats to guitars! And, they now have a 3-pack of seasonal models for Halloween and Christmas.

RoseArt had several finished models on display in their booth and they have lots more in their Website Gallery.

We think these Color Blanks from Rose Art are a great craft for both the kids and the big kids in all of us.

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