Stampee Crafts Holographic & Metallic Foils

Reported by Wendy Jordan

I was introduced to Metallic and Holographic Foils this past January at the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Convention. Metallic and Holographic Foils from Stampee Crafts.

The versatility of these foils have a wide range. They are simple enough to be used by a beginning crafter or with projects of the most experienced crafter. More than likely, you have the all the tools in your paper crafting arsenal to get started as soon as you get them home.

First, find an image that you want to add some holographic design too. Today I am making a set of monogram note cards for a friend. The holographic foils are perfect for this.

Using you favorite pigment ink, stamp your image and sprinkle the Stampee Crafts Stuck On You bonding powder to your image and shake off excess.

Heat with your heat tool and place your foil over the image.

The holographic foil can only transfer from one side. If you place your foil over your image and the edges are curling under, then you have placed the foil the correct way.

Once you have covered your image with the holographic foil, place it in a folded in half piece of copy paper. This is going to protect your foil from getting too hot and crinkling up. Place a hot iron over your folded copy paper and leave it sit on top both ways for 30 seconds.

Bring your covered image out of the folded paper and pull off your foil quickly, so you don’t leave hesitation marks.

You will see the negative image in the foil and you will see the beautiful shimmer to your stamped image.

You can also use a hot laminator. Using the exact same technique, place the stamped image in a folded piece of copy paper and then run it through the laminator (without the laminating sheet).

Here is a photo of the image after going thought the laminator. The result was much more vibrant and I could see much more of the holographic, due to the consistent heat and pressure combination that I could not get with the iron.

With an iron…

Here are my completed projects…

Here is a sample of the Metallic Foil…


  • A fun new product that you can get started using for under $12.
  • 20 different holographic choices and 19 different metallic color choices.
  • Can adhere to any pigment ink, with Stampee Crafts Bonding Powder.
  • Can be used with any stencil, stamp or laser printed image.
  • I can use a cut sheet of foils until either the metallic or holographic is all gone. Not a lot of waste.
  • More video tutorials on Stampee Crafts website.


  • Household irons work, but a hot laminator works best. (I have a Purple Cow laminator that I purchased at Costco for $18.99)
  • Stuck On You bonding powder is the only heat activated adhesive that will bond the foil to the image.

I found Stampee Crafts Foils to be fun and added some flair to a stamp and a stencil, that could have been otherwise ordinary.

Do you want to make your ordinary, EXTRA ordinary? Are you already thinking of some amazing projects you would like to add some holographic flare too? Can you think of other uses for these foils other than paper crafts?

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4 Responses to Stampee Crafts Holographic & Metallic Foils

  1. Avatar
    Nancy S March 24, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    Wow! the foil really makes these simple images pop. thanks for showing us how to do it and how beautiful the results are.

  2. Avatar
    Jo Muscutt March 24, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    This is very cool, Wendy. I love the results. And thanks for the tip on the best heating tool for the best results.

  3. Avatar
    Adree1 March 24, 2011 at 8:26 pm #

    if you go to the website, the transparent holographic foils are really beautiful. I wonder how they would work on clay… thanks for the great tutorial, Wendy!

  4. Avatar
    linda finke March 24, 2011 at 11:55 pm #

    This looks like this could create smashing cards and scrapbook papers! I really liked the peacock image. This would be great to have in my scrapbooking arsenal!