Earth Day Crafters and Crafts

Reported by Anam Stubbington

With everything going on in the world these days combined with the financial considerations that people are having to make, more and more people are turning to eco-crafting to reduce their impact and their spending.

Most of us know the basics, but also want something funky and fun to go with the functional and plain – so I thought I’d share what is in my bookmarks with you ūüôā

The following are individual people who continuously make me want to create!

Camilla Fabbri: ¬†this girl’s ideas just stun me every time – I am so taken with her tiny vases right now – awesome ideas!

April Denise:  April is a whizz when it comes to re-purposing furniture or creating the mega dollar fittings from Thrift store items with the use of a little imagination. The Goodwill lamp just blew me away.
Michelle Pacey:  Michelle is amazing crafter who produces beautiful things from a lot of half circles Рlove her flowers, necklace and especially her milk tote!

Lisa Kercher: Lisa has a post every Friday with something DIY to make for yourself or for your craft. I am in love with her Tie Headbands!

Tali Butcher:
Tali has some awesome ideas for kids and home decor on her blog – I fell in love with her toilet roll wall artwork and stayed for the food.

Melissa Esplin:  Melissa shows off so many easy to do ideas that I have her as a daily read. Her leather bow cuff and her loop garland are some of my favs!

Michelle Reader:  Michelle is a UK artists who only uses recycled products РI love her work Рespecially her daffodil!

Mini-Eco:  this is one of my favourite sites to use in relation to my kids. Tons of crafts and beautiful tutorials. I love her guitar and her scenery.

There are a vast number of websites out there that are full of interesting ideas to try. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Recyclart¬†is¬†an amazing resource for ideas – I love the tire toy box! It’s like a flickr for Art from repurposed materials.

Another Gallery of Inspiration is the collection – just so many ideas.
– the beaded chandelier is still one of my all time favorites right next to the duct tape rolled bead bracelets! Kelli & Kristi bring so many new crafty people and ideas to my attention. They are link heaven! And their own tutorials are just as awesome – i love their felt necklace and their state Love one is so precious!– one of the biggest places to be inspired. Katy brings so many good people to my attention. Natalie brings so many good ideas to the front. Magda Knight runs this amazing source of cool funky craft ideas. I love her Egg carton NoticeBoard! this is a good resource for finding out ideas on how to reuse product. Kathreen makes beautiful quilts and shares some awesome eco-crafting ideas that make me smile. Her links are wonderful to find crafters who do more eco-crafting. ways to reuse or change Ikea furniture to make it even more awesome.
while this is a store selling products, it has a huge resource of tutorials and ideas to do with eco-crafting, especially for children.
this is a website with gorgeous photography and great ideas. I adore their hanging lightbulb vases.

There is a wealth of ideas, inspiration and resources out there for you to take advantage of and start your own eco-crafting revolution in your own home.

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3 Responses to Earth Day Crafters and Crafts

  1. Avatar
    KateB April 22, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    am off to blog hop…already love Mooky Chick site!

  2. Avatar
    CraftyRichela April 23, 2011 at 8:17 am #

    What a terrific selection! Thank you.

  3. Avatar
    Amy April 26, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    Awesome collection of inspiration sites!! TFS these with us!!