CHA Summer 2011 | Great Kids Projects from Grant Studios


While at CHA, I was on the lookout for great kids projects, and I came across them at the adorably cute Grant Studios booth. The first product that caught my eye was the My Studio Girl line of craft projects for ‘tween girls.  Everything you need to create your own little doll is included in one kit.  Fabric, needle, thread, embellishments.  Even a little pet for her pocket!The Dress-Up Doll kits contain a finished doll, but she needs clothes!  Everything you need to create her costume is in the kit – I know a little girl who wants Mommy to get her the princess kit!  The My Studio Girl line also includes a “Make Your Own Sew Cute” pet.  Can’t you just see these being made at a Slumber Party and then sitting on a bed in your ‘tweenies room?Finally, Grant Studios debuted their new line of puffy, reusable stickers called Taggles Dress Up Stickers.  Taggles are like paper dolls, but in sticker form.  You can dress the girls with all kinds of trendy clothes stickers, reposition them and decorate with them.There is even an impossibly cute website the girls can play with too!
We loved these new lines for the tween girl.  What would your girl love to make?

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    Tamikko July 28, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    oh, my girls are going to love these!