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I recently received a package of paper stencils called Family Message Center from Plaid FolkArt.  They are part of FolkArt’s Handmade Charlotte line designed by Rachel Faust of the website Handmade Charlotte.  Handmade Charlotte was recently named one of the Top 50 Design Blogs for Moms, and has been featured in major publications.

Handmade Charlotte Stencils

The stencils come very nicely packaged with nice graphics that very clearly demonstrate exactly what you will find inside the package.


When I opened the package I found all of the stencils in a very thin and lightweight cardboard colored paper.  The stencils are die cut and easily detachable.  They can be used either as a mask or as a stencil, and even as a collage element.

Tabbed Stencils

The stencil designs include days of the week, to do lists, measuring charts, alphabet letters, chore lists, tabs, stars, numbers, and clock and time items.

Stencil or Mask Capability

All in all a perfect tool to help organize everything everyone in the family needs to know from the youngest member to the oldest adult.

When I decided to open the package to play with the stencils I realized that they had listed on the package that you could find further instructions on the Plaid website.

So after navigating over to the website, which was informative and inspiring, I set out to make a few samples.  Luckily I had a small bottle of chalkboard paint which is recommended to use but I didn’t have the stencil tape they suggested.  I chose to use some artist’s blue tape that I already owned instead.  These stencils are really designed to be used on a wall in a playroom or perhaps a wood panel. But since my kids are grown and I have no playroom and also no wood panels readily available,  I used them on some mixed media paper.

Here are my samples:

Plaid Stencils

This is chalkboard paint on mixed media paper.  You can write on it with chalk or pastels.   But you will notice that even with my blue artist tape the stencil lifted a bit and I didn’t get a crisp edge.

I really wish that Plaid would have made them out of the fabulous material that some of their other stencil products are made from!

Plaid Stencils

This sample is using Golden Fluid Acrylic with a dauber. I love the font, and I was able to get a crisp look that can be further enhanced with a jet gel pen or marker.

Way back when my kids were younger these stencils would have definitely been something that I would have loved to pick up and used in my children’s playroom.  And now that they are grown adults the stencils will definitely be used in my current artwork.


  • Adorable and inspiring images and fonts.
  • Paper stencils can be used as ephemera in crafting.
  • Excellent instructions on Plaid website.


  • Requires a very careful taping of the stencils to achieve a very clean and crisp look.

FolkArt’s Handmade Charlotte stencils retail for $5.99, and come in six different styles. Get Family Message Center on today!

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2 Responses to Review | Handmade Charlotte Stencils by FolkArt

  1. Avatar
    Cassandra Darwin April 16, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    The price is right on these stencils. But I used them at CHA and agree that they would be much easier to use if they were made out of the thin plastic that other painting stencils are made with.

  2. Avatar
    Maricella April 29, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    I have cheap set of cardboard stencils. After I painted them with a light coat of acrylic craft paint on both sides and let them dry thoroughly, they are much better stencils.