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Hi, my name is Kortney and I’m a yarn snob. Whew! It feels great to just get that out!

I’ve been a knitter for almost five years now. I’m the kind of person who sees a sweater and thinks to myself, “I’ll just make my own.” Mine usually have an extra sleeve or no head hole but who’s counting? I also like soft things. When I go to my local yarn store, I like to play a game called “Soft or Not Soft.” Life’s too short for scratchy yarn. When I received Lion Brand Amazing yarn to try I was pleasantly surprised. This yarn is 53% wool and 47% acrylic and passes the softness test.


The name Glacier Bay makes me think of icy blues but the available colors range from a deep violet to a sky blue. The self striping yarn has natural transitions between colors and gives a peaceful feel to each finished piece.

Maybe I shouldn’t give away all of my neuroses in one article, but I must confess that I don’t swatch – ever. I would rather take my chances with getting the gauge right on the first attempt than make certain I’m using the right materials for the job. This yarn is categorized as a worsted weight but I would say it’s more of a sport weight. It isn’t one of those yarns that switches consistency but I would say it’s a little on the thin side. I can only think of one complaint about this yarn. It’s really hard to unwind if you do make a mistake. The yarn has little fuzzy pieces that really make each piece bind together nicely but makes unraveling a nightmare.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this yarn. I noticed that it’s priced very fairly. I would gladly use it again. For this review, I used my newly acquired crochet skills to make a Crochet Flower Necklace as well as a pair of Crochet Yoga Socks. I really love how both of these projects turned out.

Crochet Flower Necklace
yoga sock


  • Natural color transitions
  • Very soft even with the wool content
  • Binds together well
  • Good value


  • Hard to unravel
  • A little thin for worsted weight – more like a sport weight yarn

Lion Brand Amazing yarn is available in 21 different colors. It sells for an MSRP of $8.29 per skein through the Lion Brand website, local yarn retailers, and national retailers including Walmart,, and Joann’s.

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