Review | Carve a Charm Kit from Sierra Hills Stone

The Carve a Charm Kit from Sierra Hills Stone is a complete how-to kit that helps users discover the ancient Indian art of soapstone carving.

Sierra Hills Stone Carve A Charm

The kit comes with instructions, seven charm stones, carving tool, dust mask, cord, pattern, sand paper and 0000 grade steel wool, and is geared for ages 8 and up.

Sierra Hills Stone Carve A Charm Kit Contents

It is important with all new products to read the instructions thoroughly before starting, and this kit is no exception! The instructions include templates for various designs of charms to carve.

Sierra Hills Carve A Charm Template and stone

Tracing Template

The traced leaf

Always put safety first! Always wear a mask and eye protection when carving and sanding.  The mask will make your glasses “fog” but it is much better than inhaling stone particles.

Safety First

The carving tool is very sharp and should only be used by children with adult supervision.

The carving tool - very sharp.

Important tips to remember when carving: Carve away from the body, never towards the body, and take your time.

Below, you can see I’m making progress on the leaf. I did put a sheet of paper down to collect the dust for easier cleanup.

Making Progress on the leaf.

The directions say to take your time and not rush. I did not do this. I was rushing to finish the piece before I picked my daughter up from school. Bad things happen when you rush!

Bad things like this. I took this photo seconds after I snapped the one above. I broke the leaf pendant, which meant I had to start over.

Since I had to start over, I decided to try the sea shell.

I also decided to carve a chess pawn – I free handed my design on the soap stone.

 These were the results! The pawn is on top and the shell is at the bottom of the photo.

Finished Shell and Chess Pawn

The kit is amazing, especially if you are new to stone carving or want to try stone carving.  Soapstone is the perfect stone to start with because it is a softer stone, and this kit offers many ideas and tips to create a successful project.  This would be a great kit for getting young boys involved in crafting, the arts, and learning about an ancient technique of carving.  I found this kit to be fun and relaxing, once I took the advice of the directions and did not rush through my project.

Can kids really use this? The package says it is for ages 8 and up.  Soapstone is a very easy stone to carve but the tool is very sharp. I would only suggest its use for ages 10 and up. My daughter is at the minimum age (8) and is very creative, but I think the kit is a little above her skill level right now.


  • Great kit to be try out stone carving
  • Carving tool and soapstone are good quality


  • Age range on package is a little young
  • Patience is required for success

The Sierra Hills Stone Carve A Charm kit retails for $12.99 and is available at Hobby Lobby and through the Sierra Hills Stone online store.


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    Fab May 8, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    Great article Amanda, and very useful tips including the mask bit and your picture wearing it ! 😉