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Modern Mod Podge

I love Mod Podge. I have used this product for many years. I have home decor projects that I made with it years ago, and I still display them at my home.  I have never used a book as a guide before so when I received the book “Modern Mod Podge” by Kimberly Mueller (published by Annie’s Crafts), I couldn’t wait to see what new ideas I could play with from it. As soon as I took a look at the cover, I knew what two projects I wanted to try right away!

Modern Mod Podge” is a great book for beginners. It has a great variety of projects to choose from. If you’ve never worked with Mod Podge, that you read the general instructions page for tools and supplies. Pay close attention to the tips and techniques and the “keep it clean” section, because Mod Podge is fun but it is also messy. Each project includes a material list for everything you will need to complete your project successfully, along with very clear photos. This book is a perfect guide for anyone interested  in the  process of transforming something old into new from home decor to jewelry.

903922_570092606349283_519924572_oNow, I have a love for flowers. I love to make flowers out of everything and anything. So when I saw the picture of the rose topiary, I knew this would be the project for me to make.  I decided to make a picture frame, so I got two different types of tissue papers, one that was red and the other that was a pretty white with polka dots in different colors.

I painted the front of my frame in two colors. It isn’t visible in the photo here, but the sides and back of the frame are covered with red duck tape. In the photos below you can see a full picture of the finished frame, and a close-up of the Mod Podge tissue roses I made. I do have to say one thing about this type of tissue roses: Because of all the Mod Podge I had to use to make each rose, I had to clean my hands a lot. I really liked how the flowers turned out. I have to admit I never would have tried making flowers this way. I’ve done this type of flowers before using fabric, but never using tissue and Mod Podge.

I can see myself making these over and over again, in different colors and sizes to use on different types of projects.  In Modern Mod Podge, Kimberly Mueller said to use hot glue to adhere the roses. Instead, I added extra Mod Podge to the back of the roses right after I finished making them, and just glued them directly to the painted wood frame. Then I allowed the roses to dry in place. The frame turned out  great, and all the flowers are perfectly secured on the frame.



Below is a photo showing all the products I used for the projects, except for the two types of tissue paper I used.


I am really intrigued about baking Mod Podge. You can be sure that I will be giving the book’s “Baked Ombré Stained Glass” project a try in the near future. In the past I have thought about coloring Mod Podge, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Now, thanks to this book, I know how to achieve this look. In the past, all I’ve done was Mod Podge glass containers with tissue papers or paper napkins. Now I can add color by coloring and baking Mod Podge in order to stain my glass containers. It is always great when you can learn a new technique/process for a product that you have used for a very long time!

I loved the simplicity of the projects, the variety of projects, and the clear directions in this book. “Modern Mod Podge” by Kimberly Mueller really is a great book that I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in giving decoupage a try.


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