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The Star Trek Craft Book

I was so excited when I received “The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So!” by Angie Pedersen to review for Craft Critique. My husband and I are geeks – we love anything and everything Sci-Fi. He has seen every Star Trek ever made, so I am being schooled in the world of Star Trek but am enjoying it. I personally don’t own many craft books – I have more art technique books than craft books – but I saw this and knew I could have gifts for years. I mean, there is a Spock Sock Monkey on the cover!

When I received “The Star Trek Craft Book” the first thing I looked for were the directions to the Spock Sock Monkey. I had a mini sock monkey kit that I had never used because my son ripped the directions leaving me with the socks but no idea how to put it together. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use the socks. The directions are for a full size sock monkey, but it was very easy to modify the pattern for the mini sock monkey. One of the reasons this project was so easy to modify was the fantastic photos guiding you each step of the way. I am a visual learner, so for me good pictures are a must. The Spock Monkey has disappeared numerous times from my work station. He has ventured where no Spock Monkey has ventured before, into my three year old son’s bedroom. I also must tell everyone there are directions for a Finger Puppet Khan, complete with pecks and wild hair. It is truly an amazing creation.

The book has twenty-five different projects, ranging from wall art to aprons. The projects’ skill level range from very easy to difficult. For me anything with crocheting is in the difficult category.

This book is excellent. The photos are great and the directions are fantastic, very easy to understand even for non-crafty types. I have several of the projects lined up for Christmas gifts for family and friends. If you have someone who has everything but loves Star Trek, this book is a must. Another great feature of this book is the Star Trek facts in the back of the book. With the book’s help, I followed my husband around spouting off Star Trek facts for two days (much to his delight, I assure you). Bottom line: if you love Star Trek or knows someone who does, then “The Star Trek Craft Book” is a must-have.

Of course I could not end this without showing everyone my Mini Spock Sock Monkey and sharing a memorable Star Trek quote:

Mini Spock Sock Monkey

“Live long and prosper”

~Dr. Spock

The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So!” is available now at book stores and craft stores everywhere.


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    Nannette August 14, 2013 at 7:57 pm #

    This book looks great! But, you should have let your husband proofread your article! Its ‘Mr. Spock’ not Dr! Spock was not a doctor and Dr Spock was a baby doctor – never on Star Trek! lol You still have a lot of learning Academy student!