Project | Etched Glass Votive Holder [Silhouette Promo]

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Silhouette’s glass etching kit since it was announced at CHA in July – and now it is here!

Glass etching is not an area that I usually play in, but my Silhouette machine and the kits that Silhouette sells have been pushing me out of my crafting comfort zone in a lot of ways with a lot of awesome results, so I decided to give this one a try too.

I will skip the “how to” since it’s already been done most excellently in a YouTube video by Silhouette themselves. The process is very simple – just cut the stencil vinyl and apply it to the item to be etched, apply the etching cream and then remove the cream and stencil.

I was really thrilled with the results that I got. It was a nice quick process and the result was a nice upscale look. Honestly, I was stunned at how quickly the etching process was done and how easy it was to get good results. The hardest part by far was getting the vinyl prepped and applied – with a small detailed design like this snowflake that takes a delicate touch.


I took a $1 votive candle holder that I bought at a dollar store and used a snowflake design by Echo Park to turn it into an upscale looking holiday decor piece! Sure, there are plenty of cheap decorative items like this available at the holidays – but they look cheap and usually have the painted/screened on designs that are cutesy. My piece ended up looking downright elegant (if I do say so myself!) and for a fraction of the price, even after the supplies, that you’d pay for a similar store-bought one.

After I saw the results I started thinking about all the other things that you could do with a similar type project – for instance, elegant Halloween decorations (skulls or jack-o-lanterns), which are hard to find. DIY parties immediately came to mind – there are so many possibilities for making custom votive holders for events like showers or even weddings. After serving as table decor, they could even do double-duty as party favors for attendees!

If you want to try the glass etching kit – or even buy a Silhouette machine – Silhouette is offering a great promotional discount on bundles for the Cameo and Portrait machines, or for the glass etching kit by itself, when you use our promo code “UPDATE” and click here.


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