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Clover Weaving Sticks

Weaving has been a popular past time for centuries, but now Clover has cleverly provided consumers with an easy way to be able to weave while on the go. Clover Weaving Sticks are portable and so easy to use that anyone can find a few moments in their busy day to weave. The sticks are used instead of a loom to provide the user with a fun and easy alternative way to weave projects with fibers and recycled materials. I tested the two different wood weaving stick kits shown above – one is the “thick kit” and the other is the “fine kit“.

Clover Weaving Sticks Kit

The Clover Weaving Stick Kits include 6 sticks, instructions, and a tapestry needle for weaving the yarn ends into the project to keep them from view, as well as join the seams together.  The main difference between the stick kits is the size of the sticks. The thick sticks are 9″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″ and the fine size sticks are 9″ x. 0.5″ x 0.2″. These sticks are portable and a fun way to make weaving projects without expensive equipment.

Using the sticks is pretty basic.  Cut 2-5 lengths of yarn (1½ times the length of the project you have in mind) and thread each piece through the hole located at one end of the stick.

Threading the Clover Weaving Sticks

Once you have threaded the sticks, secure the ends with a loose knot at the end.  Then you can begin the weaving process.  You will need to hold the weaving sticks, in one hand,  with the pointed ends facing out.  The instructions say to tie the starter end of the yarn to the stick or to one of the yarn ends.

Personally, I did not find this step necessary.  I just held the loose end so that as I weaved the end weaved into the project. This eliminated the need for me to go back and weave the end in when I was finished with the weaving project.

It is really easy to weave with these sticks, you simply weave by wrap the yarn around each stick.  Repeat this process until the project is the length you want it to be. To push the weaved material down the sticks, just gently twist each stick and pull the sticks up which will push down the weaved material off the sticks and onto the t-shirt yarn strips.

Two stick weaving with Clover Weaving Sticks

One of the great features of the Clover weaving sticks is that you can weave with as little as two sticks or with all six sticks.  And it is so easy to finish the piece, just remove the weave material from the sticks by pushing it all the way down onto the yarn tail.  Finish and secure the weaved material by tying a knot on each end.

Weaving with the wood clover Weaving Sticks

The look of the finished piece will vary in accordance with how many sticks you use to weave the project.  The more sticks you use the wider the finished project will be. Below is a piece that was created with all six sticks:

Weave using all six wooden weaving sticks.

You can use the Weaving Sticks to create anything from necklaces, to bracelets, to guitar straps, and more.  I made a choker with the “fine” sized sticks using two sticks to weave the t-shirt yarn.  I used t-shirt yarn because it is so soft and comfortable to wear.

Stick Woven Necklace Clover Weaving Sticks

I found that the “thick” size sticks are great for weaving baskets, rugs, scarves, and other fun projects.  I used my “thick” size sticks to weave this small basket.

Basket woven with Clover Weaving Sticks

The cool thing about these sticks is that you are only limited by the materials you have on hand. The Clover Weaving Sticks are an affordable tool for kids and adults to use for a variety of portable loom woven projects.  They are also a great way to use up those leftover skeins of yarn.

Bonus: It is very easy to add beads onto the project by using the enclosed tapestry needle and matching yarn to weave them into the project.

Adding Beads to Clover Weaving Stick project

Tips: If you have any trouble figuring out how to use the weaving sticks, I recommend checking out the video on YouTube by Clover.  There are also some fun pattern and project ideas on the Clover blog.


  • Affordable and portable.
  • Easy for kids and adults to use, without the need for a class.
  • Great for weaving variety of materials, including plastic, wire, chains, textiles and recycled fabrics.
  • Flexible – you are not limited to using all six stick in order to weave a product.


  • These are addicting!
  • A person with smaller hands (like me) may find the the larger sticks a bit cumbersome to use. I would recommend opting for the smaller set instead.
  • You may find it difficult to push done the material on the sticks at first if you are weaving too tightly.

Do you have any personal experience with wood weaving sticks?  What types of projects do you use these for?

Clover Weaving Sticks currently retail for $17.63 (thick) and $16.30 (fine) on

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