Promo | Silhouette Advent Calendar 40% Off!

Silhouette is currently running a promotion through November 19th that will allow our readers to purchase their new Advent Calendars for 40% off if they click here and use our promo code “UPDATE“. The regular price is $39.99, but the price with the promo code is only $23.99!

Silhouette Advent Calendar

The calendar comes with a download card with 20 shapes to make the advent calendar with, as well as 36 of the clips to use on the wires.

I have had a “thing” for advent calendars since I was a kid but what struck me about this one as soon as I opened mine and took a good look at it, is that this is something that you could use all year. This could have a permanent home in your home, and then have a rotating seasonal display in it. Christmas tree ornaments could be replaced by hearts, and then by spring flowers…and so on. I’m actually quite excited to find a home for mine on my walls after thinking about this for a bit!

And unlike other crafty advent calendars that I’ve seen, this one is easy to “refresh” if you get tired of some of the elements or they wear out from being handled – just make new items to hang on the clips. Getting sick of red and green? Replace it with a blue and white snowflake theme next year!

If you’d like to get your advent calendar, click here and use promo code “UPDATE“.

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